USS Valkyrie
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A Request

Posted on Tue Jul 18th, 2017 @ 10:46am by Commander Charles Kincaid (Deceased) & Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Kincaid's Quarters, USS Valkyrie
Timeline: --

After her dinner with Rafan the night before, Yara had decided to go see Charlie early in the morning to see if she could get permission to take Rafan to Trill in light of his current struggles. She arrived outside Charlie's quarters and touched the chime, finding herself not really caring if she was waking him up. Right now, her focus was drawn to one thing, this idea that she had that would hopefully help the problem. She knew it wouldn't fix it, it was a bandaid to a six centimeter gash, but it was something and for this scenario it was better than nothing. At least that was how she was choosing to look at the issue. What she wasn't sure about though was why she seemed to be rather fixated on this. That however was not something she was too willing to explore so she simply waited outside and shifted her weight from one leg to the other.

Charlie looked over at the door, coffee in hand, with some confusion. He had been walking past it as the chime had sounded, and it had taken him a little by surprise. People didn't just drop by the Captain's quarters, if something needed his attention, it was usually done via the communications system. He briefly considered not answering, but he was dressed, at least in his red uniform shirt and he didn't really have a reason to avoid a visitor.

He tapped the door control and it slid open. The flight control officer was the last person he had expected to see. She seemed keen to avoid speaking to anyone on duty, let alone off. "Blackwater. What's going on?" He asked, suddenly concerned about what kind of emergency could bring her here.

Yara couldn't help but quirk a brow and smirk slightly at the panic in Charlie's voice. "Well if you greet me like that I might think you're happy to see me." She said and stepped inside his quarters. "Nothing is on fire, you can breathe again. I'm actually here to talk to you about something else." Pausing, she took a brief look around his quarters then squared her gaze back onto her captain. "I would like permission to leave DS12 and take Lieutenant Kel back to Trill to seek help with the troubles he's been having with his symbiont. Since we haven't received orders and it doesn't look like we will be for a while, I thought perhaps it might be best to do this now instead of later. Should be ten days of travel time ad I think three days there should be sufficient for whatever Trill-voodoo they want to perform."

Charlie took a seat on the sofa and motioned for Yara to sit too. "It's still early, so forgive me if I'm not keeping up." He began. "But you want to take my chief science officer on a two week trip because there's some kind of symbiont issue?" He had always been a little wary of the Trill joining process. The idea of merging ones consciousness with another sentient seemed fraught with complications. He still didn't really understand how that relationship had come to be in the first place, bit now was not the time to go into that. "Does he even know you're asking? And what exactly are these... problems?"

"I dunno, for being half asleep you seem to be keeping up." Yara said and walked over toward the sofa but didn't sit. "He's having some issues with a past host and it is affecting his ability to perform his duty. He's scheduled his zhian'tara, but this would be a more immediate if temporary fix to the problem until then."

Charlie took a sip of coffee, considering the request. Be knew a little about zhin'tara, although he wasn't sure how it worked. "Has he spoken to the counsellor about it? Or the medical staff? I'm not sure which would be better qualified to look into it." If he was going to release two of his senior staff, he needed to be able to cover his bases with those higher up the chain of command.

For a moment, Yara had to work on keeping her annoyance in check. They weren't even doing anything at the moment and it wasn't like she or Rafan were irreplaceable if there was an emergency - especially Yara herself. "To my knowledge he has done both and this is just one of those weird Trill things that only Trill understand and only Trill can fix. I mean, unless you want one of your senior staff to not be able to give you one hundred percent, that's fine too - but it you go after him for it after you deny us going to Trill well... there will be some words."

"That's what I assumed." The Commader replied, choosing to ignore Yara's tone. "I had to ask just in case we do get called to something while you're away. I need all of my officers at their best, so you have my permission." Rafan had quickly become one of the most reliable officers on the senior staff, and it was clear that this situation would be a significant distraction for Yara too. Whether she would admit it or not. "Have you got transportation?"

"Nope but I've looked up what's available and I'm sure I can get us on one of the ships. Thanks, see you in two weeks. Bye." With that Yara abruptly turned and left Charlie's quarters as quickly as she had swept in.

She had caught Charlie with a mouthful of coffee when she left. He shook his head in confusion as he put his mug down. "Because you can take the Runabout if it'll get you there quicker." He said to the now-closed door. He had gotten the impression that Yara had turned up expecting a fight from him. He wasn't sure why though, there was no way he was going to ignore an issue that potentially affect one of his crew's health. She had presented the most viable solution and he had accepted it. He wondered briefly what her previous commanding officer's had been like to instil that attitude, maybe that could explain some of her current attitude. In any case, the most important thing was that Rafan was getting help, even if all Charlie could do to assist was clear the paperwork.


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