USS Valkyrie
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Answering The Call

Posted on Wed Jul 26th, 2017 @ 1:59am by Rear Admiral Eldon Voorhies (Kincaid) & Commander Charles Kincaid (Deceased) & Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel & Lieutenant Commander Emil Nosske (Command)

Mission: Naglfari
Location: USS Valkyrie, Bridge
Timeline: MD01-10:03hrs

The Valkyrie had spent the last few days conducting a scientific survey of a nebula. It was good, solid science and a huge departure from their first assignment. They had time to settle in now, each department had time to get to know each other and grow into their roles. They had spent some time at Deep Space 12, completing their shakedown cruise, restocking and taking on some additional crew, as well as giving the current crew some time to work through some personal issues. The work had gone well, they had gathered some good data on the nebula, which had some fairly unique properties, and Charlie was satisfied with what they had achieved. Above all, it was good to be out in space, in the unknown and exploring a new frontier that nobody had seen before close up.

The Commander had been enjoying his shifts on the bridge, watching the data coming in from their probes, working with the science department to analyse it, amdnjuat watching his crew at work. It had been satisfying as well as enjoyable. Today, he scrolled through the reports on the small console next to the captain's chair, taking stock of what they'd achieved so far.

"Commander, we've got a priority communication coming in from Deep Space 12." Ensign Marwa reported from ops, breaking Charlie's concentration.

"On screen." Charlie replied.

Admiral Eldon Voorhies appeared on the screen, looking concerned. "Commander Kincaid, we have a situation." He began. "We've received a distress call from a civilian freighter, the STC Galloway. They've lost control of their engines and helm and they're on a collision course with Deep Space 12. At their current speed, they'll arrive here in just under eighteen hours. The Valkyrie is our best bet to intercept them before that. The only other option is the Tower Bridge, which will get there less than an hour before impact. I need you to intercept and find a way to stop them. If you can't, were going to have to destroy the ship before they collide with us."

"We'll do everything in our power to stop them sir." Charlie replied, already developing a plan of action in his head.

"We're transmitting their course and information to you now." Voorhies said. "Good luck Commander. Voorhies out."

"Yellow alert, senior officers to the bridge." Charlie announced. There was a lot to do in a short time, and he wanted to get the ball rolling quickly, there was no time to waste. "Blackwater, plot an intercept course and engage at maximum warp."

"Aye, sir." Yara replied from her station, her fingers gliding effortlessly through the motions as the Valkyrie was brought about from their current patrol course and instead headed for the freighter on the collision course for the station. Seemed like there was never a dull day for DS12.

Rafan had just boarded the turbolift with a PaDD in hand containing a more detailed report of the nebula's properties for Kincaid when he heard the announcement come in over the comms. He stepped aboard quickly and aside from Yara, was likely the first of the senior staff to reach the bridge, stepping out on the deck, looking around as he saw that the bridge was now a hive of activity. He moved over to the science station, seeing that they'd been given everything about a civilian freighter, the Galloway.

"Already at my post, Commander and familiarizing myself with the problem." He called to Charlie as he began to quietly read about the ship, crew and what the problem was afflicting them, setting up a countdown timer once he saw that they were on a time table.

Fortunately, shift change was due to occur soon and Jaxisa had already been making her way to the Bridge. As she stepped off the turbolift, she took note of the whirlwind of activity around her. She stepped to the Tactical nook to the Starboard side of the Bridge and tapped the Ensign on the shoulder, "I'll take it from here." As she took her station, she noticed information on a civilian freighter on collision course pulled up on the console. She had already began testing scenarios using the tractor beam effectiveness as well as other shield tricks.

Alket himself had just returned to the ship, the end of a well earned leave that left the man rather refreshed as well as with a more positive outlook than he had weeks before. The Cardassian barely had time to toss his bag into his quarters as he made way to the nearest turbo lift, still in his civilian clothes. "Bridge" he called.

"Kel, Rai, once we get into sensor range, I want a detailed analysis of the Galloway." Charlie ordered. "See if you can find out what's going on with the ship as well as any potential hazards, I want to know as much as possible about what we're going into."

A black pair of dress slacks and a red button up shirt adorned the Cardassian as he stepped out of the lift and he promptly made his way to the empty engineering station, checking ships systems and at a glance taking note the work his teams had been tasked with while he was gone appeared to be completed. "Diverting power to the sensor array and engines, auxiliary power is on standby Captain."

"Yes, sir," Jexisa responded from her tactical nook. She acknowledged the Cardassian entering the Bridge with a nod as she pulled up factory schematics of the type of freighter in question. It wouldn't be exactly right, but a good scan would have to wait until they were in range.

Charlie scanned through the data package that was coming in from DS12 on the Galloway in his console, looking for anything that they could use. "Lieutenant Dahe'el, according to the freighter's itinerary, they stopped at Starbase... 34 five weeks ago. Put in a priority request to them for any scan data they have. If we're extremely lucky they might have been selected for a random security check but it'll most likely be just passive scan data. Compare that to the specs, see if you can work out what modifications they've made." Civilian freighters were rarely left unmodified and any changes they had made could make all the difference in this rescue.

"Aye Captain" he replied, transmitting the request accordingly. "I'll also request all of the freighters model variants blueprints for the ship from the Federation archives as well as any other friendly civilian libraries that can get back to us within the next ten hours. Anything beyond that I don't believe will give us enough time to find a solution." A moment later, Alket pulled up the list of available libraries and transmitted the second request.

"Good, thank you Lieutenant." Charlie caught sight of Commander Nosske entering at the rear of the bridge. There was a slight rise in the tension level, the first officer had not ingratiated himself with most of the crew, and there were a couple of less than positive working relationships. Nonetheless, Charlie brought up a summary of the information they had so far on the console between his chair and the first officer's, allowing Nosske to catch up while the rest of the team worked. "Lieutenant Dahe'el, once you've got the specs, start putting together an engineering team to take over to the Galloway if necessary." He would insist on a security detail going over too, with the trouble that Deep Space 12 had already had, he didn't want to take the chance that this could be more than a simple malfunction.

"Of course Sir, we'll begin preparing immediately." In the back of his mind, the Cardassian wondered just how old the navigational systems and the engines on this freighter really were. That, and how many radiation treatments he and his team would need at the end of this.

"Lietuenant Rai, prepare a security detail to accompany the engineering team." Nosske ordered gruffly as he sat in his chair and quickly tried to catch himself up on what was happening. He had taken the night shift on the bridge, so he had only gotten a couple hours of sleep at best.

"All right everyone, we don't have a lot.of time to prepare for this, so use anything and everything you need to." Charlie said. There was a lot of work to be done in a short time and the better the preparation was, the more chance they had to succeed. "Lets get to work."


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