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Lieutenant Commander Emil Nosske

Name Emil Nosske (Command)

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 49

Physical Appearance

Height 1.78m (5'10")
Weight 81.6kg (180lbs)
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description A man of average height and a slightly heavier build that comes with age. He is still an attractive man and keeps himself well groomed to regulation. On his off hours he can usually be seen wearing fashionable clothes in dark colors. His right arm is a biosynthetic limb; he doesn't advertise this fact but he also doesn't go out of his way to hide it.
Illnesses/Handicaps Right arm is a biosynthetic limb


Spouse None (Divorced)
Children Lieutenant Roman Nosske (son - 31)
Elias Nosske (son - 28)
Sophie Nosske (daughter - 25)

Ensign Lara Nosske (daughter - 24)
Ensign Lucia Nosske (daughter - 24)
Marine Cadet Emil Anton Nosske (son - 20)

Rose Cristaldi (daughter - 5)
Father Commander Lennard Nosske
Mother Jennifer McCale (Nosske)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family A few grandchildren from his oldest sons
Other Associates Georgia Kruger (ex-wife)
Kalona Ford (ex-wife)
Lieutenant Evelina Cristaldi (former lover)

Personality & Traits

General Overview A proud man who is hell bent on sticking to regulation by the letter. He is unwavering in his confidence and convictions toward his professional duties, but has not demonstrated the same discipline in his personal life which has unfortunately seemed to also lap over into his professional life. Still he is reliable on a professional scale and his tactical mind is usually an asset to his crew. He is proud and dedicated, a hard worker with his feet on the ground... at least until a pretty woman walks his way. Emil's womanizing ways have cost him two wives and possibly even a shot at his own command for the time being, though that may have been more due to his anger issues. Regardless it is something that he is less than pleased about.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Tactical mind
+ Focused
+ Confident
+ Reliable
+ Charming

- Womanizer
- Stickler to regulations under any circumstance
- Lacks empathy
- Anger issues
- Bitter
Ambitions To have his own command and stop getting passed over for those more inexperienced
Hobbies & Interests Emil enjoys poker and chess, though his chief interest seems to be in what he considers "fine women". If he wishes to be work oriented in his pursuits, he can often be found studying ship schematics and new weapon designs. He also enjoys watching parrises squares matches.
Languages Spoken Federation Standard, Cardassian

Personal History Born in 2345, Emil had a rather uneventful and average childhood where he was the only child of his parents. He was well loved and cared for but not smothered by his parents, though they did have a tendency to let a young Emil do what he wanted and perhaps indulged him a bit too much in his early life. He showed an early aptitude for parrises squares and played the sport in several safe junior leagues. Emil's passion for the game carried through to his adolescence; in his high school years he played varsity for his school and was team captain starting in his sophomore year carrying through. Emil fed off the attention that his school "fame" gave him, especially when it came to the young ladies of his school. This did unfortunately have consequences in his senior year of school when he found out his on again off again girlfriend Georgia Kruger was pregnant. He did not pay much mind to the event until an injury crushed his dreams of being a professional parrises squares player; this, combined with pressure from his parents to do "the right thing" pushed him into marrying Georgia and subsequently enrolling into the Academy despite only a passing interest in doing so.

Even in the Academy, Emil was simply average but he did eventually find his niche in his sophomore year in the tactical branch and some success in the command branch. Tactical appealed to his analytical mind and he found some recognition there. Still, he preferred socializing to his studies, so upon his graduation he was simply still a middle of the pack officer waiting on his first assignment. Pressure from his wife had Emil accepting a position on Earth so he could be with his growing family and for two years he worked as an assistant to Commander Chase Ford of Starfleet Tactical Command, finding a mentor in the man and his interest in his work actually growing beyond an almost vague acceptance of the necessity of his role more for his family than anything personal desire he had. Emil's closeness to his mentor often had the young man visiting Chase's home and in that he was introduced to Ford's daughter Kalona. While it was not the first time he had strayed in his marriage, it was inevitably the affair that ended his marriage with Georgia as Kalona became pregnant with Emil's child at the same time that Georgia was pregnant with his third child by her.

After his divorce, he quickly married Kalona to appease Commander Ford and make sure his position wasn't jeopardized by his mistakes. Unfortunately it was too little too late and he was transferred to the USS Victorious as their Assistant Chief Tactical Officer. The posting was uneventful to begin with, the biggest source of his stress coming from his relationship with his wife. It wasn't until the discovery of the Dominion and the rapidly rising tensions with the Klingons and Cardassians that Emil's life took a turn. The Victorious was one of the first into the defensive line to try and keep control on the situation with the Klingons. During a particularly violent attack, a good portion of the senior staff was killed and Emil was promoted to Chief Tactical Officer on the Victorious. In 2373, he welcomed his youngest child with Kalona hours before the announcement was made that the Federation was going to war. He sent his wife back to Earth and he was reassigned to the USS Regent.

The war brought with it many battles and many losses. It did however finally push Emil into excellence. The Regent was part of the battle to retake Deep Space 9 and that is unfortunately where he sustained a major injury to his arm that required amputation and replacement with a biosynthetic limb. The Regent was destroyed during this time and after his recovery, Emil was assigned to the USS Massena where he finished out the war and continue his service. The reunion with Kalona and his children with her was strained at best; though he had only been away two years, the violent war had taken its toll on Emil who was diagnosed with PTSD. Unfortunately, Kalona could not deal with the constant near violent outbursts the man had so she took their children and left, filing for divorce soon after.

Emil continued to serve on the Massena for another eight years. It was there he continued to work through his PTSD and allowed himself to focus on his career, though he never did give up his other "hobby". Eventually he returned to Earth and took up the position of his former father-in-law at Starfleet Tactical Command as Romulan Sector Tactical Command advisor. He did this to make an effort to be closer to his children and grandchildren. Eventually he struck up a relationship with Lieutenant Evelina Cristaldi and produced a daughter with the woman, but they both agreed that the relationship was not something they wished to continue and parted on amicable terms, Emil taking a more active role in his daughter Rose's life while he was on Earth and strengthening his bonds with his other children. Eventually though, he decided he needed to take on a new role and decided to apply for his own command feeling he had earned that honor with his experience and the consistent demonstration of his abilities.

Much to his irritation, Starfleet Command rejected his application and instead assigned him as XO to the USS Valkyrie with promises of an eventual command for himself if he continued his exemplary service to the fleet in his new position.
Service Record Starfleet Academy - Tactical Major, Command Minor

Starfleet Tactical Command - Administrative Assistant
- Promoted to LT. JG

USS Victorious - Assistant Chief Tactical Officer/Chief Tactical Officer

USS Regent - Chief Tactical Officer
- Promoted to LT.

USS Massena - Chief Tactical Officer
- Promoted to Lt. Commander

Starfleet Tactical Command - Romulan Sector Tactical Command Advisor

USS Valkyrie - Executive Officer