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Tiraa Shai

Name Tiraa Shai (Blackwater)

Position Proprietor

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Half Orion/Half Betazoid
Age 30

Physical Appearance

Height 1.74m (5'7")
Weight 70kg (154lbs)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description A beautiful and dangerously exotic mix, Tiraa is the type to turn heads whether it be for her general physical appeal or the green color of her skin. She is of average height for a woman and possesses a more womanly Orion figure. Her jet black eyes can be unsettling for the fact that her gaze is rather unreadable by most people. Her dress and hairstyle are entirely dependent on the time of day and if she is in her establishment or not. In the early mornings and afternoons, she has a more relaxed but still polished look while in the evenings, she proudly displays her Betazoid heritage by dressing in revealing clothing in bright jewel tones and sometimes completes her ensembles with equally bright wigs.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Vesir Zalond
Mother Xaul (Keassa Sar)
Brother(s) Likely half-siblings Tiraa does not know.
Sister(s) Likely half-siblings Tiraa does not know.
Other Family Jashregheinloc "Reg" Jalos and Oleri Jalos - caretakers and mentors

Personality & Traits

General Overview Charming, coy, and cunning, Tiraa is a dangerous mix of Orion and Betazoid and uses it to her full advantage when it suits her. While she is a respectable and kind individual, she is someone who looks out for herself and her interests above most anything else; perhaps an unfortunate byproduct of her origins. She seems to have very little insecurities but is also quite tight lipped about her own life. Like the establishment she owns, Tiraa can shift from that quiet, helpful friend one has in a bartender to a flamboyant entertainer for her patrons. It all depends on what face she chooses to wear at the time.

She is very much a facilitator of things that aren't always exactly legal, but there are some lines she will not cross and will even report if she feels the need to. Otherwise she uses both her empathy and her Orion pheromones to try and get her way where she can with those susceptible to them, and those who aren't she relies on her quick tongue and observations to get the job done.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Empathic (Half-Betazoid strength)
+ Charming
+ Easy to get along with
+ Kind (in most situations)
+ Reliable

+/- Orion pheromones - While these tend to make her somewhat more attractive to males of most humanoid species, they can be off putting to some females even with their rather diluted strength from her being a half blood. Reactions from either sex are not as strong as a full Orion.

- Self serving
- Unpredictable
- Spiteful
- Loose moral compass
- Extravagent
Ambitions Tiraa's ambitions are secret only to her, but one might imagine they are in some shade of grey area.
Hobbies & Interests Tiraa's life mostly revolves around her work at The Prism, but she enjoys fine wines and exotic silks as she is a woman of expensive taste. She seems to not have much of a personal life, but then again she is rarely seen anywhere outside of work and seems to disappear off the face of the station when she is not there.
Languages Spoken Federation Standard, Orion, Betazoid, Trill