USS Valkyrie
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Posted on Sat Jun 24th, 2017 @ 5:54pm by Commander Charles Kincaid (Deceased) & Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Ready Room, USS Valkyrie
Timeline: MD -- 1435hrs

Whoever had built the drones that had threatened New Salem must have been highly advanced, the technology was extraordinary, especially given that it was significantly older than most of the known spacefaring civilisations and incredibly well preserved for it's age. But there were questions raised about it's purpose, the ultimate objective of the drones and what they were building. In some ways it was a great shame that the ship had warped off towards the gamma quadrant, but given the alternative, Charlie was happy with the outcome. The away team had done great work and he was glad to have been right to put his faith in Yara. There was great potential in the Valkyrie's second officer and Charlie wanted to help harness that. As part of that process, he had arranged a debrief for the mission with her, for which she should be arriving any time now. He had decided not to include the first officer this time as there was apparently some tension between the two of them, which didn't surprise Charlie in the slightest.

Yara had slept for around twelve hours straight as soon as she had the chance to do so, needing the rest and the simple chance to just shut her brain off for a little while (and simply pray she didn't have any dreams) before she really did punch someone in the face. She had of course been expecting the debrief, but it didn't exactly mean she wanted to go. Still, she had dragged herself out of bed and made herself look presentable before she headed up to the captain's ready room. She was definitely not in the mood to deal with Nosske though it was more than likely an inevitability. Outside the door in only a few moments, she hit the chime to signal her presence.

"Come in." Charlie replied, hoping to find the second officer in a relatively good mood.

Part of her really hated that; she felt like a dog being summoned. Nevertheless she walked through the door and looked around. Her face scrunched immediately when she didn't see the lecherous old man in the room so instead she looked to Charlie. "Nosske just late?"

"He wasn't invited." The captain replied. "There's clearly some tension between the two of you, and we need to find a way for us all to work together at some point. But now is not the time, because I wanted to make sure you know how much I appreciate what you and the team did over there. The situation looked impossible, but you managed to pull it off somehow and you'll all be getting commendations." He wasn't sure how much that particular accolade would mean to Yara, but that wouldn't stop him awarding them. In many ways, he had taken a gamble on Yara, her file was mixed to say the least, but it showed the potential for great things. Hopefully, this would be the first of many. "How've you been since you got back?"

Yara just stood there and looked at her CO skeptically, not trying to hide herself doing so in the slightest. If he was going to keep that white haired prick away from her she was glad for it. "The team pulled it off, I just sat there and stared at the back of their heads so save your accolades for them. I don't condone giving them out to people who didn't put in the work." She moved and unceremoniously plopped down in the open chair, stifling a yawn as she looked back to Charlie with that same wariness in her eyes. "I've been tired. We all have. So with that in mind, is there a point to me being here?"

"You know the procedure, after a mission, we need a debrief." Charlie said. "The mission was a success, and I'd like to know what worked well, what didn't and any concerns you might have about the away team. Particularly the kind of things you might not put in a report."

"Y'know, I wrote this all down." The pilot replied grouchily, though it was little different from her normal voice. Still, she knew that she wasn't going to squirrel her way out of this so she gave a shrug. "If the concerns didn't make it in there, there's a reason for that. As for what worked well, everyone performed admirably considering you asked them to Macgyver a solution to a planet eating alien ship coming for one of our colonies out of thin air. I'm not going to fault anyone on anything at this point; some mistakes were made but like you said, the mission was a success. Any outstanding issues I will deal with privately."

"Glad to hear it. Although I have no idea what a MacGyver is." Charlie replied. He got the impression that some of the away team had conflicting views on the mission, the chief engineer seemed particularly critical, but it had been a success under difficult circumstances and he wasn't going to go searching for issues where they might not exist. "I won't keep you much longer, but how did you find leading the mission? Would you want to take on more?"

Yara just looked at Charlie for a long moment, studying his expression and wondering if her "team" hadn't given such glowing reviews to her. She wouldn't have been surprised; but she also wasn't in the business of hand holding people to do their jobs. She decided to not dwell on that possibility, exercising a still rare moment of restraint. "It was fine, though it would be nice if next time it was something I could be more useful on." She said simply. "I know it was probably the right choice - you don't want me to be the one dealing with a colony of scared people and when facing down a vast amount of fast moving drones, pilot is probably the best bet to save the runabout, but I didn't have any skills to contribute to the actual solution to the problem." While her explorations may have given the trigger to Rafan's success, she didn't quite feel like that was actually being useful.

"That's completely understandable lieutenant, we'll try to play to your strengths whenever we can." Charlie knew how important it was to feel useful, especially in a high pressure situation like the one that the away team had experienced. In a lot of ways, it would have made sense for Charlie to lead the team. His scientific background would have been an asset and he might well have been able to lend valuable knowledge and experience to the endeavour. Of course, he was the commanding officer of the Valkyrie, and it had been absolutely essential that he attend to the colony's needs to provide some small measure of reassurance. Although that hadn't worked out too well for him. "Anything else I can do for you while you're here?"

"You're the one that called me and I haven't had any thrilling revelations while I was sitting here, so no." Yara said as she stood with a slight sigh. "As a side note though you should really go look up MacGyver; right up your alley."

"I'll give it a look when I get the chance." Charlie replied with a grin. "Thanks for coming up Lieutenant, enjoy your downtime."


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