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Lieutenant JG Alket Dahe'el

Name Alket Dahe'el

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Cardassian
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 11"
Weight 180 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Alket is of average stature for a Cardassian. He has filled out some as he's grown older and also due to more recent dietary changes he's put on a few pounds of both fat and muscle.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Seran Dahe'el
Mother Elanya Dahe'el
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alket is very easy going and rarely of a combative nature. While he's been known to make his point when it comes to items of a more technical nature, the man avoids unnecessary arguments. Always striving to fulfill his duties, at times he still feels estranged from those around him.

Within the more interpersonal relationships he does have with people, Alket opens up and is very talkative, to the point where he is quite a joy to be around. He's a very generous individual with both his time and energy, allowing for deep friendships and romances to develop. He's the life of the party, especially after a drink or two.
Strengths & Weaknesses + High technical aptitude
+ Lives and breathes anything having to do with his job so his "tribal knowledge" is high and reliable
+ Precison shooter
+ Survival skills
+ Amicable

- His lack of social interaction in general makes him more of an awkward individual to interact with outside of work
- While he's a solid shot, Alket is not a strong tactician
- A lack of confidence in large groups\gatherings, or when standing before a superior knowing he'll be dressed down, or upon initially meeting them
- His generally passive attitude has caused him to miss obvious problems
Hobbies & Interests Baseball primarily due to the statistics and the deeper technicalities of the game itself.

Having never developed a taste for Kanar, Alket developed a taste for darker earth liquors.

He's always enjoyed a good technical manual, or the latest journal on upcoming technologies and theories.

Talking with women has always been something Alket has been able to naturally do off duty. He's enjoyed keeping friendly company and has a wide variety of taste in women when it comes to a romantic relationship. He's especially adventurous in what he does in regards to vacations and experiences as a couple.
Languages Spoken Federation standard, Cardassian

Personal History In 2343 the parents of Alket Dahe'el, Elanya and Seran were a pair of scientists working on Cardassia Prime. During the border wars with the Federation, their government took them and forced them to begin weapons research. While they firmly supported their government and their family, the couple morally refused to conduct the research. They were both arrested and placed in prison awaiting their "trial". Before that happened, a Federation Special Operations team extracted the couple from Cardassia Prime and offered them asylum in exchange for assistance in reverse engineering any Cardassian technology that the Federation captured. The couple agreed and were taken to Earth, known to very few in the Federation.

After years of reverse engineering captured technology, the couple sought permission to have a child. With approval from Star Fleet Command given after six months, Alket was born in the year 2365. For the first five years of his life the boy was kept in special child care and saw very little of the outside world until he started kindergarten. As he grew up he was generally accepted by children around him, his diversity was a normality to many of the other species that attended the same specialty school as a him. The school was typically reserved for the children of a higher ranking Star Fleet officers and diplomats, ambassadors, and privileged individuals. At the age of 12 the young boy developed a strong interest in computers and processing systems. He became very technically oriented and further increased his love of technology and Engineering. He learned to setup systems in his parents' home as well as tie in communications networks between himself and friends. At the age of 14 he gained a strong interest in power and distribution systems, causing him to study as much as he could about them. Alket remained in the same school all throughout his young years until he graduated high school. His relationship with fellow students was typically a positive one, Alket had a few close friends throughout the years that were always happy to spend time with him and never got into any real trouble. The Cardassian was always open minded in being friends with multiple races as were most of the other children. He shared a very "diverse" mindset accordingly.

Growing up he spent a lot of time and summers outdoors riding horses, camping, shooting guns from a very young age, and learning some basic survival skills. He enjoyed playing many types of sports but his favorite of all was baseball.  The statistics and in depth analysis of the game immediately drew him to it.  He played the game growing up and was part of numerous leagues.  Also during these years, Alket was unaware of the work that his parents had been doing for the Federation.  He was never aware of the occupation of Bajor, or the war with the Federation and Cardassia.  Intergalactic politics was a subject that was very moderated while he was in school, and his parents never allowed him much access to that type of news at home.  One undertone that had been taught in the curriculum of the school was to encourage the students to one day join Star Fleet.  It was never something that Alket was terribly interested in, all he cared about was reverse engineering systems and learning how they worked.  He also began learning about warp cores and starship propulsion systems, as well as planetary power systems.  He took as many classes as he could to develop his knowledge and intellect in high speed network and communications systems, and even looked in to warp theory and development as well.

At the age of 18 when he graduated high school, he moved away from home. It was the year 2383 now and he became aware of the war between Cardassia in the Federation. He confronted his parents about it and they told him how they came to be on the Earth and the work they have done for the Federation and for Star Fleet. Confused, he took some time to do research on his own and from what he had discovered he began to despise his people and the things that they had done to the Bajorans and other races. While he was upset at his parents for hiding things from him his entire life, he understood why they felt it was necessary. This further strengthened the family bond that he had with them. It was at this time that he became very pro Star Fleet and wanted to do anything he could to help. At that time he applied to join Star Fleet Academy. He spent the next four years in Engineering and Operations courses and graduated in 2387. While in the Academy he was widely accepted by other peers and officers alike. Very few held his race against him and he faced very little prejudice. This was also where he learned to sharpen the typical sly Cardassian tongue when talking with women. Alket dated a variety of ladies that were cadets and civilians alike during his time there, experiencing relationships with a number of races. The one on one interaction was something he was strong in with the ladies, as opposed to with men or those he didn't really know.

In 2387 when Alket graduated from Star Fleet Academy the Romulan threat returning in prevalence.  He was then assigned to the USS Galileo as a junior Engineer and officer.  During his time there, they patrolled the Romulan border as during that time tensions began to rise.  For the next two years they assisted in fighting against the Romulan Empire as well as providing assistance to Federation Colonies and citizens that had been attacked and pillaged by Romulan troops and warships. His relationships with many of his crewmates remained strictly professional. While his skills were in demand and he was accepted based on that ability alone, many couldn't see beyond his race as most he served with had either served during the war with the Dominion or shortly after. In 2389 he was reassigned to the USS Rose which was destroyed in a battle by a squadron of Romulan warships.  Managing  to escape in a life pod, he and a group of other officers made their way to the nearest M class planet.  For the next two months they survived there, living off of the planet life until they were finally rescued by the USS Midway.  

After being debriefed, the group of officers were officially assigned to the USS Midway to back fill others that had been lost in the fighting.  At this time Alket was made the Chief Engineer and even at a junior rank, made great strides and learned much about keeping systems functional and the starship in one piece efficiently. He remained aboard the USS Midway for the next three years. 2 years into the assignment, he and other crew members were assigned as one of the primary away teams on board the ship, and were given training focused on how the Breen fought, and their technology. The USS Midway was then assigned to the Breen front. They assisted in several battles and the away teams helped in construction of field defense and communications systems. During this time there was another young man that was having trouble adjusting to the social graces of the crew, a Bolian named Asro. After a couple of awkward lunches together, the two men spent time together off shift regularly, enjoying time in the holodeck as well as evenings sharing a drink or two and stories of their past assignments. This allowed both of them to decompress from the daily stresses involved in being in almost daily skirmishes with the Breen.

Having spent a year fighting the Breen, the age of the Midway was becoming apparent and it was sent to Earth for a full refit. Alket decided to try and apply to another ship, but after repeatedly being denied transfer requests, he was reassigned to teach at Star Fleet Academy.

Upon reaching Earth and reintegrating into the Academy, it wasn't the same place that he remembered from four years ago. All these years later resentment against Cardassians from the Dominion war still existed and caused great angst among the cadets and numerous individuals requested to be reassigned to another instructor and refuse to be taught by a Cardassian. Alket however did not allow this hatred for him and his people to interfere with his duties and he continued to strive to teach the students that were willing or required to be taught by him. During this time he also spent much of his free time with his parents still living in San Francisco.  They had been retired for the last three years as a result of the service and assistance they had given to Star Fleet.  For the next two years he taught at the Academy, but was later administratively re assigned due to a relationship he had developed with a recently graduated Ensign.  She had been a student of his for the last two years before she was commissioned.  While this was not against the procedure or policy, the staff felt it best that he no longer teach of the Academy at that time due to the image that it could possibly project.  Alket received no written or official reprimand but was placed on a roster for reassignment.

After breaking off the relationship with the young lady and saying goodbye to his parents, Alket was reassigned to Starbase 22 and placed as part of the research and development team for future work on power distribution systems as the Assistant Chief Engineer. He spent a short time in the role when he received orders to the USS Valkyrie.
Service Record 2383-2387 Starfleet Academy, Engineering cadet
2387-2389 USS Galileo
2389 USS Rose, lost in combat
2389-2391 USS Midway
2391-2393 Star Fleet Academy, Engineering Instructor
2393 Starbase 22
2393 USS Valkyrie