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Commander Charles Kincaid

Name Charles Kincaid (Deceased)

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 1.86m (6'1")
Weight 79kg (174lbs)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Charlie Kincaid is relatively tall, but not particularly broad. This can give him a slightly lanky appearance, which is often accentuated by his relaxed demeanor. However, when the situation demands it, that attitude changes and his height becomes an advantage, giving him a commanding presence.


Spouse None (Ex-wife Anna)
Children None
Father Albert Kincaid
Mother Nora Kincaid
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family -

Personality & Traits

General Overview Optimistic, enthusiastic and spirited, Charlie does his best to bring those qualities to those under his command. Although the Valkyrie is his first Starship command, he has shown considerable leadership ability in the past.

Charlie began his career wanting to get out and see the Galaxy, a goal that expanded into his own ship and the opportunity to be the person leading the expeditions.

While Charlie's career may have gone from strength to strength, it's cost him his marriage, something that he has yet to properly address. He is just starting to realise that he may not be able to have it all and that the sacrifices he's made for his career may have come with a cost that he hadn't anticipated.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Charlie is a passionate explorer, dedicated to discovery and to his crew. He has a background in science, and tends to lean towards using logic and analysis to solve the problems that he's faced with.

+He's dedicated to his crew, genuinely caring about their welfare.

+Independent spirit.

+Generally projects a calm, confident demeanor in front of the crew, although doesn't always feel it in private.

-At times, his own well-being and relationships suffer due to his commitment to his career. He often doesn't realise that he neglects the people in his life until after the fact.

-Struggles to distance himself from his crew, allows himself to get too close to them as he still thinks of himself as one of them.

-Finds it difficult to put others under his command in danger, even for the greater good. Losing officers under his command always hits him hard.
Ambitions Charlie has just achieved one of his major goals, to command a starship. That will allow him to pursue his exploratory goals. He would like a star system named after him, but he'd settle for a moon.

Realising this goal at a relatively young age has led to Charlie beginning to wonder if he should have put more efforts into other aspects of his life alongside his career.
Hobbies & Interests His job keeps him busy, but when he does have time off, Charlie spends it reading, and socializing. One of the challenges of command will be maintaining an appropriate distance with his crew.

Personal History Charlie Kincaid was born to explore. His parents were career terraformers, moving between projects all over the Alpha Quadrant, for months or sometimes years at at time, but he never had a permanent home. Charlie learned to see it as an adventure though, each new planet brought new discoveries as well as new friends. Although he didn't have any brothers or sisters, his parents tried to ensure he socialised with other children whenever possible. As a result, he became fairly adept at socialising, but lacked a little when it came to forming deeper relationships.

As he got older, that drive for discovery led him to join Starfleet. Having inherited his parents aptitude for science, that was the department he chose to focus on. During his time at the academy, there were times when he tried to take on too much, which led to his grades suffering until he found a balance. His social life remained fairly active and he was popular with his classmates. He eventually graduated with solid if unspectacular grades and was assigned to the science department of the USS Neptune.

The Neptune was a Nebula class vessel outfitted specifically for science missions. Charlie was fortunate to be able to work with a number of experienced scientists and became particularly close with Lieutenant Commander Bronn, the Bolian head of science who served as something of a mentor for him. The problem with working on a science ship was that Charlie found himself little more than a cog in a very large machine. Between that and Bronn's stories of adventure on exploratory missions early in his career, Charlie decided that he needed more of a challenge.

Charlie took a transfer to the USS Invincible, an Akira class ship with a much more varied remit. Working in a smaller team proved to be good for Charlie, he thrived in the more challenging environment and quickly established himself as an invaluable member of the crew. As much as he enjoyed his time on the Invincible, he couldn't turn down the opportunity to take an assistant head of science officer position.

The USS Churchill proved to be an important assignment for Charlie in many ways. During this time, Charlie met Anna Ramirez, who would go on to become his wife. She challenged him in ways that nobody ever had before, and he was able to encourage her to take risks with her career and pursue more ambitious research. They quickly became inseparable off duty, sharing a similar sense of humour and they helped build a much closer working dynamic within the science department, and even the ship as a whole. Their initial romance was something of a whirlwind and they ended up married within a year.

During a planetary survey mission, a plasma storm moved in and cut the team off. Charlie was able to keep his team alive until the storm passed. He received a commendation and a newfound interest in command. He worked on the command training program and, upon passing, he was posted to the USS Odessa as executive officer. Anna was supportive of his decisions, although his heavier workload meant that they spent less time together than previously.

Charlie thrived in his new role, but unfortunately his marriage did not. He wanted to get out and explore the galaxy, she wanted to settle down somewhere that they could raise a family. A stationary, settled life had never been part of Charlie's upbringing and he found it a difficult, ultimately impossible, concept to adjust to. Within six months of being posted to the Odessa, he and Anna had divorced.

Not long after the end of his marriage, Charlie was leading an away mission that ended in tragedy. What should have been a straightforward planetary survey went badly wrong when they stumbled upon a group of Nausican pirates and their hidden base of operations. Three of the away team were killed in the incident which shook his confidence and made him question his life choices. He considered leaving the service for a while, until a humanitarian mission reminded him of the good that Starfleet could do.

After three years on the Odessa, the Excelsior class ship went into space dock for a major refit in preparation for a new, diplomacy focused role. During the refit, Charlie decided to apply for a command role of his own, the pull of exploration being overwhelming.
Service Record USS Neptune - Science Officer
USS Invincible - Science Officer
USS Churchill - Assistant Chief Science Officer
USS Churchill - Chief Science Officer
USS Odessa - Executive Officer
USS Valkyrie - Commanding Officer