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It's a Theme - Part 2

Posted on Wed Jul 5th, 2017 @ 11:05am by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Guest Quarters - DS12

"You should have seen the look on the butcher's face...a Trill cooking a steak, he was certain that I'd end up butchering it." Rafan said with a smile, while he was far from being a stellar chef, cooking was merely science and that was something he knew quite well. So most of the time when he was cooking, his meals came out more or less how they were supposed too.

Though he was still hopeless when it came to making a perfect soufflé, since his tended to collapse in on itself like a black hole forming.

"I did a traditional Italian marinade for the meat, letting it sit overnight before I did a gentle tenderizing and added a little extra seasoning for taste, took my time and cooked it to a nice juicy, warm center...of course I did get a practice steak to do a trial run on to make sure that I'd get it right."

"Surprised you found a legitimate butcher on a space station." Yara said offhandedly, deciding to go look for herself as she had the distinct feeling her friend may have possibly been ripped off but she wouldn't bring that up right then. Instead she took a seat at the table and pulled her plate closer to her. "Y'know I don't need a history of my food before I eat it, really."

"No, but I thought that you might be interested in knowing," He said and looked over at her as he turned his plate to put his veggies closer to him as he skewered a few onto his fork before he began eating his portion of their meal.

"So I noticed you brought the rabbit back. Any particular reason why?" She asked as she picked up her silverware and cut into her steak, smiling a bit when she saw it was perfectly cooked. Between the two of them they had shared enough steak meals that they did at least know what temperature the other liked it at.

"Well it was deemed nonessential by SFI and told me that I could keep it," He said and continued to eat his veggies first, taking a sip of his drink before he looked over at her. "I cleaned him up and thought that he would make a nice present for you, since you did find him and all."

"I'm not really a stuffed animal person as shocking as that might be." She said with a smirk and then took a bite of her steak, looking over to the rabbit then briefly down to Khras before she looked back to the Trill. "You keep it. It means more to you than to me I'm sure." He had always seemed the sentimental type and Yara well... she didn't really allow that for herself. "The steak is pretty good. Remind me though and I'll show you one of my favorite marinades to use. I think you'll like it too."

"Completely shocking to me, Yara." He teased and then reached over to push the stuffed bunny a bit closer to his friend, watching her before he spoke again. "While I would love to give him a home, he wasn't my discovery, he was yours and I wouldn't dare dream of taking something like that from you, so I cleaned him up and made him presentable for you."

"Consider it a gift back to you then." Yara said and speared some of the vegetables on her plate, briefly glaring at the stuffed creature before returning her attention to her food. Every time she looked at it she couldn't help but relive that memory of her father tearing her prized possession in two.

Rafan sat there and looked at the stuffed toy, considering the brief glare that the blonde had given the inanimate creature as he pursed his lips, though turned back to his meal as he finished off his veggies and turned his plate so he was looking at his steak. He carefully cut into it, watching as his knife practically slide through the seared flesh, a little bit of steam escaping into the air as he took his first bite. He made a soft, pleased sound but didn't embellish it as he slowly chewed before he began to cut off another piece. "I'd like to try the marinade you mentioned, you know that I enjoy your cooking, even if you are intent on constantly telling me that you can only cook one thing and that is water."

"I stand by that. I just replicate everything quick before you come over." It was a lie and they both knew it, but there were few things in life that Yara actively took pride in and cooking was not one of them so she would deny it until she was blue in the face. Besides, she found the meals Rafan brought to her occasionally far more appetizing than her own cooking. Her attention was drawn downward once again to Khras who was now sitting up and chittering at Rafan.

The Trill paused as he looked at his companion as the little beast chittered at him, doing his best to look ever so adorable as he smirked and then tilted his head. "What is it, Khras? Did you finish all of your dinner?"

The feather dog chirped and quickly skittered up Rafan's leg and into his owner's lap, lifting himself up on his hind legs and peering up over the table and onto his owner's plate.

"You let him get away with too much." Yara said, pointing her knife toward Khras accusingly and watching as the vibrant blue creature just tilted his head and trilled.

"You know that you don't get anything off of my plate, little piglet." He said, putting his knife down to shift Khras up to his shoulder, scratching the little beast under his chin and smiling as he started trilling. "Feather dogs are communal creatures, especially when they eat since that is often a time when they are vulnerable, so I just try to maintain as many of the habits he is naturally used too, but that doesn't mean he's getting any of my food or his dessert before we are finished with our meal."

"Uh huh." Yara just shook her head and went back to her food, settling into companionable silence with Khras' occasional trilling and chirping to break in. Like most of the meals he had brought to share with her, she found this one to be quite delicious and it pleased her more than she was probably willing to verbally admit at this point.

"So what have you been doing with yourself the past few days?" She asked finally.

"Reading. Mostly." He said and ate a bite of his steak, looking over at her as he paused to pour himself another few fingers and topped off her nearly empty glass, putting the lid back on as he sipped his rum. "The SFI people finally let me go after deeming that I wasn't going to be making copies of the files and leaking them throughout the interstellar comm-net. Or some other subversive something, something."

"Surprised you don't explore the station more, honestly. Seems like every couple days someone new is opening a shop as civilians settle in. You should make some new friends." Yara said and took a sip of her drink, pausing on her meal a moment to regard Rafan a moment, wondering why it was he always seemed to come back to her when there were much more interesting and tolerable people available for him to spend time with.

He was content to be eating on his meal until he felt Yara's gaze and looked up at her, tilting his head a little and quirking an eyebrow, reaching over to pick up his napkin. "Something wrong? Do I have food on my face?" He asked, wiping around his mouth to eliminate that possibility, though he had no idea that she was pondering his reasons for seeking her out to spend time with when she was quite often as cantankerous as a hungry targ and marginally less dangerous.

Yara smirked and shook her head slightly. "Nope, just talking to myself." She took another sip of the rum and then set to finish off the last bits of her meal. It had been a nice treat, though she was very quietly looking forward to dessert more than anything. She kept her sweet tooth relatively hidden from public view, but she did like to indulge when she could.

Rafan was working on the last of his meal as he nodded after returning to it, considering dessert and whether or not it would be something that she would like, though since it a cheesecake with cherry topping and mixing the savory with the sweet, that it had been a safe bet, though it was also was kind of the crown on top of their New York dinner. Maybe he could convince her to make a theme meal something they could do together, though he knew that she would quite readily rail against him, scoffing and telling him that they'd be eating nothing but hot and maybe flavored water if she decided to cook.

Which made him smirk as he set his knife and fork down, his plate empty as he looked over at her and caught her staring at him like...well like she usually did. That he had gone bonkers.

[To be continued]


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