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Lieutenant JG Julienne Keating

Name Julienne Parker Keating M.D.

Position Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 34

Physical Appearance

Height 1.7m (5'6")
Weight 52.2kg (115 lbs)
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Julienne is five feet, six inches tall and weighs one hundred and fifteen pounds. She has long red hair, which can vary in length depending on her preference at the time, and deep blue eyes. She prefers to swim to keep in shape to most other kinds of exercise, but has been known to jog on occasion to clear her head. Though shy at times, her smile is her trademark, and can be seen in times of calm and in times of stress.

Illnesses/Handicaps None


Spouse None
Children None
Father Thomas Keating (deceased)
Mother Anna Keating (deceased)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None
Other Associates None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Julienne is a gregarious woman who has no trouble being assertive, especially when it comes to defending the people and values that matter to her. She is dedicated to the dual roles she serves as a healer and is still learning how to juggle those roles with that of a military officer, sometimes to the consternation of her superiors. Even with her experience, she will acknowledge she still has a lot to learn, but she values what her life experiences have taught her as well, particularly the murder of her parents. As a trauma survivor herself, she has been able to bring added sensitivity to her work with her patients. Just as she had to so many years ago, she helps her patients find their inner strengths and personal motivation to persevere, even when it feels impossible.

Juli is quick witted and has a well-developed sense of humor, which along with her sincerity and informality, helps people relax. Personally, she is still a bit reserved when it comes to building close relationships. She is collected in a crisis but still suffers occasional bouts of self-doubt even as she refuses to give up when things get difficult.
Strengths & Weaknesses Julienne knows how to relate to a variety of people, no matter their background. She also has a passion for her work that transcends her place in Starfleet, which helps her to keep her objectivity, even when what's right goes against Starfleet's best interests.

Julienne has no use for excessive regulation, which has prevented her from winning over certain Starfleet brass. In addition, given the way her parents died, she is wary of anyone possessing psionic abilities, although she has spent years trying to get a handle on it. The irony of this fear isn’t lost on her given where she grew up and what she does for a living. She hides this fear well after all these years, but it is always with her.

Ambitions Julienne's greatest ambitions are personal ones. She would love to marry and have a family someday. She isn’t obsessed with earning rank and position, but she takes immense pride in such success and aspires to go as far as Starfleet sees fit.
Hobbies & Interests Juli makes a point to stay up to date on the latest medical research and truly enjoys discussing those findings. She also enjoys socializing with small groups of friends over good food and good entertainment.
Languages Spoken Federation Standard, some Klingon, and some Denobulan

Personal History Born March 26, 2359 to Anna and Thomas Keating, two Human Federation lawyers assigned to the Galaxy-class U.S.S. Venture, Julienne ("Juli") Parker Keating was never without a Starfleet presence in her life. Unlike most children, Julienne hated living on a starship because she was frequently left alone while her parents attended to their other responsibilities, sometimes for weeks at a time.

Finding kindred spirits in her fellow classmates, she soon developed a close circle of friends. Unfortunately, Julienne never quite got used to the comings and goings of her friends, and as a consequence, learned how to be social without investing too much into her friendships. Rather than become withdrawn as some might expect, Juli dealt with her resentment by becoming outgoing in the extreme. She threw herself into every extra-curricular activity available, including ballet, mock court, debate and several academic teams. She did well in school, though she was never quite motivated to live up to what her father thought to be her full potential. Her parents were never too concerned about it, however, and considered their daughter to be the model child.

Although she came from a loving family and lived what most would consider a sheltered, but privileged life, Juli’s relationship with her parents was never quite the open and honest connection she observed in other families. They rarely spoke of their feelings; most of the time relating to each other at times more like colleagues than family. Juli’s parents valued education and achievement over all else, and she found herself constantly driven by a desire to gain their approval, and by extension, their love. She adopted her parents’ interest in law, politics and literature, and their evening discussions on these topics were a favorite part of Julienne’s childhood because it was on these rare occasions that her parents became truly passionate about something and connected with her.

When she was ten, they left the Venture and retired to Betazed, where both her parents sought higher office as judges. Campaigning was a long and difficult process, and it didn’t take long for her to begin to resent being under public scrutiny. She had thought leaving the Venture would give them more time to spend as a family, but she soon learned the campaign was even more consuming than her parents’ legal posts. By the time Julienne was fifteen, both her parents had earned judgeships within the Betazed courts, and with this achievement came even more pressure to keep up appearances as the perfect family. With that, came additional pressure for Juli to choose just the right school to continue her education.

In 2375, Juli was accepted a year early to Starfleet Academy, where at the urging of her parents, she decided to pursue a law degree with a minor in diplomacy. Her ultimate goal was to work with the JAG on Betazed. It was to be the best of both worlds; her parents would get the Starfleet Officer they always wanted, and Juli would never have to set foot aboard a starship.

Two years later, Juli received the news that would ultimately alter the course of her life. Her parents were murdered by the mentally ill sibling of a defendant appearing before her father. Her mother just happened to be visiting her father for lunch when the troubled young woman used her psionic skills to forcibly short-circuit both judges’ minds. The woman believed her brother was going to receive an unfair sentence from an “unenlightened” (non-telepathic) off-worlder. Now an orphan, Julienne had reached a crossroads. Her anger over her parents’ deaths was all consuming and it was her desire to get revenge that fueled her to succeed. Nothing was more important to her than becoming an officer and rebuilding what had been taken from her.

Unfortunately, her anger and grief eventually wore her down physically and emotionally, and as soon as she was able to return to Betazed, she took a brief leave of absence to grieve and regroup. Those who had watched Julienne grow up were comforted by the return of a familiar face, and soon Juli found herself offering comfort and strength to those who had gained hope from her parents’ strength.

The brief time she spent on Betazed turned out to be one of the most difficult and yet most influential points in her life. She came to realize the importance of living life to the fullest and of making her own decisions. No longer able to make choices with the benefit or influence of her father, Juli was forced for the first time to make real emotional connections with others, and to her surprise, it was a skill that came naturally to her. The circumstances of the murders had also exposed the dark secret of Betazed: that even on a planet renowned for its mental health professionals, there were still gaps in the system. After much consideration, Julienne Parker had taken control of her destiny. She had decided to become a healer.

Several courses behind, but energized now that she had figured out what she wanted to do, Julienne returned to the Academy to pursue a career in psychiatry, a decision that challenged the previous perception of her peers that Julienne was a spoiled child of privilege. It was by no means an easy transition and for a time, Juli wondered if she would ever catch up. Julienne spent the remaining two years at the Academy as the stereotypical outsider, not quite a participant in the camaraderie that had already developed between the other counselor cadets. As before, Julienne threw herself into as many extra-curricular activities as she could manage.

In 2380, Juli graduated Starfleet Academy with honors and in the top twenty percent of her class. She entered Starfleet Medical that same year, and made up her mind to graduate a semester early so she could complete an internship back on her wounded Betazed as soon as possible. She chose to specialize in counseling trauma survivors, an area she knew would be essential for a counselor working during the aftermath of the Dominion War. Julienne truly came into her own at Starfleet Medical, now for the first time on equal footing with her fellow officers and finally learning to grow into her newfound independence.

In 2384, Julienne graduated a semester early in the top ten percent of her class (a feat that almost killed her). Julienne returned to Betazed and got to work. No longer a politician’s daughter forced to guard her words for fear of saying the wrong things, she used her experience in the public eye to her advantage, becoming quite the activist and proponent for Federation assistance for Betazed.

Juli would have been perfectly happy to remain on Betazed, but the demand for qualified counselors did not leave her with a lot of choice. Her extensive work on Betazed earned her the opportunity to take a break from the emotionally taxing duties of a trauma specialist, and so she decided it was time to gain some diverse experience with Starfleet, now ready to explore the unknown and the pursue the building of new alliances.

When she received word the Defiant-class U.S.S. Valhalla required a Ship's Counselor, she applied immediately and was pleased to learn she had been chosen. After completing its one year mission, the Valhalla was ordered to Utopia Planetia shipyards for a sturdier refit. Deciding she wanted to continue serving aboard a vessel designed for exploration over combat, Juli learned the Ship's Counselor position was open aboard the U.S.S.Kersearge an Intrepid-class starship. She was pleased to be back aboard a deep space vessel and looked forward to developing close emotional ties to the ship's crew.

Julienne served on the Kersearge until February 5, 2387, when a computer virus led to a warp core breach and the destruction of the ship. The sudden loss and the presumed death of Captain Mark Samuels was for Juli, as it was for many of her crewmates, a devastating blow. With her colleagues scattered all over the galaxy pursuing other professional and personal goals, Julienne decided it was time for a new challenge as well. She accepted a position as Ship's Counselor/Medical Officer on the U.S.S. Clara Barton, a search and rescue vessel designed to respond to large scale medical crises.

Life aboard the Clara Barton was never dull, and Keating enjoyed working so closely with colleagues who were as passionate about healing as she. Juli took the opportunity to further develop her counseling and medical skills, while also learning what it took to be a supervisor of mental health and medical specialists. While rewarding, her time aboard the Clara Barton was also highly stressful. Serving aboard a medical ship meant the crew of the Clara Barton saw more than their fair share of death and trauma and experienced more pressure cooker situations in six months than some medical officers experienced in their entire careers.

After three years aboard the Banting, Julienne and her commanding officer knew it was time for her to experience a change of pace. Keating valued the skills she gained and the comradery she experienced as a member of such a close knit group of professionals, but as is often the case with crew who serve aboard medical vessels long term, her work began to take its toll emotionally and physically.

She was assigned to the USS Saturn for the next three years and enjoyed the almost normal chaos of serving aboard a “regular” ship. She needed the break and gained valuable experience working with a crew of the line. Wanting an opportunity to serve aboard a regular ship of the line that also routinely handled emergency response missions, she was pleased to be given an assignment aboard the USS Valkyrie.
Service Record 2376 – 2380 Starfleet Academy
2380 – 2384 Starfleet Medical Academy
2384 -2385 Psychiatrist, Starfleet Medical
2385 -2387 Ship's Counselor, U.S.S. Valhalla
2387-2388 Ship's Counselor, U.S.S. Kersearge
2388-23891 Psychiatrist/Medical Officer, U.S.S. Clara Barton
2391-2393 Chief Counselor, U.S.S. Saturn
Present Chief Counselor/Medical Officer, U.S.S. Valkyrie