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Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Name Rafan Kel

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill [Joined]
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 183 cm [6'0"]
Weight 69 kg [152 lbs]
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue [lighting dependent]
Physical Description Rafan is a tall man with a lean swimmers build appearing no more than in his early thirties, with pale skin and darker than normal Trill spots that run down his neck and disappear into his hair. He keeps his dark, hair trimmed to his shoulders and worn back in a short ponytail while his eyes have a tendency to shift color depending on the lighting; silver, blue or even green depending on the light. On duty his uniforms are crisp and sharp, while off duty he tends to be more relaxed wearing sarongs in his quarters or comfortable tunics and pants when he is out among the crew.
Illnesses/Handicaps Suffers from a less severe form of the joined Trill condition known as Transporter Incompatibility Syndrome, which results in extreme disorientation and nausea after rematerialization. Though rare, this form of TIS has been known to turn into the more severe form that prevents any use of transporters by the afflicted Trill due to the disruptions in the neurochemical connections between host and symbiont. Checks by the Chief Medical Officer are required after each use of the transporter.


Spouse --
Children --
Father Torin Ilian [78] - Architect
Mother Mirim Ilian [68] - Biologist
Brother(s) Olin Ilian [deceased; 2358-2359]
Sister(s) Jessara Ilian - Trill Science Ministry [31]
Reeze Ilian - Head of Ilian Architect Design Firm [30]
Other Family Odon Alon [Maternal Uncle, Commander in Trill PDF)
Deonis Alon [Maternal cousin, Independent trader]
Myn Alon [Maternal Grandfather; Currently residing in Murona on Trill]
Paila Alon [Maternal Grandmother; residing in Murona]
Rix Ilian [Paternal Grandfather; residing in Kural]
Entala Ilian [Paternal Grandmother; Deceased, 2260-2375]
Other Associates Khras [Saurian feather dog; 5 yo]

Personality & Traits

General Overview Perhaps Rafan's most noticeable trait is his tendency toward boredom, being constantly agitated by the lack of work and describing peace and quiet as "hateful, baleful little bugs determined to distract". He is a dedicated scientist and believes passionately in Starfleet’s mission of exploration and scientific discovery. Whether it be physical sciences or quantum physics, he devotes himself fully to discovering all that he can about any phenomenon. While he is relatively young, the long years and experiences of the Kel symbiont have tempered his youthful ways, and has gifted him with her aura of calm and experience, as well as only making his curiosity that much more insatiable. He typically has a ready smile for anyone, and always up for a light hearted conversation, and as opposed to the stereotypical views of Science Officer, he enjoys being amongst people and getting to know them.

Rafan is a professional, easily able to compartmentalize and prioritize with ease. When serious is needed, he is able to don a completely neutral and professional face, and will do his job without question.

With five lifetimes behind him, he has gained a sense of ease with himself and the world, while remaining conscious of the difficulties of life. He has also come to realize that he has the gained a measure of patience he didn't possess before joining, though his own impetus often shows from time to time, especially when he is excited about something.

Given his own experiences and those of Kel, Rafan has little taste for the usual or ordinary, so he prefers to constant try something new and befriending the underdogs. Same goes for his taste in romantic partners, man or woman, the more unusual and out of the norm they are, the more fascinating he finds them. But for someone to capture his heart and affections, they have to prove themselves truly special.
Strengths & Weaknesses As a child, Rafan broke his right arm while playing and in order to compensate for his arm being in a cast he learned to become proficient with his left, becoming ambidextrous. He still continues to use both hands, often starting a task with one before switching to the other to complete it. He is able to write, type and use a weapon with equal ability, with no appreciable difference in the level of dexterity in either hand. He also possesses a certain cultural flexibility when it comes to the billions of different cultures in the universe. Though there is certainly some influence from the Kel symbiont, he was also more open and accepting of, and fascinated by, divergent cultural practices after receiving First Contact training at the Academy. He is also an intensely curious individual, even as a child he was exploring and getting into trouble just to learn what the view looked like from on top of his home's roof or taking apart a computer to figure out what made it work. As a joined Trill, he is able to draw from the wealth of the collective experiences of the Kel symbionts previous hosts. When given a task he is meticulous, exacting and methodical in his approach to dealing with it. All Trill undergo a rigorous training program designed to prepare them to be perfect potential hosts for joining with symbiont, for Rafan this has benefited him by allowing him to possess a broad degree of knowledge he might not otherwise.

For Rafan, becoming a host was unexpected after he was initially turned down and to become a host in Trill society is a much coveted honor and his pride in this accomplishment tend to come off as arrogance in others perceptions. Rafan has broken the one taboo within Trill culture that is seen as unforgivable: Reassociation with a person from Kel's previous host, specifically Hysio's widow. While the affair ended shortly with both promising to never speak of it again, Rafan knows that if the truth were ever discovered, both he and the Kel symbiont would be ostracized from Trill society and the Kel symbiont would be allowed to die. He also is in a minority of joined Trill who suffers from the lesser form of Transporter Incompatibility Syndrome, whenever he uses a transporter he suffers extreme disorientation and nausea upon rematerialization, often vomiting and sickened for several minutes after.
Ambitions Now that he is joined, his main ambition is to enrich the Kel symbiont with his own experiences so that the next host will be better than they were.
Hobbies & Interests Art - Rafan holds to the belief that one can understand the psychological and cultural make up of a newly encountered species, and thus be better prepared to make first contact with them. This interest in art stemmed from his mentor, the Andorian councilor Mitthrawas th’Nuruodo, who was a leading Federation Diplomat and his conviction was often proven correct his vast knowledge and obsession with the analytical study of art resulted in almost infallible diplomatic strategies when dealing with nearly every first contact diplomacy mission he had engaged in. Rafan has a large holographic collection of art, although he also possessed a few real artifacts, including a Andorian recreation of the famous Mona Lisa, a set of pre-Surakian armor, and, according to rumor, a rare Hebitian mask gifted to him by Mitthrawas.

Cooking - Rafan's grandfather Rix was famous along the beach on which he lived for being a prolific cook and taught both his son and his grandson everything he knew. He was known for his weekly dinners for anyone who wanted to come, serving sometimes twenty or thirty guests at a time. Most that came would bring some food too, though a few would just come to be fed. While certainly not the cook his grandfather is, Rafan is a fair hand in the kitchen.

Exercising - To be considered to be a host for a Trill symbiont, a potential recipient must be both physically and mentally at their peak. It is also a requirement that Starfleet maintains as well. So to meet these requirements, Rafan exercises regularly and maintains both his physical and mental fitness with a variety of exercises. He prefers running and swimming to weight training, as well as a variety of mental puzzles and brain teasers from across the galaxy to keep himself mentally sharp.

Martial Arts - Rafan’s interest in the martial arts comes from not simply a desire to be able to defend himself but he finds it to be rather calming. He practices the Trill martial art of Hijkata, which focused on deflecting and countering the attacks of one opponents, turning their attacks and maneuvers against them. It is purely recreational and he has never participated in a tourney at all.

Music - Rafan never had much interest in music before be joined with Kel, afterwards (likely because of Arij's influence) he began to express more of an interest in music, taking up play the flute and the Sontaran song ball in his quarters.

Reading - Rafan loves to read, often with his nose buried in the most recent copy of Scientific Federation, the Journal of Daystrom Institute and the Daystrom Institute Journal as well as a few other scientific publications. Though he is not opposed to simple recreational reading as well; a novel, short stories, or whatever it may be.

He also read and studied the history of the Federation and numerous historical first contact situations such as Earth’s first contact with the Vulcans, First contact between Earth and the Klingons and the much more peaceful encounters with species such as the Betazoids and the Deltans just to name a few.

Socializing - Rafan enjoys meeting and talking with new people, making easy friends and even taking the time to make friends with those who brush aside other such attempts.
Languages Spoken Andorian, Antosian, Benza, Cardassian, Efrosian, Federation Standard, j'Tai (Betelguesan) Klingon, Trill, Vulcan

Personal History Early Life (2357 – 2373)
Rafan Kel was born in 2357, on stardate 34945.0, on the Trill home world as Rafan Ilian to his parents, Torin and Mirim Ilian. He is the oldest of four children, a younger brother who died shortly after he was born due to complications and two younger sisters. His father was a moderately successful architect who was known for including post-modernist features into the buildings he designed, he was always of the belief that a building should serve to entice the eye as well as serve a function. His mother worked in the Kural Botanic Gardens as a botanist in the Rare and Endangered Plants facility. He lived with his mother, father and sisters in the southern city of Kural on the Dorabi subcontinent and was a rather energetic and precocious child and was always driven by the desire to one day be joined with a symbiont. Much of his early life was spent focusing on achieving his goals. He would spend summers with visit his paternal grandparents, Rix and Entala, in the beach side district of Kural and spent just as much time in the sea as on dry land. Entala would take him to the parks during his stay and they would sit for hours watching people as they walked by, met in couples or in groups, though when their first started doing this it was hard for the rambunctious Rafan to sit still and just observe the people. Eventually he learned and found that he was intrigued by the interactions between people and came to value those quite moments with his grandmother in the park, watching the people, to him those are some of his fondest memories of the old woman.

In 2366, just after Rafan’s ninth birthday his father was offered a once in a life time opportunity; he was asked by the Trill government to be the lead architect for the expansion of the Trill Embassy on Earth. This came because of Torin’s growing popularity and the idea that his designs had begun to embody much about the Trill home world. While it would not be a permanent move, Torin and his wife decided that she would stay on Trill with their two young daughters and he would take Rafan with him. His father hoped that it would spark the boy’s interest in joining his design firm and becoming an architect to continue the family business.

Seeing both his home world and Earth from orbit was one of the most amazing experiences in the young Rafan’s life while life on Earth was just as exciting as he could have hoped. While it was not necessarily uncommon to see non-Trill living there, they were the minority since the Trill were somewhat protective of their privacy, so on Earth and his exposure to so many different alien cultures sparked an intense curiosity about them and laid the foundations for his future. It was here that he interacted with several Starfleet officers who made visits to his school as part of an educational program, where he learned more about their mission and decided that would be how he would achieve his dreams.

In 2369, by the time that his father’s work was completed, they returned to Trill where the young boy told his parents of his intentions. At first his announcement was met with a cool reception from his father while his mother was much more supportive of his dream. His father made it clear that he felt that Starfleet would be a waste of his son’s abilities, though Rafan remained undeterred and continued to study and prepare himself over the next four years.

His father continued to wish that his son saw the world the way he did and was faced with continued disappointment in his sons chosen path; later in his life and with the wisdom gained from his joining, Rafan would express his sorrow with a memory that he does not inhabit gladly, stating that it was a father’s folly to impose their will on their son. Consequently, Rafan gained an exhaustive knowledge of architectural design, despite his decision to join Starfleet.

In early 2373, Rafan took his Academy entrance exam in Leran Manev, but failed to gain entry. After his failure, he returned home but told no one of what had happened, afraid that his father had been right and Starfleet wasn’t the path he was meant to take. Though before he could truly consider dropping the idea, Entala came to visit him and took the young man out to their favorite bench in the park, sitting quietly with him. Eventually he opened up about his failure to pass the entrance exam and his grandmother surprised him when she told him of her own failure to join Starfleet and how it was the one regret she had in her long life. She did not want to see her grandson make the same mistake and convinced him to try again.

Later the same year, Rafan took his exam again in Leran Manev, passing with one of the best scores the administrators had seen in years and was offered a position in the Academy class of 2374. The first person he told was his grandmother who told him that she was so very proud of him.

Starfleet Academy (2374 – 2377)
He left Trill and returned to Earth, excited at the prospect of taking the first step along his path despite everything seeming overshadowed by the Dominion War. His first year was relatively quiet, if seemingly rushed due to the shortages of personnel to fight on the frontlines. He was initially not very pleased to be in the truncated course load, though eventually settled in the ebb and flow of the hectic wartime environment. While attending Starfleet Academy, he applied to the Trill Symbiosis Commission for joining after graduation and in order to prove his value as a potential host, Rafan applied himself to his studies earning Premier Distinctions in astrophysics, anthropology, planetology, and sociology. Because of his study driven nature, he was thought of as boring and socially inaccessible to his peers. Though he was academically focused, he was also became a member of the Academy swim team, eventually standing as the three-time Academy champion and took up practicing the Trill martial art of Hijkata.

In late 2375, though the Dominion War was engulfing the rest of the galaxy in a firestorm, Rafan and his fellow cadets had no reason to believe that there was anything was amiss as they prepared to attend their classes on a bright warm San Francisco day. Unexpectedly, fire started raining from the sky as Starfleet Headquarters and the city of San Francisco were being bombarded from orbit by the Breen. Their cadet officer was killed in the initial volley, leaving Rafan and his fellow cadets were forced to work together to save each other's lives. In the end, it was the architectural designs that his father had made him study that helped to save his and his peers lives. When he was able to eventually send word home to Trill in order to let his parents know he was alright, he found out that his grandmother, Entala, had passed away. She had died quietly in her own bed, and despite the ongoing war, he was granted leave to attend her funeral. Upon his return, he was quiet and withdrawn for the rest of his second year.

Upon entering his third year at the Academy, Cadet Ilian was removed from the accelerated war time course and the curriculum was returned to the standard four-year model. By this time, Cadet Ilian had drawn interest from Admiral Mitthrawas th’Nuruodo, who became his thesis adviser in the writing of his junior honor thesis on the theory of the interconnection between art and the psychological and cultural insights for first contact missions. It was considered to be an insightful and brilliant thesis and quickly became a topic for adoption into First Contact protocols. He soon found himself enrolled in First Contact training at Admiral th’Nuruodo’s urging, finding that it appealed to his desire to learn more about the inner works of other cultures.

After completing his education at Starfleet Academy, graduating as salutatorian of his class and having already publish several papers in the fields of astrophysics, anthropology, planetology, and sociology led to something of a struggle between several Starfleet scientists, though eventually he was assigned to the Intrepid-class USS Pioneer under the command of Admiral Mitthrawas th’Nuruodo.

Starfleet Career (2378 – Present)

USS Pioneer
In 2378, Rafan graduated from the Academy and was assigned to Admiral th’Nuruodo’s staff aboard the USS Pioneer as a junior science officer and as part of the ship’s first contact team, after the Admiral arranged to be in command of the Pioneer for the five year Venjant expedition. It was also around this time that he briefly became involved with his first lover, a man named Dolan, and though the affair was brief since Dolan wasn’t interested in carrying on a relationship with a Starfleet officer. Though they parted on amicable terms, it still took a while for Rafan to come to terms with the end of the relationship.

Over the next five years, the Pioneer and her crew carried out extensive scientific and first contact missions in the Venjant region. It was during this time that Rafan continued to take many extra courses of study (such as in applied physics, engineering, communications). He took enough extra courses that his mentor Admiral th’Nuruodo joked that he wanted to have a doctorate in ever scientific discipline. He had begun several research projects into supersymmetry, string theory, 11-dimensional supergravity theory, doubly special relativity, black holes, Ly-alpha emitters, the cosmic microwave background, and gravitational waves and quantum entanglement.

This was all in pursuit of making him the perfect candidate for joining, but also because he found that he became restless if he was left with nothing to do.

Daystrom Research Institute
When the Pioneer returned to Federation space in 2383, Rafan was invited to join the Daystrom Institute to expand on some of the practical applications of his applied physics work in the field of geological dating using a combined tachyon-chronitron particle pulses. Though that was not the only project he worked on, applying his insights to the research being performed by the R&D team working on the Argus Planetary Scanning Technology to allow for a starship sensor array to be able to deliver superior long-range topographical scanning resolution and rendering speed. He also worked on the theoretical Quantum Entanglement Communications, or QEC as it was known around the Institute. Though relatively simplistic, it became more difficult in application since QECs would not replace the galactic civil communications infrastructure. Their extremely limited bandwidth, a single entangled particle can only transmit a single qubit (quantum bit) of data at once. Second, the system’s exclusively point-to-point nature precludes peer-to-peer networking and data dissemination through the galactic subspace communications network. Despite its limited applications as a replacement for galaxy wide communications, Starfleet showed great interest for applications to the fleet.

He spent six years at the Daystrom Institute, refining or redefining his theoretical work and finding new ways to apply it to new and existing technologies. Before joining the Daystrom Institute was one of the few places that he was happiest at.

Joining with Kel
Rafan was eventually joined with the Kel symbiont in early 2389, after the original intended host died suddenly while in transit to the Trill home world. After being joined to Kel, Rafan's training and experiences made the adjustment to having five different lifetimes of memories and experiences relatively easy. He gained a measure of calm confidence that served to counter his often impetuous drive. Although his family welcomed him with open arms and quickly accepted the presence of Rafan Kel into their lives, he found an odd relationship forming that went against the very core of the joining. Tala Laga, the widow of the Kel symbionts previous host, found Rafan one day on the beaches of Kural and confronted him.

Though he quickly disengaged himself from the encounter, he found himself struggling to separate himself from the memories of Kel's previous host. Driven by the seemingly unrelenting memories of Hysio, Rafan visited Tala at her home, arriving in the middle of a rain storm as he stared at the woman whom he would even swear to this day was his wife. Ignoring everything that he had learned during his training to become a host, he gave into the alien, but familiar feelings. This encounter led to the couple entering into a tumultuous relationship that both knew was dangerous and unhealthy, with the pair deciding to part as friends though Tala thanked Rafan for a chance to have a little more time with Hysio and promised shed never utter a word of what had happened.

That was the last he saw of her, though a few months later he heard that she killed herself and ever since has questioned whether his involvement with her contributed to the woman's death.

During the three-year sabbatical that he had taken from Starfleet to adjust to his new state, he discovered a kind of serenity and focused purpose for his life that was not so hectic and unfocused. Upon his return to duty in 2392, he was assigned to the USS Gemini as the ship Chief Science Officer.

Previous hosts:
1. Arij Tanau- Musician
2. Jezran Arel - Warp Theorist
3. Ledo Draji - Exo-anthropologist/exo-archaeologist
4. Sanna Izel - Symbiosis Commission Special Investigator
5. Hysio Laga - UFP Diplomat to the Romulan Star Empire
6. Rafan Ilian - Current host
Service Record Service Record
2374 - 2378: Starfleet Academy; Graduated salutatorian of his class.
2378 - 2383: Assigned to the USS Pioneer; junior science officer and first contact team member.
2383 - 2389: Assigned to the Daystrom Institute; Researcher.
2389 - 2392: Sabbatical after joining with Kel symbiont.
2392: Assigned to USS Gemini; Chief Science Officer.
2393 - Pres: USS Valkyrie; Chief Science Officer.