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Whatever You Like

Posted on Wed Jan 3rd, 2018 @ 1:50pm by Tiraa Shai (Blackwater) & Lieutenant Samuel Ellis (Kincaid)

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: The Prism
Timeline: MD04 13:42hrs

Sam liked The Prism. It was a much nicer bar than you usually found on the frontier, it was more like the kind of place you got in a core system station. Tiraa struck him as a shrewd operator too, and he appreciated someone who knew how to make a deal. She had quickly become his source for real coffee, something absolutely essential to a successful posting, as well as providing some very good quality Bourbon, arguably as important as the java.

Tiraa was with a customer as Sam entered, a slightly worse for wear looking Efrosian. He took a seat a little further down the bar, confident that she'd be along soon.

It wasn't long before the half-Orion woman was sweeping over to Sam with a warm smile on her face. Business was doing well today, having picked back up since that nasty business with the Romulans. It meant Tiraa was in a good mood - things were just better when she was in a good mood. "Ahh... there's my favorite time traveler today. Back for more coffee already? Didn't I just give you a rather large supply just before your ship left?" She asked and gave a teasing smirk.

"Not even my caffeine addiction is that crippling." He replied with a crooked grin. "You're definitely gonna get a repeat order soon though, you hooked me up with the good stuff. I'm after something different this time though. I'm pretty sure you're my best bet in the sector for good quality, genuine jewellery?"

"Well yes, yes I am." She said with a charming smile and winked at him. "Now I can either put you in contact with someone reliable, or I have my own... personal collection. What are you looking for? A necklace, bracelet? Something else?"

"A ring." The engineer replied. "There's an Earth tradition of an engagement ring. They're usually diamond, but I'm willing to be a little bit flexible on that one. I've gotta be honest though, I'm not totally sure what I'm looking for exactly. I'm hoping I'll know it when I see it."

Tiraa's face briefly took on a guise of hurt and she covered her heart. "Oh my. Does this mean that my favorite coffee connoisseur is going to be off the market? Who is the lucky lady? Tell me about her and maybe I can help you find something nice."

"I'm afraid so." He grinned. "Lieutenant Volkova,the intelligence officer. I'm sure you've seen us in here together a couple to times. We were on our last assignment together and we managed to get stationed here at the same time." It was the next assignment that was the tricky part. They could end up on opposite ends of the quadrant with little chance of seeing eachother, especially with the unpredictable nature of Starfleet. In a way, one might call this a tactical engagement, a way to keep their relationship alive. It was unconventional, but Sam was willing to take a gamble on the most visceral connection he had felt in a long time.

Tiraa playfully and briefly looked wounded by his words, but quickly flashed a smile and leaned in a bit on the bar, exposing a good bit of her cleavage as she did so. "Yes, I have seen you in here now and then. Quite a beautiful woman. Tell me about her. What does she like? What are her favorite colors? Gems? Does she prefer gold, silver, something else? What style of ring are you wanting?" The Orion hybrid rattled off rapidly.

"Something... understated." He replied. "I suppose she doesn't really wear much jewellery." He wasn't always good at noticing things like jewellery or hair cuts, too much of an engineer in him. But he realised that he couldn't pin down Oksana's style at all. His mental picture of her was wearing her uniform. Or nothing at all, but that didn't help in this situation.

The Orion hybrid just stared at him blankly a moment but made a quick and graceful recovery. He hadn't exactly offered up anything useful to her as far as styles but in her experience it often took several re-wordings of the question for a man looking for a ring for a woman to understand. It was not their fault really, and truth be told Tiraa found it endearing when they even tried. “Then let’s start with something simple: what do you want the main color of the ring to be? Do you want something traditional for humans like gold, silver, or platinum or would you perhaps like to look at Andorian marble and other things like it?”

"I think something fairly traditional." He decided. "Maybe platinum or white gold." He felt that Oksana would probably prefer something slightly more understated when it came to jewellery.

"Alright. Do you have any idea what colors she tends to prefer? Perhaps then I can recommend some gemstones to place in the ring?" Tiraa offered.

"I'm kind of an old school guy, so I think I'd go for a white diamond." Sam said. "They're the old tradition on Earth. Admittedly I have no idea what's in fashion these days. That may have passed me by."

For just the briefest of moments, there was a flash of frustration on the Orion’s beautiful face and she let out a short sigh. Why were so many men like this? Sometimes she wondered how they could walk and talk at the same time. “Well... I’ll remind you that this is a ring for her, not for you. That is why I’m asking you for her preferences. I assume you want to make your fiancé happy with your choices and not just yourself happy?”

"Oh I know that." He said with a small smile. "I think... I feel like one of the reasons Oksana and I work is that she likes that I'm a little old fashioned. She hadn't had that in her life before she met me. That's what a traditional ring would represent. The two of us are kinda old school in the modern world."

There was a small part of Tiraa that wanted to tell him that personality and hardware were two very different things, but she could see she was getting nowhere in this so instead she simply offered up a smile and a nod. “I’ll see what I can find for you.” She paused then added, “Don’t forget, some ladies prefer to see the rings and pick out a few possibilities for their partner to pick from, something you might want to consider.” It was a last attempt to try and make sure this poor woman had some say in such an important piece of jewelry, but somehow she thought that it might not matter in the end.

"Thanks." He said with a smile. "I'm sure you'll come up with some good options for me." He felt a little unsure, Tiraa seemed to be dismissing most of what he had suggested, which was disappointing, it wasn't like she knew Oksana better than he did. Even so, she may we'll bring the perfect ring to him. He had been through too much to succumb to cynicism now.

"Of course I will get something nice for you. Now go on. I have some considerations to make." Tiraa assured him with a honeyed smile then moved away.

She would make sure it was something fitting.


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