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Obsidian Fleet Engagement Survey

Posted on Fri May 5th, 2017 @ 7:16am by Commander Charles Kincaid (Deceased)


Fleet Services, with the blessing of the Joint Fleet Command, is conducting an Engagement Survey to see how everyone in the fleet participates and interacts throughout. We want to know how you best communicate, what fleet tools you use, and think about possible changes in our overall engagement within the fleet. We are not opposed to spawning further discussions and possible discussion groups in Discord or on the Forums, depending on the feedback we receive.

We really want this survey taken by as many people in Obsidian Fleet as possible. While we are sending this out to the Commanding Officer list, we hope it will be forwarded to each and every crew member out there. This is for EVERY MEMBER and we hope you'll all take time to give us your feedback.

Be honest, be constructive, and be open. With the right feedback, we can all really come together and make Obsidian Fleet greater than ever.

Rear Admiral Berel Joon
Director of Fleet Services
Obsidian Fleet


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Category: General News