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Lieutenant JG Savyla Jones

Name Savyla Jones

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human / Orion Hybrid
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 1.72m
Weight 55kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Cyan
Physical Description Tall, slender, slightly green and ravishing. Savyla mostly carries herself with an energy that is admirable and annoying at the same time. Even tough that's her default state of being, it has to be said that without even the slightest effort, she can turn it around and present herself with the grace and sensuality of a super model.

On duty she can almost always been seen wearing her standard isue, teal labcoat.
Off duty her artire can be, let's just say, daring.


Father Reginald Jones (Commander)
Mother Unknown Orion Woman
Brother(s) Unknown
Sister(s) Unknown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Fascinated to the point of obsession by life in all it's complex forms, Savyla is relentless in unravelling it's mysteries and protecting it's right to exist. For above all, life has a right to exist and it is precisely that which lies at the very core of Savyla's being.

Savyla is energetic, chaotic and inquisitive to the point were it would drive even the most centred Vulcan up the bulkheads. This stands in stark contrast with her more charming, seductive side, that is centred around her partly Orion physiology. The combination of both often makes for a volatile cocktail that can be particularly hard to deal with, especially for the more logical beings out there. On the other hand her profile suggests she makes for a loyal friend that has a truly unique view on life, the galaxy and everything.

All that being said, Savyla is an exceptional Starfleet officer, doctor, and person who aspires to be more then what she currently is.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Passionate in whatever she does.
+ Relentless in tackling challenges.
+ True outside of the box thinker.
+ Emphatic
+ Adaptive
+ Energetic
+ Inquisitive
+ Cunning
+ Born leader

+/- Orion pheromones tend to make her somewhat more attractive to males but can be off putting for females.
+/- Absolute when it concerns the credo: All life has a right to exist.
+/- Seductive
+/- Eccentric
+/- Unorthodox

- Wild (Physical and Mental) at times.
- Manipulative at times.
- Chaotic (at least through the eyes of others)
- Risk taker
- Impulsive
Ambitions Her continious life goal is to seek out new life in oder to better understand life itself.

Career wise, Savyla seeks to hold her own command one day and has been steadily advancing toward obtaining it.

On a personal level things are stuck in a bit of a stalemate at the moment.
Seeking her mother has been met with failure time and time again, up to the point were any and all hope of one day finding her is rapidly fleeting. On the other hand, the idea of forming a familly of her own has started to sprout fragile roots in her chaotic mind.
Hobbies & Interests - Tabletop RPG's (Dungeons & Dragons, Call of Cthulu, ...)
- Gambling
- High adrenaline sports (low orbit skydiving, deep sea free diving, ...)
- Literature & Pulp
- Brewing
- Philosophy & Psychology
Languages Spoken Federation Standard, Orion, Trader's Script, Kolari & Yrevish

Personal History Savyla's story begins with Commander Reginald Jones, who was enjoying some well earned R&R in the Orion system. Drinks were consumed, smiles were exhanged and even more drinks were consumed. Shaddy figures appeared and were followed, Orion slave-girls were admirred, spraks flew and the details reamain a to this day, unlike the result: The arrival of baby Savyla on Reginalds perverbial doorstep about a year later, much to the surprise of his wife.

Shocked, humiliated and abandoned by his old lady, Reginald took what little control he had left, into his own hands. He resigned Starfleet, returned home to Rome, Earth and opened up a restaurant. He fully committed himself to the upbringing of his daughter.
So, many less then savoury things can be said about Reginald, but asside from his obvious flaws he turned out to be a marvellous father.

Never short of attention, advice and love Savyla had a wonderful childhood, that is until the questions started popping into her chaotic Orion mind.

Why am I green daddy?

Where is mummy daddy?

Why can't I take dancing classes Daddy?

For a while, Reginald was quite successful in parrying these questions, but then puberty came a knocking and all hell broke loose.
Boy after boy passed the revue, literal packs of them flocked to the restaurant, they pleaded and begged for Savyla's hand and so forced Reginald to have the dreaded 'talk' with his daughter.

Obviously Savyla knew she was half Orion by that time and being the inquisitive young woman she is, she had read tons about the specifics of her Orion ancestry, biology and culture. So naturaly, like any good father, Reginald completely botched up 'the talk'.

Joining Starfleet was never not an option for Savyla. The mere idea of doing anything else then serving on a Federation Starship was preposterous. So when the time came she enrolled without a moments doubt.

Savyla was never a good student, she loved partying far to much for that. Yet she quickly displayed an aptitude for both practical and theoretical medical science. Even though her methods differed greatly from the bulk of her classmates, she graduated with a doctor's degree, a masters in Exobiology and an honoured thesis on Advanced Evolutionary theory. Something she had a natural aptite for became a passion and over time, that passion became an obsession.

Not one to sit still in some station or facility, Savyla enrolled into command school, where she showed herself to be an unorthodox, yet highly effective leader. Her solution to the Kobayashi Maru test is still considered one of the strangest solutions ever devised.


After Graduating she was posted as a medical officer on the medical vessel USS Soyuz, were she served with honours. That being said, there were some discrepensies in her record at some point but somehow all of them were revoked shortly after they were written down.


After two years a CMO position became available on the exploration vessel the USS Valkyrie. Against the written and verbal objections of her XO, CMO, half of the security staff, the yeoman and many others she jumped on the chance to start anew and above all the chance to seek out new life.
Service Record 2285 - 2289 - Cadet - Starfleet Medical
2289 - 2291 - Cadet - Starfleet Accademy
2291 - 2293 - Ensign / Doctor - USS Soyuz
2293 - Current - Lt. Junior Grade / CMO - USS Valkyrie