USS Valkyrie
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It's a Theme - Part 1

Posted on Wed Jul 5th, 2017 @ 11:04am by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Guest Quarters - DS12


It was a word the Rafan hated, he understood the need for secrecy but that didn't mean that he was any less inclined to possess a favorable attitude towards the seemingly blanket of lies and then the same people that threw the blanket came out and began asking for intellectual aid to solve their problems. It was so very counterintuitive to him that even with the several lifetimes of experience he had no answers that seemed to shed a favorable light over the situation, a representative from SFI had debriefed and collected all of the relevant data from Rafan and the Valkyrie's computer, along with the Away teams tricorders before everything had been purged with the typical non disclosure/secrecy orders had been issued.

Then they'd all left with nary word one about anything else.

The only physical object he had left from the mission was the stuffed rabbit, Yara had called him Peter Rabbit and had seemed rather knowledgeable about the stuffed toy, so he'd cleaned it up gotten a nice bow that he'd tied around the toy. She had seemed...fond of it and he wanted her to have something nice to call her own. He'd also gone out to get a couple of New York strip steaks, cooking them over at his place along with some mixed veggies, long grain and wild rice mix and a twice baked potato for each of them. He'd also gotten a New York style cheesecake since he seemed to be going with the New York theme, along with a bottle of Van Brundt Due North rum.

He'd loaded it all into a travel bag to carry dinner over to his friend's quarters, intent on making certain that she had at least one good solid meal. Though he had been carefully keeping his mind away from the dream - nightmare - of being in bed with Yara after making love before he'd experienced Hysio's death. It still made his chest hurt to the point that he had to stop and rub the spot over his sternum to try and make it go away. He'd made the necessary arrangements to carry out his zhian'tara and there were members of the crew willing to help him, for that he was grateful. He'd also been giving Yara her space since she was going to be playing host to the one personality that seemed to harbor nothing but animosity for him. He wanted to see how his friend was doing since they were back on the station and things had settled down.

So he found himself standing outside of Yara's quarters, bag over his shoulder and his finger

It had been pretty standard for Yara's expectations really - the debrief with Kincaid and then with SFI and the huffy attitudes that followed about things being classified. While Yara herself had no love for the organization in the slightest, she did understand why they were needed. She even understood why operations like the one she had been sent on were necessary... that didn't exactly make it better though. Still, she was more ready to accept the necessity of some things just not being public knowledge right away and if something was going to be it, some massive planet eating ship was probably near the top of the list. Widespread panic helped no one.

The pilot was sitting in her quarters on the station, having taken the opportunity to simply get off the ship for a little while while she could. She hadn't been doing too much, mostly keeping to herself and on occasion going to see Aian and bounce ideas around for what he could do to keep his squadrons alert and not bored to tears running CAPs all day. Part of her did miss piloting the small, maneuverable craft and the camaraderie that came with it but she knew she had no place there anymore. Yara didn't like to play with others when she didn't have to; it was why she was thankful for times like this where there was downtime and she didn't need to fulfill any obligations.

She had been sitting quietly by the window reviewing new schematics for a proposed fighter when the chime drew her attention away. "Come in." She called and tossed the PADD down on the table while she swung her legs around and sat up.

Rafan stepped through the door as it parted and smiled over as his friend, who looked as if she was actually a bit more relaxed than usual for her as he walked over to the island in her small kitchen and set his bag down. He then began to unload as he looked over at her "So it has been a few days since you locked yourself up in your quarters and I took that as the perfect excuse to come over and see how you are doing as well as provide you with a delicious dinner for having to put up with me."

He set out each sealed plate with their meal before disappearing into the kitchen to rummage around and found a pair of glasses as he opened up the bottle of rum and poured out the amount that Yara enjoyed and did a few fingers for himself. He carried the glass over to his friend as he smiled at her "Rum. From the Van Brundt distillery on Earth, it is called Due North and it fit with the theme I inadvertently created."

Yara just watched Rafan flit around her quarters as if they were his own, a slightly amused glint in her eyes but otherwise her face remained passive. If this had been any other person, she would have snapped them back and thrown them out so fast they wouldn't even know what had happened. "And what is this theme?" Yara asked as she stood up while taking the glass. Over the two years that they had been friends, Rafan had learned that if he wanted to share a meal with Yara, his best chance was to make it and bring it over. She was far less likely to say no if the effort was already made.

"New York." He said as a soft chittering came from over by the couch and then the familiar feeling of Khras scampering up Yara's body to perch on her shoulder as he trilling happily and nuzzled his head against hers before slinking underneath her hair to make it over to her other shoulder and nuzzled against her more. Rafan smiled as he watched the affectionately nicknamed "bird ferret" saying hello to his other people while his owner continued to lay out the meal. "The distillery is located in New York region of North America and I thought the rum would go well with the pair of New York strip steaks and for dessert we have a New York style cheesecake."

He removed the lids from their respective plates to reveal the perfectly cooked steaks with their potatoes, veggies and rice, still as warm and perfect as when he'd sealed the plates. He set out their silverware and produced the stuffed rabbit by placing it on the island top as he moved to place the cheesecake off to the side.

"Just where did you come from?" She asked and turned her head to eye Khras accusingly a moment though she didn't play at being annoyed for long, instead bringing a finger up to scratch at the back of his head through his feathers. Most probably would have seen it as very odd the fact that Yara seemed to have such a fondness for animals, but she agreed with those that said animals were some of the most honest creatures out there. They couldn't hide behind words and she appreciated that about them. Part of it was also probably because she was never allowed animals when she was young. She loved things she couldn't have out of sheer defiance more than actual enjoyment of them half the time, but animals were different.

Sipping her drink, she moved over to the table and looked down at her plate hungrily. It wasn't entirely apparent whether it was coincidence he brought her food when she would usually think about making her dinner or if he had actually learned her rough schedule. Probably coincidence, she doubted he really paid that much attention to things. "Looks delicious."

Khras trilled happily, leaning into her touch as she scratched the back of his head through his feathers and almost gave a happy sounding sigh before he perked up as Rafan set out the feather dog's own dinner of assorted veggies and fruits, he gave Yara a gentle nuzzle before scampering down to dig into his own meal. Though it would have probably amazed and shocked Yara, he did pay attention to things and his flightiness was in part an affectation he made, though the majority of it was truth, though he had taken to learning her schedule, it wasn't comprehensive, but it allowed him the ability to plan things, like this so that he could give his friend a lovely surprise.

[To be continued]


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