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Task Force 47: Gold Award

Posted on Sat Aug 12th, 2017 @ 3:33am by Commander Charles Kincaid (Deceased)

As you may know, the Obsidian Fleet awards have been changed recently to include Task Force Unit of Merit Awards. I'm extremely happy to announce that we've been awarded the first TF47 Gold Award for July!

I'll share Maj. Gen. Mactaryn, the TFCO's words:
This month, the Valkyrie has done a great job of
building and maintaining a solid momentum with a great deal of quality. They lost a player
and replaced them almost immediately, and it didn’t stop them hitting a whopping 44 post
count from their 7 players! Great job guys!

You've all been putting out some fantastic writing, and the new mission is going really well so far. If we can keep it going, the awards will keep rolling in.

Fantastic job everyone, I'm really proud of what we've achieved!


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Category: Sim Announcement