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Surprises of the Worst Kind - Part 1

Posted on Tue Jul 18th, 2017 @ 11:04am by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel
Edited on on Tue Jul 18th, 2017 @ 11:07am

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Ilian Family Home

The ride hadn't been too bad, there was a little backed up traffic in the skylanes, but for the most part it had been pleasant and Yara would have been rewarded with a stunning view of the Trill homeworld at late afternoon as the sun caused the seas to show off a touch more of their almost subtle purple coloration. Rafan's parents lived seaside, their house wasn't particular expansive but it was eloquently modest with a small greenhouse/biodome attached to the side that appeared to be filled with a thriving ecosystem. "The dome is where my mom does most of her botanical research, she has a number of flower specimens that she created herself."

"Some of her botanical DNA information storage methods have even been applied to the archives on Memory Alpha." Rafan said, point to the dome while trying to share something that he thought Yara might be interested in while Khras lay in her lap on his back.

"Is that where you get your science head from?" Yara asked as she idly stroked Khras with her fingertips. The view was definitely impressive and she was enjoying seeing Trill from this perspective. She had never been here before and it was a beautiful planet, even Yara had to admit that and she was a bit jealous that Rafan's family home was by the sea. There was something about it that was so calming and refreshing, she would enjoy them more though if she had felt comfortable enough to be in the water anymore.

"It is, she was very passionate about science, often playing games with me and my sisters that revolved around some sort of science lesson." Rafan said as they circled the house before descending to the landing pad before the sedan settled down and Reeze turned everything off. Khras trilled gently as Yara stroked his stomach, stirring as the sedan settled down, stretching out until it looked like he might snap in half as he yawned loudly, rolling over and climbing up to the window and looking out as his tail flicked excitedly back and forth.

"My dad but the biodome for her when she became pregnant with me, seems even in the womb I was a bit of a pain cause I'd make her very ill if she tried to use a transporter. So my dad built it so she could work from home." He explained while moving to gather up his stuff and climb out of the car.

"Well, not a shock you'd be a pain at any point in your life." The blonde replied as she coaxed Khras up out of her lap and onto her shoulder, ignoring the beast's chirp of protest as he was removed from the window. Pulling her bag up, she got out of the sedan and looked around, admiring the view again and listening to the violet tinged sea lap up against the shore and rocks not too far away. Maybe in another life she would have enjoyed the prospect of coming here and staying, but she wasn't even in the house yet and she already wanted to leave. "Nice place." She managed to remember, trying not to get too lost in her own head for the moment.

Khras nuzzled her a little before moving to hide in her hair again, peeking out as Rafan took a moment to stare out at the sea and take in the sounds of his home as he heard his father calling out for his mother, his sister Reeze calling out for their parents since she had headed inside almost immediately. "It was nice growing up near the sea, I think it's the reason I love to swim." He said, turning his attention to the doorway as he heard his mother's rather distinctive squeal of joy.

"I am so happy to see you home again!" The older Trill exclaimed as she made her way quickly down the stairs and short walk way to the landing pad; She was slightly shorter than Rafan and her dark hair was streaked through with silver and pulled back in a bun, while she had prominent crows feet beside her eyes, while her skin possessed the look of a person that spent a great deal of time outside under the sun. She was still lithe and possessed a figure that would make many younger women jealous of her as she wrapped her arms around her son.

"I'm not home for very long, just to take care of the business with Commission." Rafan said as he hugged his mother back, she was wearing her cooking apron so he knew that she had been very busy making food.

"Shush, honey...that's for must be Yara?" The older woman said as she looked up at the blonde Human. "And please correct me if I got your name wrong, I've always been terrible with them, faces I'll remember til the day I die but names have always been elusive for me."

"No, that's right." Yara said, standing with her arms crossed in a very closed off posture, not one she was doing consciously but it did communicate her feelings of 'do not touch me' quite clearly - at least to most people. "You have a... very nice home." The tall blonde knew what the words were supposed to be, but she still felt very strange actually saying them, like they were a foreign language on her tongue and lips.

"Home again, finally?" Torin's voice came from the door where he stood and offered a smiled to his son.

"Hey dad," Rafan said, smiling back at his father as Khras' peeked out a little more and chittered softly as more of the Illian clan began appearing "I'm home for a couple of days, dealing with some Commission business and I thought that I'd take some time to see you and mom."

Mirim cleared her throat a little as her attention went back to her son. "My sisters too," He added quickly "Just figured they might be busy is all."

"Busy for the golden boy's return home? Mother wouldn't hear of it." Jessara said blandly from the door, leaning against it after Torin had moved out to hug his son. "No she made sure everyone came over to see Rafan while they have the chance to."

"You're doing well?" Torin asked, grabbing Rafan by the shoulders and holding him at arm's length as he inspected his only living son. "You look well. Staying out of trouble?" For the moment, he didn't even acknowledge Yara's existence, much too interested in Rafan as he hadn't seen him in so long.

"I am doing alright dad and I'm only getting into the kind of trouble I'd find with Starfleet." Rafan said, smiling at his father and seemingly a little embarrassed by the sudden attention that was being placed upon him as he turned his attention to his sister. "Looking as pristine and orderly as ever, Jess...I read the last paper you published on the genetics of symbiosis and the possibility of genetic transfer between host and symbiont after joining. I found it to be quite fascinating and promising."

He smiled at her and then turned his attention to Yara, shifting his father's attention to her as well. "This is my friend, Yara Blackwater, she's the helmsman for the Valkyrie where we both serve."

It was at that point that Khras crawled out onto Yara's shoulder completely and chirped happily at the assembled members of Rafan's family. "And of course you all already know Khras."

"How is my adorable boy?" Mirim asked as she reached up to gently scratch under the feather dogs beaked chin.

[To be continued]


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