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Ensign Matthew Templar

Name Matthew Bradley Templar

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Terran
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 6'00"
Weight 210 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description He has a fit physique for someone who works out on a regular schedule, possessing broad shoulders and a solid posture. He typically has a faint smile, which could be misinterpreted as a smug demeanor, though that's hardly the case. Piercing green eyes, one being an indistinguishable artificial one, focus like a hawk on anything he pays attention to. His black hair is usually kept tapered with a center part and is always seen clean-shaven. A dark chrome, artificial right hand can be seen when in uniform, which eludes to the entire right arm replacement he received. He's also been known to take pride in maintaining the polish on his duty boots.


Spouse None.
Children None.
Father Cmdr. James Templar, Executive Officer - U.S.S. Trieste
Mother Lt. Celeste Templar [Deceased] - Battle of Sector 001, Stardate: 50893.5

Personality & Traits

General Overview Matt enjoys the company of others with an easy-going demeanor. He listens to others with a patience level above most people, which can be offset by an occasional stubbornness and penchant for thinking he's right in a given situation. He offers advice to those that ask, but he's not a pushy sort. All things considered, it would be hard to find a more loyal friend.

A friendly demeanor belies the hurt inside from the loss he carries of the death of his fiance, a fellow officer. Guilt and regret about the entire situation still haunt him despite his best efforts to neatly package those emotions into a tiny box.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Matt is a dedicated worker, always reviewing various reports and thinking of ways to improve ship system functions.

+ He is a good listener and typically has lots of patience.

+ Slightly increased right arm strength from artificial limb, along with slightly improved visual acuity with artificial right eye, both the result of a terrorist explosion.

+ Strong sense of patriotism regarding the Federation, it's principles and Starfleet's role in the galaxy.

- Struggles to deal with the personal tragedy of his fiance's death, which he he tries to keep to himself.

- Has a tendency to be somewhat closed-minded, depending on the topic.

- His life experiences has led him to neglect personal relationships and finds it hard to develop new ones
Ambitions Matt strives to take command of his own starship. He works hard towards accomplishing this, in part to honor the memory of his mother and fiance.
Hobbies & Interests Enjoys socializing with other crew over drinks.
Skilled dom'jot player.
Avid collector of various energy weapons and antique firearms.
Listens to Old Earth ragtime jazz.
Languages Spoken Federation Standard, Romulan

Personal History Matt was born in the Pacific Northwest region of North America on Earth. His earliest childhood memories largely include camping trips throughout the large forests of the area, when his parents could take leave from Starfleet. At the age of six, Matt's mother was killed in the line of duty while serving aboard the U.S.S. Brigand at the Battle of Sector 001. Matt's relationship with his father grew distant from this point forward. He followed his father from one assignment to the next, including a long stint on Delta Toprias, an outpost along the Romulan Neutral Zone. It was here that he was taught the Romulan language at school from a Romulan dissident.

Despite the cool personal relationship between father and son, Matt shared his father's knack for engineering, drawn towards tinkering with various gadgets and starship parts. By his time in high school, he spent many hours learning detailed knowledge regarding warp propulsion, ODN relays and transporter technology. Matt won first place in the senior science fair by building an energy efficient warp plasma conduit. It was while attending school that he developed a relationship with Lyndsie Hogan. When not studying, he realized his affinity for the sport of marksmanship and competed in a few sector shooting matches. Towards the end of schooling, Matt seriously considered a career in Starfleet along with Lyndsie, as it would afford them opportunities and adventure.

Matt chose to study engineering at Starfleet Academy with a specialization in Operations. It was during his time at the Academy that he learned how to play dom'jot and over the years he learned to be quite skilled at it. He managed to achieve above average grades despite an unending social life off duty. Matt and Lyndsie discussed their future and decided to take the next step the night before graduation by becoming engaged. Upon graduation, Matt and Lyndsie were assigned to the U.S.S. Victory.

Life after graduation was sweet, if short-lived. Six months of duty went by, during which time the U.S.S. Victory explored a region known as the Yolnara Expanse. While docked at a civilian dockyard, Matt and Lyndsie were assigned as part of an away team when an explosion occurred. Matt sustained critical injuries, including the amputation of the right arm and the loss of the right eye. Lyndsie Hogan was hit directly by the explosion and didn't survive. Matt was transferred to Starbase 324 for physical and psychological rehabilitation. While the physical damage was repaired, the psychological scars remained with him.

During his time at Starbase 324, Matt received a new, duranium-composite right arm to replace the amputated one. This process involved a few surgeries to correctly integrate his nerve endings with the new hand, and the fingers by extension. He decided against a skin-like replacement, viewing the gunmetal color as a reminder to always be prepared for the unexpected. Shrapnel from the blast had also caused critical damage to Matt's right eye. Doctors tried to stabilize it but the healing never quite succeeded. Several more surgeries replaced his failing eye with a replacement. Only by looking directly at it would one be able to see that the eye is not organic. After all the surgeries, Matt underwent several months of physical therapy to get the arm motor skills right, as well as make sure that his new eye could focus as required.

Upon returning to duty, Matt somewhat floated from one facility assignment to the next, until a posting aboard the U.S.S. Valkyrie became available. Matt hoped to use it as a fresh start to reinvigorate his career.
Service Record Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth, 2383-2387
U.S.S. Victory, 2387
Starbase 324, 2387-2388
Jupiter Station, 2388-2390
Utopia Planetia Shipyards, 2391-2394