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The Last Line - Part 5

Posted on Tue May 30th, 2017 @ 10:25pm by Lieutenant Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Mission 2: For A Swarm Of Bees
Location: Alien Mothership
Timeline: MD09 1504hrs

[Eight Hours Later - 1504 hours]

Time seemed like it was crawling and at this point. All they could do was wait on Rafan. While Yara would have never admitted it, if it was going to be anyone in this high pressure situation, she would have wanted it to be Rafan if not herself; he could grate on the nerves, but he was generally steady in his work and levelheaded in the face of this kind of stress. Then again he had been acting weird lately. To keep herself from just constantly staring over the Trill's shoulder, Yara had moved off and taken a seat to work on her final report to Kincaid on the situation just in case she wouldn't be there to give it herself... which as time passed by seemed to be the more likely of the two options.

Dahe'el wiped the last of the sweat from his brow as he loaded up the final piece of equipment, scanners to be exact. He and Carson had finished removing the necessary panels almost four hours ago and decided to pack everything up considering they never knew when it was going to be time to leave. Additionally they'd taken down all of the relays Carson had put up since the remote self destruct was no longer in play. He couldn't wait for some downtime, or to see what kind of a mess engineering was back on the Valkyrie....

Rafan hadn't really been paying attention to the time. Not that it would have mattered very much since they had reached the do or die phase of their mission as the drone swarm and the mothership were baring down on the planet and the Federation colony. His attention had been wholly consumed with the alien database and calibrating his PaDD and tricorder in order to simulate the bio-signature of hundreds of sentient species, though he'd managed to work through a fair portion of them, there were some that he'd had to bypass since he wasn't familiar with their species.

Any other time it would be an exciting prospect for the Trill to make this discovery, he'd have even been giddy at the prospect, but he knew that had to take a back seat to ensuring the survival of a Federation colony. The homes of so many that would lost in the ensuing disaster, fact that he tried not to think about, but remained ever present at the edge of his thoughts. He'd only taken a break in order to eat, sleep had been out of the question and he was currently on his...fifth? Ninth cup of coffee? He wasn't certain anymore as he simply was mainlining the drink.

Though he was beginning to see a pattern to the genetic keycode, while it had initially appeared to have a preference for linking similar species, he found that it was actually the opposite, to continue the unlock process by linking through species that were often diametrically opposed to one another, who could have been considered evolutionary rivals to one another.

Such as Humans and Gorn or Klingons and Romulans. It seemed elementary, but it felt like the aliens who had created the ship had some sort of overarching plan that was currently beyond the Trill's grasp. It was still enough to keep him more than fascinated to see were the yellow brick road was leading and if they might meet the man behind the curtain, Yara would likely shoot him for annoying her, but it would likely only be on a stun setting.

A heavy stun setting.

He was sitting cross legged on top of one of the supply crates they'd brought with them, a stylus in his mouth as he worked on a new calibration setting, it was an obscure species that the Federation had only passing contact with since they had only ever remained at the edge of the Federation. He ignored any of the other facts that he might have otherwise been voraciously devouring as he took the stylus out of his mouth and used it to transfer the bio-signature over to the database carefully. As he'd progressed further through the species profiles, it had started to become progressively harder to get the right signature, it was to the point that if he was off by a few nanometers in a wavelength he was kicked back and had to start over again.

Though as he entered in the latest signature something happened.

The bridge went dark, as did his connection to the ships database.

Yara had just put the final touches on her report to Kincaid and had started on another letter - one she had never thought she would need to write. She hadn't really been allowing herself to think too much outside of focus on what she was doing. When the lights when out however, she frowned and looked up, looking over toward Rafan in the low emergency lighting of the room. "What did you do?" She asked with irritation in her voice and stood, moving over toward him.

"I just entered the last sequence of the test, he said while picking up his tricorder and started to scan the room as he stood up, walking to the nearest workstation as he frowned and tried to figure out what exactly had happened as he scanned the console as he reached out to touch the interface surface as the keys lit up.

"It couldn't complete all of the bio-signature sequences, since the belonged to unknown species, the test adapted when I completed a chain." He was explaining as power returned, though the lights didn't immediately return as a holographic display of the star system appeared in the middle of the room. It showed in real time the movement of every object present; the remaining planets, the mothership and drones, the debris of the very one sided battle that had been marked with a decidedly hostile looking red symbol.

Over the planet containing the colony, there hovered another symbol, this one was yellow with flashing red border and displayed below it was USS Valkyrie. "Amazing..." Rafan said as he stopped working and just took a moment take in the display before them. Below the systems sun was a percentage and what appeared to be a time projection that was currently counting down.

The tall pilot moved over to stand next to him and looked up at the impressive display, crossing her arms over her chest as she regarded in then suddenly the lights came back on and so did all the consoles. Yara looked around with another frown and was about to say something when ch'Thesken spoke up behind her.

"Lieutenant, the ship's warp engines seem to be powering up." The Andorian said calmly though his antenna were twitching. "It has set a course to... the Minos Keller system in the Gamma Quadrant."

No sooner were the words out of his mouth that Yara saw the swarm of drones had begun to drift back toward the mothership. Immediately, she tapped her commbadge, "Blackwater to Dahe'el, grab your gear and head back to the runabout immediately. Kel seems to have succeeded but the ship is about to warp out of here so we need to leave."

Tapping his comm badge he acknowledged Yara "Solid copy Lieutenant. Carson and I already packed up all of the larger hardware earlier, we'll be on the runabout within five minutes." Carson looked over at Alket "Time to get the hell out of here Sir. Hopefully we never come back."

Yara looked to Rafan and the other two men. "Let's get moving." With that she began to help gather up their gear. At this point, she just wasn't going to question it. She just wanted to leave.

Rafan hesitated a just a moment as he watched the holograpic display,he didn't want to leave this ship, he wanted to see what was waiting for them at the other end of the road. Though he also knew better than to try Yara's patience as he moved to start packing up his gear and wondered what they had just started here.

It was just under ten minutes later that the group arrived back at the runabout. It was loud down in the bay and they could hear the drones coming in to the neighboring compartment to land. Yara had made sure everything was settled back in and accounted for before she moved to the cockpit and powered up the runabout. She waited until the forcefields went down before she finally eased them out of the ship and gave those who were in the cockpit with her a stunning view of the swarm returning home in a very orderly manner as if nothing in particular was out of the ordinary. Yara allowed herself a moment to look out at them then shook her head and instead focused her attention back to the console. She would contact the Valkyrie momentarily, but she wanted to be safe rather than sorry and give them a moment to be well enough away from the massive ship.

The two engineers had strapped themselves in along with the rest of the equipment in the aft compartment. They both monitored power levels and ships systems accordingly while ensuring their cargo wasn't shifting. Truth be told neither of them felt like being around anybody else at the moment and given the current status of the drones, neither perceived a threat from them any longer. They both just wanted to sleep in their own beds once more. Taking note of a few fluctuations creeping up from the previous ad hoc modifications he'd made to the runabout, Alket corrected them and restored power to the deflector emitters.

The Trill science officer had taken his seat on the bridge and as they witnessed the dark waves of the returning drones, there was a moment that he was given a truly introspective moment to consider how small and seemingly insignificant they were in the grand scheme of the universe. He couldn't help but wonder at all the times a massive vessel like this one had show up in a system and the drones have rendered down every planet into usable materials, what had happened to the inhabitants? Did they make any attempts to stop the ship and the drones or did they simply accept what fate had doled out to them?

It was humbling to see what equated to a force of nature all around them as they left the alien starship, though he somehow felt that this was more akin to the near brush of a massive storm that they had felt instead of the full fury that it could have hammered them with. His attention was turned to gathering as much sensor data as he could before they were too far out of the range of the runabout's sensors to get anything remotely useful to them.

Once they were well enough away, Yara reached out and tapped the console. "Blackwater of Valkyrie. We were able to halt the drones' progress and the mothership is preparing to warp out of the sector. We are returning to ship. Blackwater out."


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