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Lieutenant JG Talov Roussurc

Name Talov Roussurc

Position Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Orion
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 1.96m (6'5")
Weight 106.6kg (235lbs)
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Silver
Physical Description Compared to most humans, Talov is a mountain of a man. Tall and wide he is often compared to pieces of equipment when describing him than to other humanoids. He is somewhat average for an Orion, though he works to make sure he is as strong as he can be.

As an Orion, Talov’s gem hued green skin alone would make him stand out among the Federation races. Though among his own people his metallic silver eyes mark him as rare as well. Though normally covered, he has patterned scarring on his upper back and thighs that is too sharp and clean to be from a form of torture or interrogation.


Father Rinca Turandre
Mother Breenta Roussurc
Brother(s) Rincan, Treul, Nidrak
Sister(s) Liral, Kindra, Aeliss, Olendra

Personality & Traits

General Overview Talov is an outgoing and friendly person, particularly loving being with people that he has bonded with. Easygoing as a general rule and always up for anything, especially new experiences. He is slow to show anger, or any emotion really outside of joy and amusement. He keeps other feelings close to his chest as it is easier to manipulate someone’s expectations and views if he only shows them what he wants them to see.

Due to his upbringing and subsequent betrayal of his people, Talov doesn’t truly open up to people much anymore. He keeps things superficial as much as possible to avoid having the deeper connections. If her were being true to himself, he feels ashamed of having broken the loyalty to his family even though he feels like he made the right decision.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Friendly
+ Loyal
+ Disciplined
+ Physically Strong
+ Cunning
+ Cool Headed

+/- Manipulative

- Boastful
- Impulsive
- Materialistic
- Aggressive
Ambitions Enjoy Life
Hobbies & Interests Anything that excites the senses, food, sex, sports, music. Combinations of two or more if possible.
Languages Spoken Federation Standard, Orion, Klingon

Personal History Born into a large but not particularly powerful Orion family. Talov was the youngest and was bred specifically to be sent to Starfleet and become a security officer. The plan was to have him be able to be in a position that would allow the family to pull off deals that the almighty Federation would otherwise interfere with. The family business including the illicit trade or drugs and people was never looked well upon by Starfleet. As such, Talov’s grandfather found Rinca whose physical prowess with speed, strength and flexibility he hoped to pair with his daughter Breenta. The hope being that the traits of Rinca alone with Breenta’s intelligence and cunning would pass down to their children.

Talov was brought into the universe as a little more than an experiment. His closest sibling was ten years older than himself, so he never connected with any of them closely. He grew up being trained for Starfleet service, days filled with physical conditioning paired with psychological breakdowns of the member races of the Federation; the former to assure that he would be an ideal security officer and the latter to allow him to blend in at Starfleet Academy. Always there were lessons about how important family was. Loyalty being the cornerstones of Orion life, they made sure to impress this value on Talov more than most. Since he would be going off the the academy and be away from his people they wanted to be sure he would stay loyal and do as they wanted. Family loyalty trumps loyalty to all others, including governments or employers.

The Orion mentality of Cluros was also drilled into his head at this time. The ability to act one way while thinking another would come in use when being an undercover man. His trainers taught him that the Federation was misguided in their attempts to hold back Orion trading, but he could not express this to his fellow Starfleet personnel or he might draw attention to himself. So the training went on to where he could fool anyone as to what his real thoughts were on any given subject.

Time at the academy was easy due to his previous training, though as planned with his family he purposefully made it look more difficult as the assumption was that he would draw too much attention to himself if his preparedness was too obvious. Pretending to struggle at certain subjects allowed him to make friends with people, though he ended up liking some of them more than he expected to. One cadet though decided to make fun of Talov, thinking that he was unintelligent because he was an Orion and held a grudge against them due to the syndicate causing problems for his family in past generations. Instead of being confrontational to Larry, Talov instead made him his newest “friend”. He apologized profusely for any hardships that his family may have suffered due to the Syndicate and stressed that he was at the academy to make up for such things (not all Orions are bad people after all). It took some time but Talov won over the Cadet and they started being friendly. This allowed Talov to now pull a Tom Sawyer like maneuver and convince Larry to take more arduous assignments by talking them up and then acting disappointed when he couldn’t go. It gave Talov great pleasure to watch Larry act as though he enjoyed these assignments when he knew that wasn’t the case.

Talov gained other friends at the academy. Most he actually enjoyed their company at face value, unlike with Larry. He had two tutors; Niran Lishal, a Bajoran woman who aided him with engineering, and Hugh Thompson, a Human man who specialized in biology and other sciences. To thank the two of them, he often insisted on taking them to hang out when classes weren’t exceptionally hectic. These two in particular he felt like he bonded with because of their selflessness in helping him learn.

Talov graduated high in his class, finding it surprising that he found himself missing the people he had befriended. Because of this Talov got his first scarring, two triangles touching to symbolize the golden gate bridge and the first initial of those he missed, on his left shoulder. Talov wanted the scarring rather than tattoos like most people got because it would be less obvious at a casual glance and also the tactile sensation when running his fingers over it so that it might serve as an immediate reminder of those people and places they represented.

Talov’s first posting was aboard the USS Majestic as part of a diplomatic escort. Most of his time was spent standing outside various doors and making sure no one got where they weren’t supposed to get. It was easy work, though exceptionally boring. So Talov took his time to talk with the other security officers he was assigned duties with. He learned of people’s families and their dreams, reasons for joining Starfleet. Their reasonings were so different from the motivations of his family that when he wasn’t on duty. He often spent nights thinking over these differences when he wasn’t working on how he might help his family as well (diplomatic envoys didn’t have the responsibilities he needed to be able to help his family sneak cargo through Federation trade routes). For two years he avoided getting too close to anyone by focusing on his job and pondering at night, until he was promoted and assigned to the USS Formidable.

Aboard the Formidable he was able to start his work for his family as the ship was a patrol ship that went through the Federation to keep track of unsavory elements. Now he could schedule the occasional ship to not be seen by their sensors when he was on duty. Not able to do it often as to avoid suspicion, he was still able to help. His time aboard the Formidable brought more friends in the course of his duties and made his family happy but impatient for him to do more.

To expedite his rise through the ranks, his family orchestrated an attack on the Formidable, completely without Talov’s knowing. They wanted his reactions to be as real as possible but with no strings possibly coming back to him if an investigation was called for. So on a patrol out near Breen space the ship was set upon by a wing of Breen raiders. During the attack, Talov fought hand to hand with several attackers as he made his way to the bridge to help secure it against the onslaught.

Once there he was tasked with taking over tactical as the chief had been incapacitated while defending the bridge from the initial attack. Talov was successful in working with the bridge crew in repelling the attack after destroying two of the fighters and causing the other three to flee.
This had the expected result that Talov was promoted to full Lieutenant after only a year on board and made the Assistant Security Chief aboard the Formidable after the current position was vacated by the former chief to recover from wounds suffered during the attack.

With his increased responsibilities, Talov could now actively help his family by redirecting sensor scans so their ships weren’t detected or missing something during a cargo check. His family was still greedy though and in 2389 finally pushed too hard. Talov never knew that his family had set him up to be promoted and had continued creating strong bonds with his crewmates on the Formidable. The junior officers of the Security held regular game nights with the junior officers in Engineering to games of chance as well as physical tests. Here Talov met and bonded with Lieutenant Janelle Mitchels and Lieutenant JG Batram Nieros from Engineering as well as Ensign Nilan Trisdrel from his own department. The four of them were very competitive and would come up with puzzles or physical challenges for the others in a more varied version of the Earth game of Horse. Their shipmates nicknamed them the four horsemen because of this.

These bonds he formed were strong enough that when they were called upon to recover a crewman that the year before had been sent to infiltrate one of the Syndicate families he was unable to comply with his family’s order to terminate the officer.

He had grown tired of being used by his family and felt that Starfleet was worthy of his loyalty, where his family was not. His time in Starfleet had modified his loyalty from being “for the family” to being loyal to those he thought had earned it. No one in his family had ever done anything for him. From the time he was born he was just a puppet for them. Starfleet had accepted him and given him what he considered his true family. So instead, he went to his captain and confessed to what he had been doing. Though his loyalty was still strong enough that he would not implicate anyone in his family nor give exact details on the things he had allowed. Because he had come forward willingly, Starfleet had determined not to remove him from service completely, nut required a year of rehabilitation at the New Zealand Penal Colony and he was demoted to ensign should he return to service afterward along with a year of probation.

Talov worked hard to earn the trust of Starfleet while he was at the colony. Showing that he had no further ties to his family and working hard on any project he was given. He got his second and third marks together, a rectangle for the Formidable and an X on his right calf to remember those he had worked with and to remember the time he was alone at the colony.

Once released, Talov was reluctantly taken aboard the USS Orissa by her captain. He knew things would be difficult but worked tirelessly to prove he could be a trusted officer. It was more than a year before he was given any real responsibilities. Then slowly they came in, away missions to guard the scientists, low level security for diplomatic envoys. He had difficulties on the Orissa due to being shunned by the crew for his record, but he knew that was his own fault and he continued working to prove himself.

He still hasn’t to most officers, but after three years the reasons to block his promotion weren’t strong enough and the Valkyrie needed a Chief of Security sooner rather than later. So Talov’s rank was raised again to a junior lieutenant and was transferred to the older ship that was set to head away from where he might be a problem.
Service Record 2380-2384 – Starfleet Academy
2384-2386 – USS Majestic (Ensign)
2386-2387 – USS Formidable (Lieutenant JG)
2387-2389 – USS Formidable (Lieutenant – Assistant Chief of Security)
2389-2390 – New Zealand Penal Settlement
2390-2393 – USS Orissa (Ensign)
2393 – USS Valkyrie (Lieutenant JG – Interim Chief of Security)