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Petty Officer 2nd Class Yamauchi Ritsuko

Name Yamauchi "Rii" Ritsuko (Blackwater)

Position Power Systems Specialist

Rank Petty Officer 2nd Class

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 21

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 109lbs
Hair Color Red (Dyed, Natural Black)
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Short, petite, and a ball of energy. Ritsuko is young and cute and she knows it. Instead of retaining her naturally black hair common among Asian bloodlines, she has decided that she just enjoys being a redhead more. Her brown eyes are larger than average when they aren't scrunched up in one of her characteristic big grins. Her frame is tiny but feminine and it is accented by the long pigtails she usually keeps her hair in, though when on duty, she instead puts them in two long looped tails which constantly skirt regulations. Off duty she is a very big fan of dresses or top/skirt combinations which really doesn't surprise anyone.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Yamauchi Daisuke
Mother Yamauchi Hanae
Brother(s) Yamauchi Daichi (34)
Yamauchi Gorou (31)
Yamauchi Katsuo (26)
Yamauchi Kenji (24)
Yamauchi Noboru (18)
Sister(s) Hayashi Kiyoko (29 - nee Yamauchi)
Yamauchi Rei (16 - twin to Ren)
Yamauchi Ren (16 - twin to Rei)
Other Family Various nieces and nephews from her two older brothers and sister.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bubbling, bouncing, boisterous ball of joy is the easiest way to describe Ritsuko. She seems to have a perpetual smile on her face which only fades for brief moments during moments of concentration, confusion, sadness, or anger. Smiling is just her default expression. Ritsuko seems to be perpetually cheerful and highly outgoing, out to make everyone smile a little and brighten their day. She can come off as obnoxious and she knows that, it is something she does actively work on, but she also doesn't want to compromise who she is at her core.

Despite her youth and apparent lack of attention span, Rii is actually an excellent engineer and innovator when she is given something to focus on. For teams that have been able to tolerate her personality, she has nearly always been noted as one of the most invaluable members of the effort. The problem is one wouldn't know it simply by looking at her or listening to her.

Rarely does she get angry, but she has a bit of a spitfire in her when she does. Ritsuko is quite protective over her friends and tends to hold on to grudges for longer than it is healthy to do so. Sometimes she goes overboard to get herself noticed, a trait she unfortunately picked up as a middle child of her very large family. Truly she feels a bit adrift and fears that she will amount to nothing in life and have no one close to her - though she would never admit to any of this.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Optimistic
+ Cheerful
+ Outgoing
+ Inventive
+ Dedicated

- Undisciplined
- Disorganized
- Overeager
- Forgetful
- Emotional
Ambitions If one would ask her, she would simply shrug and say, "I don't know, invent something cool?"
Hobbies & Interests Tinkering. Ritsuko loves to tinker. Unfortunately a lot of these tinkering experiments seem to end in explosions, but she still enjoys it. She is also very much a people person so likes to be around others as much as possible. Surprisingly and amusingly, Rii is actually rather proficient in playing a wide range of taiko style drums.
Languages Spoken Federation Standard, Japanese, Klingon

Personal History The union of Yamauchi Daisuke, the heir to one of the last standing traditional silk manufacturers on Earth, to the half-Korean Akagi Hanae was not one that began with the blessings of either family. However, the young couple persevered and married, their union merely serving to strengthen the Yamauchi Silk dynasty. It also brought about nine children, five sons and four daughters. The sixth child was a girl who they named Ritsuko.

Being the sixth child of nine was about as exciting as it sounds for Ritsuko. Her father was always away working and her mother... did her best, but after the fourth child it seemed to simply be more sane to stop trying so hard and simple revert to some sort of survival mode. This left the children to mainly take care of their own needs outside the basics of shelter, nutrition, education, and emotional support. Ritsuko would say it wasn't as bad as it sounds, they were free to pursue their own interests with little judgment from either parent and in turn the children knew not to push the good graces of either Hanae, Daisuke, or their own older siblings.

From a young age, Ritsuko took an interest in tinkering with things. She was a very tactile child and enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together. As she grew older, this would lead her to wander into salvage shops searching for things to try and fix up. Daisuke was not entirely thrilled to have one of his daughters going into a "second hand" shop, but he accepted it.

At least he accepted it until Ritsuko managed to blow a very large hole into the side of his estate with one of her projects.

The subsequent events that ensued which consisted of Ritsuko being very apologetic and her father being rightfully very angry ended up with the young woman agreeing to "do something" with her life and thus when she turned eighteen after barely squeaking by in her high school studies she enrolled into Starfleet Basic Training where she began working toward becoming an engineer with a specialization in power systems. She enjoyed her work and looked forward to exploring the galaxy, finally feeling she was out of her family's seemingly expansive shadow. She did rather well in her classes though was never at the top due to her penchant to be distracted rather easily.

Once she completed her courses, she was assigned to SCE Detachment 107 and traveled with them to tackle various projects. After about seven months she was reassigned to SCE Detachment 32 which was a ship bound detachment on the USS Archimedes. Between the two assignments Ritsuko established herself as a reliable and valuable if not quirky member of her respective teams. Eventually she was transferred to the engineering department of the USS Valkyrie to continue her work.
Service Record 2391 - Starfleet Basic Training - Starfleet Technical Services School, Earth
- Training the basics of Starship, Starbase, and Away Team operations

2391 - Engineering Education Courses: Power Systems Specialty - Utopia Planitia

2392 - Assigned to SCE Detachment 107
- Various projects

2392-2393 - Assigned to SCE Detachment 32, USS Archimedes
- Power Systems Specialist

2393 - Assigned to USS Valkyrie, Engineering Department
- Power Systems Specialist