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The Last Line - Part 3

Posted on Tue May 30th, 2017 @ 10:20pm by Lieutenant Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Mission 2: For A Swarm Of Bees
Location: Alien Mothership, Various
Timeline: MD09 0645hrs

[0645 hours; Drone Docking Bay]

The engineering duo had spent the better part of their time figuring out how to prep and move the drone they were now preparing to open. While the implementation of the stasis field had gone off without a hitch, getting the drone off of it's storage rack and down to an area where it was able to be worked with proved much more difficult. The two men had rigged up a series of anti-grav lifts to lift it out of place and then to a nearby table. It had taken the several attempts however to displace enough of the weight so that the repulsors didn't burn out.

With the unit now sitting on the table however, the two of them had essentially guessed where to try and open the casing, but also how to cut through it's skin. The alloys had proving impervious at first but through a series of re-tuning plasma beam eventually they melted through and were now looking at the innards of the drone, mapping it out as best as they could. Alket briefly wondered how McHale was doing but returned to the task at hand. Picking up an ocular enhancing unit, he set it on the top of his head and flipped down the lenses, allowing him to look at wires and circuitry in a much more detailed manner.

[Mothership Bridge]

Yara had returned to the bridge after a while from engineering where she had been simply checking the equipment and looking to see what, if any, scans or data collection that the Cardassian had been running. She had been pleased as she could have been for being who she was to see he had taken the initiative to do some information gathering of his own and left it be, hoping that he would have success with opening up the drone and it didn't blow up in his face - literally. She was busying herself with looking at the star charts she could access to try and discern where this thing had come from. She was guessing somewhere quite remote judging by what was in front of her. For now she was leaving everyone to their own devices to focus on the task at hand.

McHale was tired.

As he sat in his chair in front of the console, he took a moment to sit back, take a deep breath, and rub his eyes hard. He was about to the point where he was seeing spots he was so tired. Truth be told, he was about equal part scared too. Scared for the colony, scared for his team, scared for himself. This behemoth seemed unstoppable and there were so many innocent lives at stake. The thought made him snort and he brought himself forward a bit too quickly, his exhaustion affecting his motor skills enough that his arms swung down further than he intended and one hand hit the console. He was bumped back to the root menu he had been looking in and he cursed under his breath. "Okay, okay... relax, Jesse, you know which one it was." He breathed in slowly and began to tap on the console in effort to get back to the schematics he had been on.

After a few minutes of looking, he found a file that looked similar to where he had been and opened it, looking down at the list of sub files. He remembered he was about halfway down... he wasn't entirely sure but he began to access the files in that row, trying to find his place again. When he didn't recognize where he was, he began to work back up since he was sure he would stumble on his lost place eventually. Another file opened and the screen flashed a series of commands which made him squint a bit to focus, but the expression eventually settled in as a frown as suddenly a timer set at two minutes appeared and began counting down. "Dammit..." He sighed.

After about thirty seconds, he gave a defeated sigh and sat back to rub his face again before tapping his commbage. "McHale to Dahe'el. Sir, I lost my place in the database and trying to find it again, I stumbled on a file that brought up some commands and a timer for two minutes. I can't get it to stop and I have no idea what it is for. Can you come take a look? It's got about a minute forty-five left."

[Drone Docking Bay]

At the moment he was busy removing an additional piece of casing, focused so much to the extent he didn't catch what McHale had said at first. Carson reached over and stopped Alket's arm bringing back to the situational awareness he typically showed. "Wait, what? Carson how long did we decide to set it for?" A stunning realization sinking in, but they didn't have time. Carson walked around the side of the table and shoved Alket towards the door. "Now Sir, we have to get moving!" He's gong to blow up the damned ship! And us with it!"

The Cardassian didn't even take a moment to swear or think any longer. He just reacted and took off in a dead sprint making his way across the hangar, reaching the doors in what felt like several minutes. He slapped the wall console and waited impatiently for the doors to open. "Come on come on !!!" Self destruct in one minute came over his comm badge.

Carson was right behind him, having hesitated only a moment to grab the tool that would allow him to undo the lockout. That was if they made it in time.


Yara had been more or less oblivious to what was going on as she was tied up in her own work, but when she heard the countdown timer ring pleasantly from her commbadge, she became very suddenly aware that something wasn't right. "Self destruct?!" Her head whipped around and she looked at Rafan, quickly seeing he wasn't the culprit then looked to McHale who was frantically pawing at the screen in front of him. She was over to him in about two second flat from across the room and had shoved him out of the chair so she could get to the console. When she saw what was staring back at her she began to try and figure out how to shut it down from where she was but to little avail. She tapped her commbadge, "Blackwater to Dahe'el, I can't figure out how to shut it down from here. You need to hurry!"

Rafan muttered a curse under his breath as he glanced behind him towards Yara, having expected her to make some form of snarky comment about how this is a perfect example of why one does not start pressing buttons when you don't know what they do. Though he was a touch surprised when he thought that he certainly heard urgency in her voice, but also he thought there might be an edge of fear, though he may have just imagined it. He did his best to keep working, there wasn't anything that he could do to abort the sequence that had be accidentally tripped, though whether it was human error or the ship deciding to use their own tools against them, it wasn't clear to him though he was grateful that nothing had disrupted his interface with the ship's database.

All he could do was work til the last moment and that was what he intended to do.


"You can't, the sequence has to be re cycled! We're on our way to engineering, Alket out!" He slapped his comm badge to close the channel. Talking right now was only going to wind him more.

Inside engineering a series of lights began to flash as the core began to heat up. The coolant intermix pumps had been shutdown and the doors inside of the conduits themselves had closed. This in turn caused the back pressure to begin to build to dangerously high levels, causing a typical warp core breach to begin. The internal alloys of the core housing itself began to melt from the inside out. A plasma explosion like none any of them had ever seen would happen shortly.

As the par continued down the corridor, all Alket could think about was being immediately vaporized, and what his parents would say about it later on. Self destruct in thirty seconds. Him being the disappointment to a pair of weapons scientists, their son being unable to control a standard power system, and to properly set it to self destruct. Such a basic sequence....

Now bursting through the doors on the opposite side of engineering, he began to shout "Move away from the console, now quickly ! We have to reset the lockout!" Self destruct in ten... nine... eight...

Alket slid into the seat in front of the console "Carson, tool, now !" As it was slapped into his hand, Alket activated the device and began running it over the additional relay they'd augmented onto the console, giving them a limited systems override.

Four... three... two... "Come on dammit!" Alket braced for what he expected to turn into a split second of absolutely searing heat and pain followed by absolute nothingness. He closed his eyes and held is breath. Carson himself thought about his family back home, his son who was also now in the service of Starfleet all the way on the other side of the Federation....

Nothing. Nothing happened. The screened flashed a four zeros in a row. It took a moment for Alket to realize he was still alive and he opened his eyes seeing what was displayed? "You've got to be kidding me!" He punched the screen, shattering it and threw the tool across the way before getting up and walking off towards the other part of engineering. He'd failed, on both accounts. Carson just stood there for a moment and took a series of deep breaths.

[To be continued]


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