USS Valkyrie
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It's a Theme - Part 4

Posted on Wed Jul 5th, 2017 @ 11:08am by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Guest Quarters - DS12

He finished off his cheesecake and looked over at her as he shifted around a bit before getting comfortable with his cup, though he knew that positive reinforcement or uplifting speeches were far from being par the course of Yara's typical modus operandi, it still meant a great deal to him that she was trying. Khras was all finished with his treat and cleaning himself while his people talked.

"I think it is just nerves, thinking about the ritual and all...I've been avoiding it for years, I've just been better at avoidance, you know?"

"Which is strange for you, honestly. I mean I understand why you avoid it with what you told me about your past when you were newly joined but usually something like this would be right up your alley." The blonde paused to take a sip of the rich chocolatey drink and thought for another long moment. "Why don't we go to Trill?"

Rafan wasn't so quite to answer as he sat next to her, Khras slinking up into his lap and curling tightly as he trilled a little as his owner began to gently pet him. He sipped his drink as a pensive expression settled over his face, trying to find a suitable answer, though not certain if there was one for him to give. Though he knew that wasn't true, the truth was the perfect answer, but if just felt so lame and unsuitable as an answer to her question.

"Because I've been avoiding it, I thought that if I stayed away then it would make things better somehow...that I wouldn't have to deal with things really."

"Well... the thing is Rafan, I know you have arranged for your zhian'tara to be happening but they haven't gotten back to you with a time yet and well... I can tell how much this is affecting you. Maybe going to Trill they might be able to help you get some temporary relief? I know it isn't ideal but if we can get time to go, it might be helpful." Yara tried. It was really the only thing she could think to do to help him right now.

Rafan blinked as the full weight of Yara's words impacted into his brain, making sense as he sipped his hot chocolate, feeling heat creeping up his neck, curling over his ears and onto his cheeks as he tried very hard not to think about the dream he'd had about Yara on Trill. He continued to drink his confection for a moment longer until he didn't feel like his voice was going to simply come out as a mere squeak. "Well if we could get the time to go, I think it would be very helpful and I would enjoy the company...I know it wouldn't really be a pleasure trip, but maybe you'd let me take you to one of the places I really enjoyed eating growing up..."

"Don't push it, Dapple." Yara replied with a snort and looked down at Khras who looked up at her and chirped, tilting his head to the side. "I'll check with Kincaid in the morning to see if we are going to have enough time... should probably take us ten days there and back if we can get passage on a ship that has clearance to go above warp six... shouldn't be too hard."

"I wasn't trying to push...just thought since I had spent time on Earth, it might be interested to see some of my homeworld and the place makes a very delicious crab stew." He said and set his cup down as Khras slinked out of Rafan's lap, burrowing down into the cushions of the couch and then peaking his head out at Yara as he chirped at her.

"We'll see. I don't even know if we can go, but at the very least you might be able to go yourself." She said and reached a hand out to lay in front of Khras on the cushions but otherwise she didn't move to touch him at all, seeing what he was going to do or if he was in one of his moods where he was just going to hide in her couch.

He leaned in and sniffed at her hand, licking her fingers as he slowly began to pull himself out of the couch, winding himself around her hand and arm as he slowly worked his way into her lap. He curled up tightly, fluffing his feathers before settled and peeking up at her with one eye.

"Uh huh." Yara looked down at the bird dog a moment before she reached down and began to lightly run her fingertips over his body. Lifting her head again, she looked at Rafan and quirked a brow. "You've gone quiet. Are you dead? Seems like that would be the only reason..."

"I'm quite alive, I promise." He said with a smirk, meeting her gaze as he let out a deep breath and reached over to carefully stroke Khras' body. "I was just wanting you and Khras, he has grown very attached to you, claimed you as part of his family group, a behavior common to feather dogs raised in captivity or who somehow become separated from their original family group."

"Should have taught him to make better choices about people." Yara said and gave a shrug, looking down to Khras again. "Thank you for dinner and coming to check up on me. I'd say you didn't have to but you'd do it anyways."

"Of course I would, you are my friend and I do enjoy spending time with you," He said with a smile and listened as Khras started to make his soft, sleeping sounds which was what usually happened after he got to have his favorite treat. "I'm glad that you enjoyed dinner, I figured that it would be a nice little surprise...did you enjoy the rum?"

"I always enjoy rum." She said with a slight smirk and leaned back on the couch as Khras slept in her lap. "So, am I asking in the morning if we can get clearance to go to Trill? We'll spend more time travelling there than actually there I'm sure."

"Oh...umm sure, tomorrow sounds like a really good time to get the wheels grinding along." The Trill said as he looked up at her and then stood up and moved to get their glasses and the last of the rum, pouring an equal portion out for them both before he handed a glass off to Yara and kept one for himself.

"It's actually one of my favorites, though I prefer spiced rum myself." He said to her and sipped his drink.

"Haliian rum is still my favorite. Strong and with a kick that isn't too hard but just enough to make you feel it. You have to be careful with things that don't taste like alcohol... those will get you in trouble in the end." That was something she knew very well and probably a bit earlier than she should have learned. "You'd probably have better luck talking me into alcohol sampling than theme day for dinner."

"Well, alcohol sampling can still go with dinner, best not to drink on an empty stomach." Rafan replied with a smile as he sipped his drink, having learned her preference for the very strong and bright red beverage.

"More fun though." Yara replied with ease and downed the rest of the drink in her hand. "You should take Khras home so he can sleep in his tree. As much as he likes to sleep on people, he's always irritable when he does and I hate for you to sacrifice more brazil nuts for him to use as ammunition."

"He is quite accurate with his ammunition," The Trill replied as he slowly finished off the rest of is drink as he stood and began to tidy up and put away everything that he had brought with him before he came over to put his shoes back on and then coaxed gently coaxed Rafan away from Yara and into the crook of his arm, scratching his head to get him to settle back down.

"I think he'd like it if you came over to visit, Rafan said as he moved over to the island to carefully pick up his bag and sling it over a shoulder.

"We'll see." Yara said and stood to see Rafan off. "I'll let you know what Kincaid says. Be ready to leave quick though, if you're a finicky packer, start when you get back to your room."

"I can pack light," Rafan assured her, smiling as he did so "But I'll get a travel bag together just so I don't have to deal with the hassle later, you okay with me bringing Khras?"

"I think he would be very unhappy if you left him." She replied with a smirk and walked Rafan toward the door slowly. "So I don't see any reason to not bring him unless you'd rather not."

"Nope, I wouldn't dream of leaving my little man home when I am going somewhere, I don't I'd ever be safe from brazil nut projectiles." He chuckled and stopped at the door as Khras yawned and then snuggled into his chest and arm a bit more as his tail wrapped tightly around the Trill's arm.

"Probably not. Thank you again for dinner, I'll get in touch with you tomorrow one way or the other and let you know." She offered and tapped the panel to open the door for him.

"See you tomorrow." He said with a smile, stepping out into the corridor beyond as he headed home, leaving Yara alone in her quarters.


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