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The main bridge of the Valkyrie

Additional Information

Location Deck 1
Description The Centaur-class bridge is ovoid in shape. At the bridge's rear is a large bank of consoles and data-readout screens. Center of that area is the master systems display. Control consoles flank it on either side, mission ops I to starboard and mission ops II to port.

Starboard of that information center, past the starboard side turbolift, is the chief tactical officer's console. This area is maintained mostly for internal security and combat situations. An identical station can be found on the other side of the bridge, where the operations console is found.

Two turbolifts provide access throughout the ship, and there was an emergency ladder which connect the bridge with lower decks. Forward of the upper ship operations areas are doorways to the briefing room at one side, and the captain's ready room at the other.

Directly forward of the central command area (where the captain and first officer were seated) and sunken down by two steps is the Conn. From here, the flight control officer serves as helmsman and navigator for the vessel. To the Conn's right sits the chief engineer. The console allowed complete control over all engineering systems. Directly opposite sat the chief science officer in a similar console.

Behind the captain's chair, there is a small secondary tactical console located on the handrail.

In between the captain's and first officer's chairs there is a small console which could be folded down when not in use, or opened and accessed by either officer. Like the larger consoles on the bridge a phaser can be stored within this unit.