USS Valkyrie
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Runaway Jury Rigg

Posted on Tue Jul 18th, 2017 @ 12:36pm by Russell Pound & Ira Sorensen
Edited on on Tue Jul 18th, 2017 @ 12:36pm

Mission: Naglfari
Location: STC Galloway
Timeline: MD01-09:43hrs

The Sorensen Trading Corporation's flagship, the Galloway, was her owner and Captain's pride and joy. She looked like a stock freighter from the outside for the most part, but there were extensive modifications within. The engines had recieved a lot of attention, Ira Sorensen had stumbled upon a young engineer named Russell Pound a couple of years ago in a bar on Risa. He had his problems, mainly related to poor impulse control, but he knew engines inside and out, and his modifications had increased STC's profit margin significantly.

Ira had always had good business sense and had built up STC from nothing, culminating in his purchase of the Galloway. While Russell improved the mechanics, Ira had set about making the ship look professional. He had refitted the bridge extensively, changing it from a basic, harshly lit area into a modern, clean office space. The bridge was often the first thing potential clients saw of STC, so they had to make a good first impression. The rest of the ship was less important, it was the factory floor and the aesthetics there didn't matter so much. Ira too was sure to present himself well. His suit was always crisp and well pressed, giving him the professional appearance that he needed to project.

Ira's chair in the bridge sat behind a large white desk, allowing him to work while being on hand to supervise the day to day ship operations. He had a small office which he used for meetings with clients, but he spent most of his time on the bridge and today was no exception. He was going through expense reports, trying to trim a few extra credits here and there. This current job had this potential to turn into a lucrative contract, an opportunity he didn't want to waste so he wanted to be absolutely certain to make this run as efficient and cost effective as possible.

"Uh, Mister Sorensen?" Came a voice from the front of the bridge, laced with a mix of concern and embarrassment.

"What is it Vennis?" Ira glanced up at the young Grazerite pilot.

"I think we've got a problem." She explained. "I've been trying to make a course correction, but the helm isn't responding."

"What exactly do you mean by not responding?" He asked.

"I can't get it to accept any changes in direction or velocity." She replied.

Ira sighed. Vennis was new to the Galloway and had seemed to be a perfectly well qualified pilot for a ship like this. "All right, bring her out of warp, let's take a look, find out what's going on." They had been making good time and could afford to take a break and still reach Deep Space 12 on schedule. It certainly wasn't worth risking any damage to the ship or cargo.

Vennis tapped a command into the helm. Then again. "I'm sorry Mister Sorensen, she won't stop either."

Ira stood, starting to become concerned now. "Bridge to engineering. What's going on down there Russ?"

Engineering was very different to the bridge. The clean lines and crisp lighting didn't extend to the lower decks, replaced instead by jury rigged modifications and harsh lighting with a slightly yellow tinge, intended to give maximum visibility. The room itself was one of the larger spaces on the ship aside from the cargo bay. The warp core stood upright in the centre of the two story room. It pulsed with a blue energy, with blinking red lights placed all over the casing. There were additional cables and wires attached in a seemingly haphazard fashion, leading to the control console in front of it. That's where Russell Pound was sat.

"I have no idea Ira." He replied, starting up a second diagnostic cycle. "I'm pretty sure this is, like, a software problem, not my hardware."

"I don't really care what caused it at the moment Russ." The owner's voice came over the speaker, sounding annoyed and a little tinny. "I just need you to slow us down and fix it."

"Welllll, that's the thing." The engineer began. "She's stuck in some kind of feedback loop. The controls are locked into simulation mode, but the engines are fully active. In theory, that's not even possible. Not even I'd screw around with those safeties." The diagnostic cycle finished and Russ stared at the results for a moment. "Aww man. Looks like I'm gonna have to reroute the whole control system to get this thing working again."

"How long is that going to take?" Ira asked.

"How long until we arrive at the station?" Russ asked in return.

"Just over eighteen hours at this speed." Ira was beginning to sound concerned. For good reason as it turned out.

"You might wanna put in a call skipper." Russ admitted. "Because that's gonna be a close one. Maybe ask them to move their space station out of our way."

That was not what Ira wanted to hear. As always, they had set a direct course for their destination, which meant that they were now on a collision course for Deep Space 12. "Open a channel to the station." He said reluctantly.


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