USS Valkyrie
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Posted on Tue Jul 18th, 2017 @ 11:00am by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Ymoc City Spaceport

It hadn't taken too much convincing on her part for Kincaid to say yes and allow both Rafan and Yara to get out to Trill. She had even managed to finagle them onto a ship that was heading to Draylon III and responding to an emergency there so they had been able to skip the standard warp six travel meaning instead of five days to Trill, they had made it in a little over three when they counted in getting passage from Draylon III to Trill. It would give them a little extra time than the three days that Kincaid and Yara had worked out as being appropriate enough time to get Rafan's problem addressed even if temporarily.

She stepped off the transport with her duffle bag on her shoulder, squinting briefly against the natural light as she came down the ramp. The port was busy and bustling, a nice sight to see for sure. Yara had arranged to stay at a hotel that had decent reviews for her time there, figuring Rafan would probably go and stay with his family. "Well, you're here and you didn't spontaneously combust or implode." She said to the Trill who was following her down the ramp.

Rafan held his hand up in order to shield his eyes from the natural sunlight since he'd just spent most of the trip being subjected to the harsh, bright lights of the commercial ship. It was a change from the highly regulated lighting of the Valkyrie or Deep Space 12, which were more gently regulated and he suspected that it was either a power flow issue or the filament wire or gas was nearing the end of its operational life. "I am here, but scientifically I am missing some of the core components forensically associated with spontaneous combustion such as the wick effect, low mobility because of obesity, or poor health." He said and lowered his hand as he looked over at his friend, knowing that she was going to want to smack him for being so very literal in his interpretation of her statement. Though it was also his way of teasing her since he knew that she could follow what he was often talking about but preferred to have it broken down into layman's terms for ease of explanation.

Khras' hand-like paws were reaching out of the carrier he was in as he chirped pitifully, making it sound like he was about to die from being locked away, having even attempted to plead with Yara to let him out. "As for spontaneous instances of implosion, we would have seen evidence of localized, environmental anomalies before such an event occurred."

"Can't you turn off being a scientist for a minute, Raf?" A Trill woman said as she approached the pair, an easy smirk resting on her long face, in which there was enough resemblance to show that Rafan and this woman were related. Her dark hair was cut boyishly short and slightly spiked, dressed in a vaguely oriental-style and minimalist business suit with a standing collar.

"Reeze!" Rafan said, laughing happily as he rushed over and hugged the woman, seeming to surprise her a moment before she smiled and returned his hug.

Rafan pulled back, smiling warmly as he turned to look at Yara. "Yara, this is my little sister, Reeze Illian. Reeze, this is my friend and shipmate Yara Blackwater."

"A pleasure to meet you, Yara." The Trill woman said with a warm smile as she considered the other woman with her steely gray eyes.

"I'm going to throw something hard at you." Yara said just before the stranger's voice cut in with familiarity toward Rafan. She turned her gaze and took in the other woman with a small amount of curiosity mixed with a dash of her usual annoyance. When Rafan ran to embrace her though, Yara quirked a brow and took a few steps off to the side so she wasn't in the way and listened to Khras' very annoyed screeching as he was jostled about in his carrier. She vaguely remembered Rafan had a couple of sister's and judging by facial similarities and the way they greeted each other this was probably one of - and that moment she realized she was sounding like a scientist in her head and gave a slight snort.

"Nice to meet you too." She replied with all her usual warmth. Looking to Rafan, she adjusted the strap of her bag on her shoulder. "I'll be off now. Enjoy yourself."

"Ummm...actually," Reeze said after clearing her throat as he looked over at the Human woman and smiled as she gently touched her brother's arm "Our mom was actually looking forward to meeting you,"

"She has?" Rafan asked, sounding a little confused since he only talked to his parents about Yara sparingly and mostly just about how she was his shipmate and friend. He listened to Khras and finally set the carrier down as he pulled out the leash and harness so the feather dog could be free, a task that he accomplished, running around and then proceeding to chitter quite animatedly and crossly at his people.

"Why?" Yara asked, her head slowly turning toward Rafan whom she glowered at darkly, wondering what it was he had been telling his mother that made the other woman want to meet her.

"Our mom likes to meet the people he serves with when she has an opportunity, which isn't often given that he hasn't had a duty assignment close to Trill in a while." Reeze said as she looked between Yara and her brother, trying to decide what kind of look it was meant to be that the blonde woman was giving to her sibling.

"It is a free meal, my mom is a pretty good cook..." He offered lamely, knowing that food wasn't likely to lure Yara into meeting his family.

"That's not really my thing. Besides, you should all spend time together while you have the chance not be worrying about some stranger he happens to be on a ship with." Yara said with a shrug and moved again so she could angle herself to not be staring directly into the sunlight. "I'll be fine on my own at the hotel."

"I know you'll be okay, Yara." Rafan said as he looked after his friend, wondering why his mom was really intent on meeting Yara, if she thought there was something more going on between them or not. "I did promise to take you out to one of my favorite places to eat and my mom is a wonderful cook."

Yara's icy green eyes narrowed a bit as she considered Rafan and what he was offering. Family had never really been her forte - her own or anyone else's family for that matter. She didn't really know what to do with them or how to act, but the way Rafan was looking at her was half pleading and it moved her in one way or another. "What time...?" She asked slowly, her voice pained.

"Actually," Reeze said almost sheepishly, though it was a bit too confident to be completely so. "I was supposed to pick you guys up...our mom has been cooking all day with some help from our dad."

"Well...she isn't wasting any time is she?" Rafan asked his sister rhetorically, looking over at Yara as Khras chirped and tilted his head as if trying to understand what was going on.

The pilot levelled another glare at both Trill this time. Now she was feeling plotted against and she did not like that one bit. "They aren't going to try and trap me in your house too, are they?"

"What do you mean by trapped?" Reeze asked as Rafan reached up to pinch the bridge of his nose, he hadn't intended for this to seem like some sort of plot against Yara or something that he had set up in advance. She should know that he wasn't that devious or conniving, that putting her in this situation wouldn't be beneficial to either of them since it would make her feel forced.

"As far as I know, our mom just wants you guys over to the house while you are here on Trill." Reeze said while holding up her hands "Just the messenger, don't shoot me, please...our dad would be heartbroken if something happened to me, he'd have to come out of retirement."

"Wouldn't be you I would be shooting." Yara replied and eyed Rafan pointedly as she shifted her weight from one leg to another. "Fine, we will do dinner but I am going to the hotel after dinner. No 'oh please stay with us' nonsense or anything like that. Clear?"

"I can't promise that my mom won't try that line," Rafan said, knowing that she fully intended to follow up on her threat if she had too and he could sense that she was already starting to regret this trip with him. "I promise that I won't try to do any finagling of the situation further."

Khras then ran over to Yara and climbed up her body to perch on her shoulder, then moved to hide himself beneath her hair, peeking out, trilling softly as he did so. "I know Rafan can't take the transporter, so that's why I came over in one of the company cars..." Reeze offered, motioning to the anti-grav sedan as it rested at the street curb.

Yara let out a long, drawn out sigh as she trudged over to the sedan unhappily, not hardly paying any mind to Khras who seemed to be happy to hide out in her hair except she took hold of his lead which was now draped over her shoulder. She didn't like feeling like this, but over the years Rafan had at least earned a breath of grace from her; though this was going to be it and he would have to work to replenish it after entertaining him to this extent. Not giving either of the Trill a chance to protest, she climbed into the back and settled herself in.

"She's a firecracker," Reeze said and shot her brother a grin as he picked up his things, heading towards the sedan to slip into the back, shaking his head a bit before he climb in back with Yara as he looked at his sister. She moved to climb into the driver seat before they set off for Rafan's home.


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