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It's a Theme - Part 3

Posted on Wed Jul 5th, 2017 @ 11:07am by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Guest Quarters - DS12

"I usually don't like whatever you have rolling around in that spotted head of yours when you get that look on your face." The blonde said and gave a slight snort at him, eyeing him warily and watching as his smirk only grew. "What are you plotting over there?" As she asked, she stood to clear their now empty plates, putting them into the replicator so anything usable could still be recycled before it spit the clean plates back out.

"Oh I was just thinking about suggesting we have a theme meal night and I just happened to think about what you would say to me," He replied and moved to stand up, walking over to the island where the covered cheesecake was sitting, reaching into his bag to pull out his pie cutter and a couple of saucers, then stepped over to the replicator to order up two drinks for them. He ordered up a couple of glasses of hot chocolate as he carried them out to the coffee table, Khras easily balancing on his owner's shoulder and chirping expectantly, trying not to fidget.

"I'd imagine you telling me that we'd just be drinking a lot of boiled water," He said, transferring the bird ferret over to Yara's shoulders as he picked up the bag to block his pets view as he pulled something else out and started to prepare it, keeping it hidden once he was finished to dish up a couple of slices of cheesecake for them.

Khras moved and fidgeted on top of Yara's shoulders, skittering from one shoulder to the other, trying to peer over Rafan's shoulder to see what he was doing then finally let out a disgruntled chirp when Yara pulled him off her shoulder and held him in her hands. "That is quite enough of you right now." She said and moved to sit down on her couch. "I could do flavored water... maybe mix it up and do chilled water too. Give me a little credit, Dapple."

"Well if you are interested, it is something to consider...might be fun, we'd get some good food out of it." He said and carried their plates out and set them on the coffee table before moving to retrieve the sliced up portions of what looked like some sort of nut cake, which he set down on the far side of the coffee table and coaxed Khras from his hands as he kissed the top of his head before petting him. He set the iridescently feather beastie down in front of one of his favorite treats that he was only allowed to have on special occasions.

Rafan smiled as he moved over to the other side of the couch, picking up a saucer and handed it over to Yara and then retrieved his own.

Yara smiled as Khras gave a near screech of excitement and practically pounced on the plate and attacked the nut cake as if he hadn't eaten in weeks. He really was a strange creature, but he was rather endearing at the same time... somewhat like his owner. That thought quickly removed the slight smile from her face and she instead looked down at her cheesecake. "You know, if you don't do anything but read, that leaves very little for you to ramble on about as far as what you've been doing lately."

"I've been doing a few other things too." He said, slipping off his shoes as he shifted around to sit cross legged on the couch with Yara, teasing off a cherry to eat and then played with the cheesecake itself. "I've been studying some of the more esoteric techniques that the joined Trill have used as one on one methods of communing with their symbionts, mostly I have been meditating since I won't be able to undergo my zhian'tara for a little while yet, but I don't want to leave my issues with Hysio unresolved as it were."

"Still having the dream, are you?" Yara asked then finally cut off a bite of her dessert, enjoying the rich flavor of the cheesecake as something different from her normal selections.

Rafan was quiet as he poked at his dessert and slowly ate a bite before he reached over and picked up his cup of hot chocolate.

"Yeah, I have...not as bad as back on the alien ship...but still unpleasant, been having the feeling of getting stabbed in the chest when I am awake, it doesn't linger." He said, looking over at her, talking with her about things that he didn't speak with anyone else about.

"What have you tried to work it out since we've been back to the station?" She asked, glancing over at him curiously and quirking a brow. For all his faults, Yara did value Rafan and seeing him so perturbed bothered her. The problem was she just wasn't sure how to help him. She shifted on the couch and crossed her legs to get a bit more comfortable; she didn't pay much mind to the fact Rafan seemed almost more at home in her quarters than she did.

"I've been meditating, following some of the techniques they taught us during our training to become a host, as well as a few older methods of meditation aimed at achieving a deeper communion with Kel with some marginal success, mostly floating in a salt water pool since it has been found to help conduct the neuro-electric energy that flows naturally through a Trill's spots." He said and picked up his dessert and began eating more of it as he looked over at her.

"I actually just learned that some joined Trill can experience something close to a ten percent increase in the rate of their neurotransmission impulses post joining?" He offered up, wondering if she would find it as interesting as he did.

"What does that even mean?" Yara asked, her face scrunching slightly though she didn't completely brush off what he had said where she usually might have. She could tell he still really needed someone to talk to about this and for some gods knew why reason he had picked her. It may have been strange, but Yara did not like to see anyone suffer with demons - she knew how hard it was to do it alone and how helpful it was to have someone there. "Is that... good?"

"It can depend on a number of factors," He said and did his level best to not smirk at her scrunched up expression, one that he found softened her features and gave her a bit of cuteness that he thought suited her very well. It was curious and hesitant, but all Yara. "Generally when a host and symbiont are joined, our neurological processes experience a gain to more fully integrate both together and handle our combined neurological impulses."

"The simply answer though is yes, it is good because it means that host and symbiont share a stronger bond with one another." He said since he knew that she hated it when he went into gobbledygook speak, so he was trying to take that into account now. "It also explains why my spots because even more sensitive than they were before my joining, but it would also explain why my reliving Hysio's death are so intense for me...I'm just worried that the Commission will think that I'll be Kel's last host and she should be allowed to die instead of pass on."

"Why would they think that?" She asked, her expression turning into a flat out scowl as he said those words. While she did not understand the intricacies of Trill society, she did know that the symbiont being more or less declared inviable was... well it was one of the worst things a joined Trill could hear. Yara had caught the rest of his explanation to her question and took note of his spots being sensitive even if she didn't realize she had, but she was much more focused on that last little comment he had made.

"It's my worry, really." He clarified as he caught the expression on her face, it was something that he usually thought about after waking up from reliving Hysio's death. He sipped his hot chocolate and let out a slow breath before looking back at his friend. "I just worry that they'll think too just happened with me as host and they wouldn't want to burden another host with the is stupid, but it's something that I worry about."

Yara finished up her cheesecake then set the plate down, exchanging it for her hot chocolate before she sat back and thought about what to say. Words were not something Yara ever put much stock in; she had learned early in life that even the sweetest spoken words could hide poison in lethal doses. Even so, she knew that most people did not think along the same lines as her so she had to make do with the near useless tool. "Well, they would be missing out on a lot of good that comes from you being with Kel, so I don't think you should really be worried about that. You're just having a bit of a rough time."

[To be continued]


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