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Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater

Name Yara Blackwater

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 1.83m (6'0")
Weight 76kg (168lbs)
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Light Green/Blue (lighting dependent)
Physical Description Yara is an extremely striking individual with a unique beauty about her. She has strong, full, and wide features set on a shapely face framed by a thick mane of blonde hair. What tends to leave the lasting impression though is her piercing, no-nonsense gaze that can be equally as off-putting as it is captivating depending on her mood. On more than one occasion, she has been regarded as having a “feral” beauty about her. Unknown to many due to her tendency to keep herself covered by long pants and long sleeved shirts, Yara's body is horribly scarred from her impromptu undercover assignment. While the most grotesque marks are on her back, she is also marred on her torso, arms, and legs.

Always one to look after herself, she prefers to keep her hair relatively long and wear it down, though she will on occasion put it up just to avoid possible hassle with regulations and hair length. She's learned sometimes it just isn't worth the fight. She is quite physically fit, preferring to keep herself that way after her time spent on the Gladius, but thanks to her general choice in highly concealing clothing most people wouldn't actually be aware of that fact.
Illnesses/Handicaps PTSD (untreated and currently undiagnosed)


Spouse None
Children Unknown
Father General Jonas Blackwater (deceased)
Mother Hannah Blackwater (deceased)
Brother(s) Lt. Colonel Jonas Blackwater II (older)
Major Adam Blackwater (older)
Other Family Commander Christine Blackwater (cousin)
Lieutenant Commander Diana Tir (cousin)
Nathaniel Blackwater (uncle)
Commodore Amy Blackwater (nee Sanders - aunt)
Antony Blackwater (cousin)
Tobias Blackwater (uncle)
Apollo Blackwater (cousin)

Personality & Traits

General Overview One thing that is painfully apparent about Yara is she has seen too much for her young age. This is reflected in her eyes and her very demeanor. She is very cold and standoffish, preferring to interact as little as possible with people. When she does interact with others, it is usually done by keeping them at arms length through sarcasm and thinly veiled insults - if she bothers to veil them at all. Yara is the type who has wrapped herself in a thick coat of barbs to keep people away from herself. It works quite well and after a few interactions, most tend to give her a wide berth which is how she prefers things.

She has had to constantly fight for recognition and to not be cast aside by those who were supposed to love her. While this has resulted in an extremely strong work ethic, it has the backlash that she has a tendency to expect too much of those around her. Even so, she is actually quite a good teacher for those who can deal with her heavy hand. Respect from her must be earned, and it is an extreme uphill battle to do so. Yara also has problems controlling her tongue more often than not when it comes to calling out poor decision making, especially when it comes to those in leadership positions. The habit to question such decisions in public, however, has been more or less trained out of her thanks to more than one public tongue-lashing from her previous commanding officer.

Yara is very adept at manipulation and has a tongue of the purest silver. She has an uncanny ability to read people and will take advantage of that in an instant. Surprisingly, she is also a brilliant strategist. These traits have served as an asset in her previous posting; though beware if they are ever turned on you.

She is fiercely protective of those entrusted to her, though. Even if she dislikes – even hates an individual, if they are considered a friendly entity and are within the confines of her ship she will protect them with everything she has. On the rare occasion she might consider calling someone friend, she will allow a more vulnerable side of herself to appear, showing that she is capable of being extremely caring and passionate under her thorny exterior. The truth of the matter is Yara is still feeling heavy guilt, failure, and loss over her partner - the one person who she considered to have ever loved her and been a true friend. This above all has fueled her withdraw from all others.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Highly intelligent
+ Trustworthy
+ Disciplined (when she chooses to be)
+ Dedicated
+ Natural leader
+ Protective
+ Talented marksman
+ Highly trained in hand to hand combat
+ Easily able to read people
+ Physically Fit
+ Strategist

+/- Manipulative
+/- Silver-tongued

- Arrogant
- Stubborn
- Intolerant
- Sarcastic
- Cynical
- Blunt
- Aggressive
- Suffers severe bouts of depression
- Opinionated (and has no trouble sharing them)
- Reclusive
Ambitions None
Hobbies & Interests - Martial arts (highly trained in various disciplines but master of none)
- Music – She has a beautiful singing voice but will rarely use it. She enjoys nearly all types of music though
- Marksmanship activities – she is an expert in a vast number of weapons from all corners and time periods of the galaxy
(Yara acknowledges she needs more hobbies.)

Personal History Yara’s birth was not a happy event for her parents Jonas and Hannah Blackwater. A family full of strong males, it had been expected that their third child would also be male. Yara had a childhood filled with nothing but longing – longing for the attention of her father, the love of her mother, and a desire to stand as an equal to her brothers. None of these things would ever come to pass. She was treated more as a nuisance than a daughter or sister; an affliction on the family that had to be tolerated due to social pressures. Even her extended family paid little attention to her, though that was more a result of the choices of her father and his decision to break away from the rest of the Blackwater family.

She found solace in school where she excelled at a phenomenal rate, constantly earning accolades and praises from those who taught her. Of course these fell on the deaf ears of her family, but knowing that kind words were being spoken about her was enough to steel her resolve to continue to do her best. It was during this time she would finally meet her cousins Christine and Diana. Yara grew very fond of them, only to have their communication cut off abruptly by all of their fathers.

Bitterness toward her family began to set in during her teenage years and she would constantly run away to stay with the few friends she had made, though occasionally she would even opt to sleep out on the street rather than return home to the constant weight of disappointment that surrounded her. Despite this act of defiance, it did not affect her dedication to school in any way. Yara graduated from high school at the age of sixteen, valedictorian of her class. Even this accomplishment earned her nothing in the sight of her father.

With the encouragement of her teachers, Yara sought admission to Starfleet Academy. While she was too young to be formally accepted, her outstanding academic achievements earned her dispensation to enroll in the first semester’s worth of classes. When she turned seventeen, she was officially accepted into the Academy. Again, she excelled, finding a natural calling at the helm of ships both great and small. During the later half of her first official year, she caught the attention of the commandant and was assigned to the Red Squad. At first, her fellow cadets were unwelcoming, but Yara proved herself to be a natural leader. She was primed and groomed to take over command leadership of the elite group, but instead opted to graduate early.

Yara graduated valedictorian of her class a solid year ahead of schedule. Her academic success had both shocked and thrilled the Academy staff, but they were wary due to her personality. Where a valedictorian would usually be able to have their choice of posting, Yara was “strongly encouraged” to take a posting on the USS Gladius. She complied of course, but grudgingly.

The Gladius was a Defiant-class ship tasked with patrolling the border of Breen territory. Yara actually found herself enjoying the posting even though it hadn’t been her choice. She absorbed the experience like a sponge, though her attitude left quite a bit to be desired by her captain, Commander Ashley Rodriguez. Regardless, Yara impressed her superiors with her skill and ability to adapt. The Gladius abided by its mission for a solid year before information presented by Starfleet Intelligence caused a hard shift in the purpose of the little ship.

Much of what transpired the next four years on the Gladius is classified (note: details can be provided to those with appropriate clearance), but the word was that the Gladius had been sent into Breen space to recover Federation citizens who had been taken and forced into slavery to the Breen and its allies. Some of these people were victims of as far back as the Dominion War whereas others were innocent bystanders that had just strayed a bit too close to the borders and were taken.

During this time, Yara was promoted to Chief Flight Control Officer due to the death of her immediate superior. It was under her well-honed hand that the Gladius avoided destruction many times. However, due to her particular skill set, Yara was chosen to join one other member of the Gladius’s crew with the mission of infiltrating one of the Breen slaving operations after only a year on board. The pair was under deep cover for nearly four years and are credited with bringing down one of the largest slaving organizations operating in Breen space, but it was not without great personal cost to themselves. Once again, the details of this assignment are still classified, though it is currently under consideration if the details should be released to the public in an effort to raise awareness and promote caution around the Breen border.

The Gladius recovered her officers and limped back home in 2390 and was immediately decommissioned and its crew submitted to rigorous psychological testing followed by a debriefing process that lasted months. It was painfully obvious whatever happened while Yara was in cover severely affected her, but no matter how hard counselors tried, she would not discuss it with them. Yara’s partner was discovered dead in his home two months after the Gladius’s return and Yara herself was briefly considered a suspect as it appeared to be a result of foul play. She was quickly cleared of any suspicion, but decided that it would be best to take a leave of absence from Starfleet for a short time.

Yara considered leaving Starfleet for good, but after much consideration she decided that she really had nothing else worth doing in her life, so sought re-assignment to a new ship. She was eventually assigned to the USS Sentinel as Chief Flight Control Officer. One might have thought Yara had tempered through her years, but the volatility still remained. Still she proved to serve admirably enough to earn her promotion to Lieutenant. She had begun to settle in and be... tolerant of the crew, but soon personal differences between her own viewpoints and the rest of the crew had her seeking out a transfer.

Surprisingly quick, she received orders to transfer to the USS Gemini, a Galaxy class ship where Yara simply hoped that she could lose herself in the flow of things. Unfortunately, this didn't seem to be the case. An early run in with the ship's second officer in front of the commanding officer actually found Yara placed into training to take over as second officer. She railed against it, but found she had no choice. During their first mission to a festival of worlds, the command staff of the Gemini was taken hostage, leaving Yara to command the Gemini and attempt to handle the situation if need be. Thankfully, the matter was dealt with on world, but not before the second officer and a security officer were killed. Yara was promoted to second officer in the wake of his death. Once again she showed her leadership when the Gemini was pulled into an anomaly threatening to crush the ship, with her help the chief engineer was able to devise a plan to get out with the help of the ship's pilots and runabouts. Unfortunately soon after this, the Gemini was brought into port and the CO relieved, most of the crew was scattered including Yara.

She found herself transferred to Earth to the Aerospace Corps where she was part of a team responsible for testing new star fighter concepts. Yara found herself coming to enjoy the assignment and even found her quality of personal life improving. While she was still not a social creature, she was becoming more relaxed and comfortable with herself. She was even able to reconnect with one of her acquaintances from the Gemini Rafan Kel and the two formed a somewhat turbulent friendship, but a friendship nonetheless. An incident occurred during a flight simulation that almost killed Yara, but thankfully she recovered rather quickly and found that it hadn't soured her desire for her position in the slightest.

After nearly a year at this assignment, word came that Yara was being transferred back to a ship board posting and she was less than pleased. Still, it wasn't a point she could argue and she found herself assigned to the USS Valkyrie as their CFCO and Second Officer.
Service Record 2382-2385 - Starfleet Academy
- 2382 - Inducted into Red Squad
- 2385 - Graduated Validictorian, Promoted to Ensign

2385-2390 - USS Gladius
- 2385-2386 Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
- 2386 - Chief Flight Control Officer, Promoted to Lt. JG


2386-2390 - Field Agent, SFI

--End Classified Section--

2390 - Leave of Absence

2391-2391 - USS Sentinel - Chief Flight Control Officer
-2391 - Promoted to Lieutenant

2391-2392 - USS Gemini - Chief Flight Control Officer/Second Officer

2392-2393 - Starfleet Aerospace Corps

2393 - USS Valkyrie - Chief Flight Control Officer/Second Officer