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Captain Adam Gamble

Name Adam Gamble

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall, fair haired and we'll built, Adam Gamble cuts an intimidating figure and he's we'll aware of it.

In private, he is much more relaxed and quick with a smile.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Adam Gamble is an extremely capable Starfleet officer and Captain, having honed his skills over the course of an impressive career that began in security. An asute tactician, he excels in combat missions, although he's not much of a diplomat.
Strengths & Weaknesses Natural Tactician
Strong Leader

Poor Diplomatic abilities

Personal History A Martian, Adam Gamble grew up hearing his uncle's stories about Starfleet. His parents were artists bit Adam didn't take after them. He decided to aim for a career in the fleet in order to see the galaxy and have some adventures of his own.

At the academy, he wasn't the most academically gifted student, but he excelled during team based assignments. He eventually settled on security as his specialism and graduated with reasonable grades.

He spent the first couple of years of his career learning from the tough Andorian security chief on the Daedelus, showing an aptitude for the tactical role as well as security.

Adam then spent some time on Starbase 11, working within the station's JAG section jail. He eventually earned a promotion to the station's assistant chief of security.

He took the job of security chief on the Gorkon and served with distinction, handling a hostage situation that emerged during a plague on Takelan 4 where the captain and the executive officer were detained.

During his time as the executive officer of the Victory, he served under Captain Eldon Voorhies, a celebrated commanding officer with a reputation as a loose cannon. Voorhies brought out Adam's more informal side while Adam was able to temper his Captain's unwillingness to compromise. They served together successfully for a number of years and forged a strong friendship.

During treaty negotiations with the Tzenkethi, Voorhies and Gamble unfortunately caused a diplomatic incident that almost spiralled out of control when Gamble lost his temper at the Tzenkethi ambassador's attitude and clear disdain for Starfleet. After this, the Victory was given significantly less diplomatic missions than most ships.

Eventually, Adam earned a command of his own in the USS Tower Bridge, a role that he has wholeheartedly embraced. He was decorated for repelling an invasion from a mysterious alien species from a failed pocket universe who had found a way to break through to our own. The Tower Bridge was able to fend off the Aliens' horrifying bio engineered fleet of living ships and close the breach into their realm.
Service Record USS Daedelus - Security Officer
Starbase 11 - Security Officer
Starbase 11 - Assistant Chief Security Officer
USS Gorkon - Chief Security Officer
USS Victory - Executive Officer
USS Tower Bridge - Commanding Officer