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The Last Line - Part 4

Posted on Tue May 30th, 2017 @ 10:22pm by Lieutenant Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel
Edited on on Tue May 30th, 2017 @ 10:23pm

Mission: Mission 2: For A Swarm Of Bees
Location: Alien Mothership, Various
Timeline: MD09 0647hrs


Yara had, with exasperation, resigned herself to dying due to the stupidity of McHale who was still balled up on the floor next to the chair she had pushed out of him, crying and just repeating how he didn't want to die. She had watched the seconds tick by and was honestly too frustrated to think of any fitting final thoughts. The entire situation was just ridiculous. It actually took a couple seconds after the fact for her to realize that the timer had hit zero and she was still very much sitting there and not dead. She processed this for a moment and stood, looking down to McHale whom she nudged with her foot. "Get up. We aren't dead yet." Taking a few steps away from him, she took a deep breath and tapped her commbadge. "Blackwater to Dahe'el. What happened?"

The idea of death was a relative concept for a Joined Trill and he found the experience to be rather draining and annoying, so to be faced with his own impending doom was irritating for him to say the least and he thought that he could hear Hysio laughing in his head at the situation given everything that had happened between them. Though when there was little more than what equated to a fizzled out pop, he lowered his PaDD to assess the situation, to try and figure out what was going on as he perked and ear up to listen to the conversation between the Amazonian pilot and the Cardassian "miracle worker".

He did have to admit that there was an immense feeling of relief that they weren't going to immediately die in the next few moments, but that did not preclude that event as a conclusion to their little adventure. He enjoyed being alive and he did have more than a few things that he wanted to scratch out of his book.

Alket didn't respond, but instead Carson did. He knew the Cardassian wasn't in any state to speak to anybody at the moment as he'd seen the man in such a state for only a few minutes before, back on the ship when he'd first inspected engineering...

"Carson here ma'am. We're all in one piece, it appears a safety of some sort kicked in. Put that boy to sleep, McHale isn't any good to anybody right now." He turned around and began making his way over to the CEO.

"You don't need to concern yourself with that, Petty Officer." Yara said coolly, "Dahe'el, respond."

Alket tapped his badge "Put McHale to bed. He almost killed all of us! He' obviously exhausted and should rest. What would can I do for you now Lieutenant?"

"In light of the lack of explosions in my life right now, I need you to figure out if there's a way that an overload can be triggered manually by a phaser or a phaser rifle. Kel is going to continue his work here to try and find an alternative. Are you able to continue in your duties, Lieutenant?" The pilot asked.

"Yes, always am. We found the right frequencies with the plasma cutter to get through these alloys. I'll remove a series of panels around the warp core and I can guarantee you, exhausted fool punching the wrong keys or not,m you shoot it with a phaser and this thing will go up in flames." He turned to Carson "Please go grab the tools from the hanger bay, we're going to need them."

"Let me know when you are finished. Blackwater out."

Once she was done with Alket, Yara turned toward the Trill and tilted her head to the side slightly. "So no pressure, but you need to figure this out quickly, Dapple."

"Nope, no pressure at all, especially after our little brush with imminent demise." The Trill said with a wry smirk on his face and actually gave the woman a wink before he turned back to the PaDD, working refining the pattern that he'd seen earlier so he could hopefully hand way the solution into being.

[An hour later - 0752 hours]

"Eureka!" Rafan exclaimed loudly as he laughed and a broad grin settled on his face, he'd been working nonstop for the past three hours or so on what he hoped would be the solution to their current predicament. It had been hiding under their noses the entire time as he grabbed his PaDD and the tricorder, moving over to where Yara was standing with ch'Thesken over one of the alien consoles.

"Yara," He said, making certain to get her attention so that he wouldn't have to back track to explain what it was that he'd discovered.

Now that he understood what he was looking at, it was so ludicrous that he hadn't grasped what it was before, Yara's discovery of the adaptive rooms had been the pin drop, but the rest had come when he'd really begun to examine the database and realized what was going on. "I think I know what is going on, or at least a part of what is going on here and your investigation with the tricorder was the key," He began while presenting her with the PaDD that displayed the database of the alien mothership.

"Alright..." Yara said slowly as she took the device and stepped away from the console to give ch'Thesken some space. Mentally, she braced herself for the barrage of words that was about to come at her while looking down at the data.

"What you are looking basically boils a test designed to see if the species it brings on board are sufficiently advanced enough to initiate first contact with." He began the tried to keep it simple and to the point for her since this was certainly not the time to ramble on about this with her. "From what I can gather about the drones is that they are merely tools, which is plain enough from our own observation, but when the drones approach an inhabited planet during the construction process of the sphere the drones will transport the population and hold their patterns in a buffer before they are transported to the ship and taken to a compatible environment."

"But I discovered that by your mimicking the bio-signatures of three species in the database, you activated the test and I've been working to replicate as many of the bio-signatures as I can, see where that will get us."

"Okay... so what happens if the test was passed?" She thought it was a stretch, but at this point there seemed to be no other answer. Though she had to say she wasn't a fan of the thought of the entire success of this mission being chalked up to her dumb luck - she would take it, but it would be annoying.

"Well aside from the possible scientific gains that could be made from first contact with a species who can produce a vessel this advanced, more importantly according to the database, the drones will cease harvesting the remaining planets in the solar system, though any progress towards the completion of the sphere will remain." He said and tilted his head a little while looking at the PaDD as he scrolled through the database.

"So win some, lose some?"

Yara bit back her annoyance and lowered the PADD down to level her gaze at the Trill. "Skip to the part where you tell me how you're going to fix this and then go do it."

If he noticed her annoyance, he didn't make a comment about it and instead did just as she asked. "I'm going to use the method you pioneered for us and simulate the species bio-signatures in the database since the system lock is based upon a genetic key, and I am merely theorizing here, once unlocked, it should give us control over the ship and its drones to stop them."

"Well, right now it's all we have left outside of the possibility I stay here and use a phaser to blow up the ship and while everyone might be better off for that in the end, I'd really rather not, so get to work. You have a few hours if need be but the sooner the better." The pilot replied and ran a hand though her mane of golden hair in a quiet gesture of frustration.

Rafan nodded as he watched her raking her fingers forcefully through her hair and frowned, but wasn't going to draw attention to her frustration. "I'll get started on it immediately, Yara."

[To be continued]


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