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Surprises of the Worst Kind - Part 2

Posted on Tue Jul 18th, 2017 @ 11:05am by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel
Edited on on Tue Jul 18th, 2017 @ 12:44pm

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Ilian Family Home

Yara watched as Khras gave a chirp then skittered down Mirim's arm to nuzzle into the older female Trill. She was already feeling on edge so she didn't blame the blue creature for abandoning her when given the chance to go to someone even vaguely familiar. She had remained standing there quiet and closed off, but dropped her arms as Torin moved closer and extended his hand. At least he wasn't trying to hug her.

"Torin Ilian. Nice to meet you, Yara." He greeted her with a smile.

"Likewise." Yara replied gruffly and clasped the man's hand with a firm grip. He was surprised by it, but to his credit he said nothing.

Jessara walked out with the rest of them slowly, a slight swing to her hips. "Our grandparents and cousins are very excited to see you too." She offered with a slight smirk to Rafan.

Rafan paled a little and then glanced over at Yara, knowing that this was becoming much more than the simple little trip so he could take a dip in a pool and get all huggy-feely with Hysio, as she would have put it. This was way more than she had signed up for and very much more than he had been expecting, he had visited a just a little more than a year ago, they had all been good and he hadn't said or done anything to indicate that there was anything beyond a mere platonic relationship with Yara. "I'm looking forward to seeing them too." He said, recovering a little as he glared daggers at his sister a little.

"So mind if we head inside, we could get some drinks and say hello to everyone." He suggested as his mother covered her mouth and then ran off back towards the house like it was on fire. "She left something on the stove again, didn't she?"

"Probably." Jessara said with a shrug as she moved over to Yara. The human woman was a good six inches taller than she was but Jessara didn't seem to care. "So, are you sleeping with my brother?"

Yara glared down at the Trill for a moment then slowly lifted her head and stared daggers at Rafan. She did not appreciate any of this in the slightest. "Yeah, I think I'm just going to go to my hotel." She said and took a step back.

"Smooth Jessara." Rafan said as he turned his briefly to his sister and then his attention fully on Yara, placing himself between them as he looked at his friend "Just ignore her, I only told my mom that I'd be coming here with a friend and my sister...she is a very blunt person when it comes to people, brilliant scientist, but she'd make a very poor counselor or public relations manager."

"I'd like it if you stayed for dinner, but I'll understand if you just want to go to the are my friend and you are welcome here, they are just curious about the people in my life."

Jessara just gave a shrug and turned to head back inside, a sigh from Torin following her. "Rafan is right... Jessara lacks a lot of the social skills and politeness; her mother and I tried very hard but it never retained. Please just try to ignore what she said - it isn't any of our business either way. Please stay for dinner if you feel up to it, I promise my wife's cooking will make up for all of this."

Yara let out a sigh and pinched the bridge of her nose, her eyes closed and her jaw working slightly. She wanted to blame Rafan for all of this, but he genuinely seemed as surprised about it as she was. Though really she was more upset, less surprised. "Fine... I will stay for dinner but know I am not a talkative person and too much poking and prodding about me is just going to irritate me. Rafan can tell you I am not pleasant when I am happy, so you can imagine how I am when I am not."

"She really isn't pleasant when you get her irritated." He confirmed to his father, looking back to Yara a moment and then smiled as a thought came to mind. "Dad, do you still have that bottle of Saurian rum you were letting age from our visit to Earth?"

"I think I do, why?" Torin asked and looked back over to Rafan with a raised brow.

"Well I think that it might help smooth things over a little better and you did promise to share it with me when I was older." Rafan said, smiling at the older Trill, doing his best to work it so that it didn't seem like he was attempting to placate Yara by doing this. "I think this might be the perfect time to finally open up the bottle to see how well it has aged, I mean I did get a Saurian feather dog for a reason."

"Well yes, I suppose you did. I can get it for us then just don't tell your mother. She has been on me about drinking because I got drunk for the first time in over twenty years last month when I went out with my team after a successful project." He looked toward the house and made a slightly sour face. "But I would be happy to share it with you and Yara both. Let's go inside." He smiled and squeezed Rafan's shoulder before he headed into the home he had designed and built years ago.

"I am not sharing." Yara muttered under her breath and shifted the strap of her bag a bit.

Rafan smirked as he followed after his father, pausing to turn and look at his friend and motioned with his head towards his childhood home "I'm sure that my dad has some more alcohol that he's more than happy to part with, especially if my mom has been getting on him about drinking too much, so no sharesies."

"Oh no. I'm taking the good stuff if you're going to make me suffer through this nonsense." Yara replied and waved her hand absently toward the door. "If people start poking at me though I'm not going to promise I won't start breaking fingers."

"If they start poking, I'll just redirect them to me, but I am getting at least a few fingers of the rum cause I was promised that much at least at the time." He replied and chuckled some. "They love to poke and prod me for all sorts of information about my life, so it should be pretty easy."

"Let's get it over with then." Yara replied and gave him a push into the house.

He recover and moving into the house as the smells of fresh cooking food; a menagerie of succulent aromas that caressed the senses as the sounds of people talking gave the sense that this was a home brought to life again by the presence of these people. As they moved into the house, passing through the small and modestly decorated courtyard with its many varieties of vibrant and colorful flowers with the small fountain in the center that gurgled happily, it was evident to see that it was something of an impromptu family reunion that brought Rafan up short. As he took in the faces in the living room, it was obvious by his expression that he hadn't seen some of these people in years, if not longer.

"Rafan, you are looking well." An older male Trill said, he was tall and leanly built like Rafan, his spots a touch lighter, his short cropped dark hair was salted through with a generous sprinkling of silver, as was his goatee. He stood in a rather precise manner and the lines and creases of his suit were sharp, though he was wearing civilian clothes, it was obvious that he was some sort of military officer.

"Uncle Odon, what did my mom have to promise you to get you away from the PDF headquarters?" Rafan asked, his tone was warm and familiar as he hugged the older man tightly, surprising Odon a moment before he returned it.

[To be continued]


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