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Behind the Last Line

Posted on Tue May 30th, 2017 @ 10:38pm by Commander Charles Kincaid (Deceased)
Edited on on Tue May 30th, 2017 @ 10:44pm

Mission: Mission 2: For A Swarm Of Bees
Location: Bridge, USS Valkyrie
Timeline: MD 09 1517hrs

Charlie realised that he was gripping the arm rest of his chair hard, and forced himself to relax his hand slightly. All the Valkyrie could do at the moment was watch as the drones finished consuming what remained of the second planet.

"That's it Captain, the second planet is gone completely." Ensign Marwa reported from ops. "The swarm is now on a course towards New Salem."

"Red alert." Charlie ordered grimly. "Tactical, charge phasers and load all torpedoes. Get me a firing solution to cover us if the drones come for us. Helm, make sure our escape course is plotted and ready to engage. What's the status of our shuttles?"

"The convoy is clear of the system and headed for the rendezvous Commander." Marwa replied. "No issues with any of the shuttles, our own or the colony's."

That was a relief. They had so many problems to contend with, at least that part of the mission had gone to plan. The shuttle convoy would ensure that a few more people made it out of this disaster alive. "What's the eta for the swarm's arrival at New Salem?"

"Two minutes." Came the reply. From the behaviour that they'd observed so far, the drones were likely to go straight to the colony, since it was the most resource rich part of the planet, so it was literally two minutes that they had.

They watched helplessly as the swarm closed on the planet. Charlie wanted desperately to do everything he could to fight them, to put the Valkyrie between the drones and the planet and to open fire with everything they had. Maybe there was a chance, a few lucky shots and they could do some real damage. But, as much as he wanted to do That, it was wishful thinking though and they would end up losing the ship and the children they had on board.

The drones would be in weapon range soon. Their energy beams didn't seem to have quite quite as much reach as the Valkyrie's weapons, but it was far enough. "Back us away helm, thrusters only for now but be ready to punch it."

The Valkyrie moved slowly away from the drones path. It felt like a surrender, like they were letting the machines win, offering the colony as their prize. Charlie hated it. He briefly considered unleashing all of the ship's torpedoes at the swarm and warping out, but that might just provoke them into giving chase. They were out of time, they had to leave. "All right, helm..."

"Sir! The drones have stopped." Marwa called out from the back of the room. There was confusion and surprise in the Benzite's voice.

Charlie turned to face her. "Confirm that."

Marwa quickly ran another set of scans, double checking what she was seeing. "Confirmed Commander. They're turning around, going back to the mothership. And the Runabout is emerging."

As the ops officer finished speaking, the comms system came to life. "Blackwater to Valkyrie. We were able to halt the drones' progress and the mothership is preparing to warp out of the sector. We are returning to ship. Blackwater out."

Charlie exhaled, feeling tension leaving his body as he did. Somehow, the away team had accomplished something that had seemed impossible. He had been confident that he had sent the right team, it was the nature of the problem that had seemed insurmountable. He felt a mix of relief and pride for what the away team had accomplished. "Fantastic work Lieutenant, all of you." Charlie replied. "Come on back and get some rest."

"The drones are all back in the mothership sir." Marwa said. "Looks like they're powering up engines... they've gone to warp sir, I'll track them as long as I can."

"Stand down red alert, bring us back into orbit of New Salem and get Starfleet command on comms." Charlie was still trying to process this impossible victory, but it felt good. They had somehow pulled off the seemingly impossible and a lot of people would live because of it. He felt an enormous amount of pride in that.


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