Obsidian Fleet Rules

1 - General Rules

1.1 the Valkyrie is part of Obsidian Fleet (OF), and therefore the rules of the fleet are to be followed.

1.2 No verbal abuse, discrimination or insults will be tolerated.

2 - Posting

2.1 Players are required to post once every 2 weeks. Exceptions will be made when characters are involved in large joint posts (JPs).

2.2 Tags in jp's should be responded to within 72 hours.

2.3 A player who cannot take part in the RPG must apply for a leave of absence (LOA) and inform any other players that they are currently writing a post with as soon as practicable.

2.4 No player may write another player's character without their permission, however, in exceptional circumstances, the Command Team may write short tags if a player is unable or unavailable.

2.5 Any disagreement between players about the content of a post should first be discussed between the players. If they are unable to resolve the dispute, the command team will take steps to resolve it.

2.6 Solo posts are required to be at least 300 words in length and joint posts are required to be 500 words in length if written by 2 players, or 200 words per player if more than 2 writers contribute. Posts of over 1500 words can be split into 2 or more parts if the author(s) can do so and maintain the narrative flow. Posts of over 2000 words must be split up.

2.7 A multi part post must be posted at the same time.

2.8 Players must log into the site at least once every 72 hours to ensure that they have no open tags.

3 - Writing

3.1 Posts are written in prose style with dialogue in quotation marks and proper paragraph usage.

3.2 Posts are to be written in English with proper spelling & grammar.

3.3 Posts should have the correct mission selected as well as an appropriate time & mission day (MD). Time should be in the 24hr format (00:00). If in any doubt, ask the command team for guidance.

3.4 The Valkyrie does not require signatures at the end of posts.

3.5 If a critical story post is delayed by one writer's inactivity, the command team may step in and add a small tag for that character. This addition will be minimal and intended only to move the story forward. This may occur after 48hrs of inactivity on any one players part, other players tagging in does not reset the 48hr deadline. This rule will only be enforced on posts related to a mission story line and not those focused on character development.

4 - Out of Character (OOC) Expectations

4.1 Commanding Officer (CO): The CO will attempt to provide an interesting, engaging mission for all players on board the Valkyrie. They will treat each player fairly and equally. They will maintain the website and manage player applications. They will attempt to give the players the best possible experience on board the Valkyrie.

4.2 Executive Officer (XO): The XO will take over from the CO when they are absent. They will assist the CO in the things above and advise on any aspect that need improvement, help handle disputes, and assess new applications.

4.3 Second/Third Officer (2O/3O) (when applicable): The second officer forms part of the command team alongside the CO & XO. They participate equally in mission planning, application approval and site administration and share the same responsibilities and privileges as the XO.

4.4 Department Heads (DH): Department heads will help new members in their department getting started. To help members of their department with a story, if necessary. To show knowledge of the department and the technical aspects of the role.

4.5 Assistant Department Head: The assistant is to take over the position of the Chief in case of a LOA.

5 - Characters

5.1 Characters should be realistic and believable within the context of the Star Trek universe, no special powers or abilities. Try not to make your character good at everything, they're not much fun to write and even less fun to read. See the character creation guide for further guidance.

5.2 Any player or prospective player wishing to submit a custom species will be required to fill in a detailed description of the species, providing information on their culture, biology and history. The Command Team must be consulted and may refuse any species that may have a negative impact on the sim.

5.3 A new player will be assigned a rank not greater than Lieutenant Junior Grade upon joining the sim. Non-commisioned characters may be assigned a rank of up to Master Chief Petty Officer.

5.4 Characters and players transferring from another Obsidian Fleet sim will be permitted to retain a rank up to Lieutenant Commander.