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Surprises of the Worst Kind - Part 3

Posted on Tue Jul 18th, 2017 @ 11:05am by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel
Edited on on Tue Jul 18th, 2017 @ 11:08am

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Ilian Family Home

"She just promised me some of her delicious home cooking." The older Trill said and turned his attention to Yara once he'd stepped back and then gave her a warm, welcoming smile "You must be Yara, a pleasure to meet you."

"Yara, this is my uncle, Odon Alon." He said, making introductions to between the pair "He's a commander with Trill's Planetary Defense Force and is analyst at the Trill Institute for Interstellar and Strategic affairs."

"Uncle, Yara is the Chief Flight officer aboard the Valkyrie and my best friend."

"Apparently I've been promoted to best friend since I walked through the door." Yara quipped dryly, reaching out to take the older Trill's hand. "Nice to meet you, sir." For her, just Yara was fine. She had no trouble not claiming the Blackwater name - truth be told she probably should have changed it years ago but the rest of her family, her aunt and cousins... and none of her uncles... her uncles were actually terrible. It must have been a trait of male Blackwaters, though thankfully it hadn't seem to pass down to the cousins.

"Cousin! It is good to see you again." Deonis said as he moved in, a suave grin on his face as he clapped Rafan on the back though his gaze immediately drifted to Yara and his eyes lidded a bit. "And who is this lovely creature you have brought with you?"

Yara rolled her eyes, "He's worse than you."

"Please, call me Odon...I get enough of the sir business on duty, Yara." He said and was about to say something more when Deonis moved in to heartily hug his cousin, drawing a slight sigh and roll of his eyes at his son's behavior. "Give the woman at least a chance to breath before you start trying to charm her, Deonis."

"It's good to see you too, Doenis." Rafan replied as he stepped back from the other man to take him in, he looked a bit worse for wear, but then again he looked mostly happy and healthy. "This my cousin Deonis Alon, he's an...independent trader and purveyor of all things fantastic and least that was the last line he was dropping on people the last that I heard it."

"Purveyor yes... but lover as well." He said as he slid over to Yara and gave another charming smile, reaching out to take her hand to kiss it but was left blinking when Yara pulled her hand back and instead placed two fingers on his forehead and gave him a push away.

"Barking up the wrong tree there, Casanova." She said with a snort.

"Move out of the way. I want to see my grandson." Came the old, weather voice of Paila Alon as she brushed past Odon. She was quite a short woman, barely coming up to Rafan's chest but she did not seem to mind at all as she beamed up at him. Her face was weathered, but there was still touches of her youthful beauty to her, especially in her intelligent and sparkling eyes. "Ah Rafan... you are looking well."

"Gamma!" He exclaimed excitedly and let his belonging drop to the floor as he wrapped his arms tightly around the old woman and them carefully picked her up just as she used to do to him before setting her back down on the ground. "I missed seeing you the last time I was out here, mom said that you were doing well on a trip to Risa with granpa."

He smiled and then turned his attention to Yara to make introductions. "Gamma, this is Yara, the woman I serve with aboard the Valkyrie and my best friend."

"Yara, this is my gamma, Paila Alon."

"Well you know your grandfather... still insatiable after all these years." Paila replied with a slight smirk.

"I heard that!" Myn piped up from his chair, waving his cane about slightly before he too stood and walked over toward Rafan. "It was your gamma's idea to go to Risa, not mine." He said as he looked down at his wife.

Paila pursed her lips and poked her husband in the side, causing him to jump a bit and glare down at her. "I am glad you are home, we have missed you so much and we want to hear all about what you have been up to. Your friend looks very nice, how long have you known each other?"

Yara had shrugged her bag off by the door and was now leaning against the wall looking slightly pained and very much in need of copious amounts of alcohol to even begin to deal with this. The image of Rafan’s centenarian grandparents on Risa was… well she needed a drink or two. "Not long enough for this..." She muttered under her breath.

"We've known each other for a few years now," He said and smiled at his accumulated family, looking around for his dad and then back to his grandma as he took her hand to squeeze it gently. "I'm only here for a few days to deal with some Commission business, but I'm going to be staying here and I would love to spend some time with you and granpa...though most of what I've been doing has been pretty boring as of late. Just lots of asteroid and space dust catalogs with a few planetary surveys."

Yara watched Rafan interact with his family, relieved to see that aside from his mother and creepy cousin, they seemed much more interested in Rafan than in her - at least for the moment. It definitely felt like she was outside looking in on something normal and nice, but it also felt like something she shouldn't be indulging in viewing so she looked away after a moment, focusing on a piece of artwork on the wall which would have seemed normal to everyone else but Rafan as her friend knew she hated looking at art outside a sparing glance or two.

Jessara smirked as she looked at her older brother, standing over by one of the couches as he was swarmed by their grandparents and uncle. "I told you that you should have never joined Starfleet unless you were sure to get some sort of interesting mission. That's what you get for not listening to me."

"I've receive plenty of scientifically interesting missions during my time with Starfleet and I've been a guest lecturer at the Academy for their first contact courses." He said and then smirked

"And yet you still study dust whenever it suits the desire of your superiors." Jessara replied with a smirk and took a sip of her drink. "You may have a lot, Rafan, but at least I have the freedom to study what I want when I want."

"Oh I don't know, Rafan manages pretty handily to do what is asked of him as well as what he wants." Yara piped up quietly, but loud enough to be heard by Jessara who pursed her lips slightly in response.

Rafan turned his attention back to the Yara and smiled at her quiet defense against of him against his sister.

Their relationship had been a bit more than simple sibling rivalry and had often been quite intense, only becoming more so when Rafan was taken to Earth by their father and groomed as the heir apparent to the family business. Though when he became joining candidate and joined Starfleet...things became pointedly Jessara against Rafan, with her working to outshine him scientifically. When it became known that he had taken part in first contact and cultural missions with Starfleet, she had volunteered to head any Trill mission that would allow her to match his accomplishments.

So far she had yet to be offered a professorship at the Daystrom Institute and her applications to empty positions had all been rejected.

"Now, now," Mirim chided her children in that firm, motherly tone "We will not be going for each other's throats over your accomplishments, I am very proud of both of you for what you have managed to achieve for yourselves. That is not what science is for, it is for the expansion of knowledge and the enrichment of the future, just as I laid the foundations of those that would follow me, you are laying the foundations of those who will follow you."

Yara looked to Mirim as she chided her children then finally moved from where she was standing, heading toward the kitchen. She paused as she moved next to Jessara, turning her head to look at the other woman and quirked a brow. "Too bad your mother's sense didn't rub off on you." She said and then just continued on her way into the kitchen to help with the rest of the set up to hopefully hasten the process.

Jessara for her part sneered after Yara then looked to Rafan. "Aren't you people in Starfleet supposed to have manners?"

"We are taught plenty of manners, but everyone who wears a uniform is their own unique individual and those differences are embraced for the diversity that they bring." Rafan said to his sister, smiling sweetly at her as he hugged their mother before moving into the kitchen to see if there was any way that he could help, leaving Yara to spar with his sister.

This hadn’t been the plan.


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