USS Valkyrie
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Chekov's Exotic Particle Cannon

Posted on Fri Jun 23rd, 2017 @ 9:17am by Lieutenant Samuel Ellis (Kincaid)

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Corvallen Freighter
Timeline: MD07 1445hrs

Sam was sat cross-legged on the deck, the freighter’s schematics in his hand. He placed the pads down in front of him and closed his eyes. He had spent the last few days picking apart this ship, the Corvallen freighter that they had taken to calling the Trojan. At first glance, it looked like a standard cargo ship, it looked that way on second glance too. But there was something bothering Sam, something that wasn't right which he couldn't quite put his finger on. There was a very real possibility of him getting frustrated with the situation and he recognised that.

During his time out of Starfleet, the engineer had spent some time in a Vulcan monastery where he had learned a few meditation techniques. He wasn't anywhere near as practiced as the monks, but he knew how to calm himself and focus his mind. There were people who were able to use more advanced techniques to create problem solving ‘machines’ within their subconscious, working out solutions without actively thinking about them. Sam wasn't at that level, but he had found some advantage to slowing himself down, quieting his mind for a while. This felt like one of the times when doing that would help.

He concentrated on breathing, trying not to focus on the problem, but allowing the information to be present in his mind. He relaxed as much as he could as the schematics on the padd passed quietly through his subconscious. He drifted back into the problem, deck plans, power relays and plasma conduits until, finally, there was something. His eyes sprang open and he got to his feet, vaguely aware that his knees weren't quite what they used to be.

Sam moved quickly through the freighter, eliciting some slightly odd looks from the work crew that he encountered as he broke into a jog until he reached his destination and came to a stop in front of a bulkhead. It looked like a dead end but he had a hunch it wasn't. There was something about the power flow through this section that didn't feel right to him. He looked at the section of wall and gave it a quick tap with his knuckles, then opened up his tricorder and scanned it. According to everything in front of him, it was just a wall, but he couldn't shake that gut instinct.

The engineer stood regarding the problem for a few minutes, then took a small laser cutting tool out of his kit. If he was right and this was a door not a wall, there was a way to access it. It was probably a biometric seal, but there may just be a failsafe, a way in around that security. He had no data to go on, so it would have to be an educated guess. He aimed the cutter at the top right corner and activated it, sweeping it slowly over to the left. After a moment, he found what he was looking for and bright blue sparks popped out of the bulkhead, then it slid upwards, revealing a small room no bigger than a closet really.

Within this mysterious secret room was an equally mysterious console. Cables and conduits ran from the ceiling into the chest height console, then again into the floor. It was a neat job, fully integrated into the ship's systems in a way that must have aided in making it hard to find. There was just about enough room to manoeuvre around the device to access the three display screens that made up the bulk of it's triangular body, edged in a metallic yellow compound. The writing on the screens was unmistakably Romulan.

Sam hesitantly put a hand through the entrance. When it wasn't vaporized, he stepped through himself. He didn't touch the console yet, just looking at the displays. His Romulan was rusty, virtually non-existent, but a power flow schematic looked similar in any language. He slowly made his way around the cramped space, taking in as much as he could from each screen. After some time and consideration, he began to realise the purpose of this device and what it meant for the ship. He couldn't help but be impressed at what he was seeing. This was the control unit of an elaborate hidden weapon system for this seemingly innocuous ship. It essentially would transform the deflector array into some kind of exotic particle cannon. It didn't look like a particularly stable weapon, probably only good for a couple of shots at best, but it had the potential to cause fairly devastating damage. They had been lucky that it hadn't been used against Deep Space 12. This discovery raised a whole new set of questions of the kind that he probably wasn't well placed to answer. At least not yet.


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