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A Brief of Politics

Posted on Fri Dec 1st, 2017 @ 7:26am by Lieutenant Oksana Volkova (Blackwater) & Rear Admiral Eldon Voorhies (Kincaid) & Captain Adam Gamble

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Deep Space 12, Admiral's Office
Timeline: Pre-MD04 0945hrs

"Adam, good to see you again!" Admiral Voorhies' handshake was as warm as ever, and his smile just as genuine. Captain Gamble couldn't help but return his former commanding officer's grin.

"It's good to see you too Eldon." He replied. "I can hardly believe they actually got you off the bridge of a starship, I thought it'd never happen. I'm pretty sure you told me as much. Looks like you managed to pick a hell of a place to take a desk job though."

Voorhies laughed, his former first officer was right, as he had been many times during their service together. "I may be getting old, but I'm not ready for something cosy just yet. I will admit to being a little envious of the Tower Bridge though, she's an impressive ship, looks like she could handle the kind of trouble we used to get ourselves into."

"Oh she could." Adam smiled. "Although I don't seem to get into anywhere near as much trouble without you. Sounds like it's followed you here too. You've already had a run in with some Romulans?"

Voorhies shook his head. "Yeah, although I'm not going to take the blame for this one, I've only just moved in. I've asked our intelligence officer to stop by and give us an update on the political situation around here. It's complicated to say the least." The door chime sounded as he spoke. "That'll be her now. Come in."

Oksana walked into Voorhies’ office, her cane tapping softly on the floor as she did so. The stresses of the past few days had taken a toll on her body and she was having to use it again much to her dismay. “Captain, Admiral.” She greeted with a smile and a respectful bow of her head as she moved to take a seat.

“We’ve prepared a full briefing on the current lay of the land in this area.” Voorhies stood and activated the large screen behind his desk. It showed a map of the operational area that the Tower Bridge would be active within. To the galactic South of the map was the edge of Federation space, a large area shaded in blue. On the east and stretching to the north east was the territory of the Breen Confederacy, shaded in red. A small Starfleet insignia just north of the Federation showed the position of Deep Space 12. The rest of the area was unexplored space, unclaimed by any of the known powers.

“This sector is the gateway to Starfleet's newest exploration frontier.” The Admiral began. “We've seen very little of what lies beyond, just a couple of long range scouting missions and some automated observation. The Federation believes there's a lot of potential out there though. Not just for territorial gains, but for scientific research as well.

"Our biggest concern is the Breen. We still have no diplomatic channels with the Confederacy and they've frustrated our best efforts to reach out. However, the analysts back at Starfleet Command have been looking at their resource movements and they're convinced that they want to expand out towards this sector, which is why Deep Space 12 became a priority project.”

“Sounds like this is prime real estate if the Breen and the Romulans want to get their hands on it too.” Gamble commented.

“If I'm going to take a desk job, it's got to be an interesting one.” Voorhies replied with a grin. “A the Tower Bridge is leading the task group assigned to the border region. We're expecting the Thunderer within the next week and the Jaeger a few days after that. There's the potential to expand that group if we decide it's necessary. I'm under strict orders not to tell you any more, but Starfleet also has other assets in play near the border.”

Adam frowned. The level of trust between him and his former CO was still as high as it ever had been and for him to emphasize that there were things he couldn't share gave the younger man cause for concern. “Understood.” He said simply.

Oksana shifted in her chair as she listened to the admiral speak, holding the PADD in her hand against her thigh. He wasn’t telling her anything she didn’t already know, but somehow it was almost enjoyable to hear someone else go over it again. She had been drowning in facts as of late and for once it was nice to hear them instead of just seeing them rolling by on a screen.

“Aside from that, we've got exploratory and research missions beginning already.” Voorhies gestured to the west of the map. “The Valkyrie was our first asset in the field and the Curie will be here in a few days. We think they'll be ready to head out within a week. The closest system to us is Beta Tyrell. Three planets, one of which is apparently quite interesting if you're a geologist. A team from the corps of engineers is in the process of establishing a small research outpost there.”

“It’s a hell of an expansion, lots of moving parts all at once.” Gamble said, looking over the map. “How much do we know about the unexplored regions? Anything particularly interesting out there?”

“There's a number of interstellar phenomena that science are interested in, nebulae, a particle fountain, that sort of thing.” Voorhies replied then looked to Oksana. “Lieutenant, would you like to take it from here?”

“Of course.” Oksana said and moved to stand up and take Voorhies’ place. “Over the past few months, Starfleet has been performing undercover observations on a planet called Davos Prime. A short time ago, reports confirmed that they have finally managed to achieve warp travel on their own. In light of their strategic location on the Breen border as well as their rich natural resources, Starfleet Command has decided to initiate first contact as soon as possible in hopes of securing and alliance and eventual Federation membership. As the Tower Bridge is going to be set leading the new task group in this sector and you will be doing your first patrol, this mission is going to fall to the Valkyrie under Commander Kincaid and his crew.”

“Let's hope that's not the only reason to offer our friendship.” Adam didn't like the idea of inviting worlds into the Federation for purely strategic gains. That kind of thing had bitten them in the past, ill considered alliances with groups like the Son’a had never ended well.

“There's one other thing.” The Admiral added. “It might be something, it might be nothing. Our long range probes have been picking up on some unusual subspace activity near the borders of Breen and Federation space coupled with unusual energy readings. Eventually, we want to go have a look, but since it seems rather isolated so it is not a priority right now with Davos Prime, the Breen, and now the Romulans being in play.”

“Unfortunately, at this point I’m not able to provide any updates outside of Starfleet Intelligence is looking into the matter and will provide an updated report for me to give at a later time.” Oksana offered lamely and looked between the two men. “I am sorry.”

“Not your fault, lieutenant. Thank you.” Voorhies paused and looked to the striking woman and down to the cane. “You’re dismissed for now, let two old men catch up.” He said with a smile.

“Of course, sir. Thank you.” She said genuinely, happy for an excuse to go and get off her feet. With that, she turned to leave them to their own devices and thought of what she might do to relax herself.

“Volkova to Ellis…” Oksana said after tapping her commbadge. She found quite little that relaxed her more than spending time with her now fiance, no matter what else was going on at the time.


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