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Family Matters - Part 1

Posted on Tue Jul 18th, 2017 @ 11:36am by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Ilian Family Home

The late afternoon sun had finally settled below the horizon and allowed the blanket of night to settle over the Illian family villa as the sounds of dinner and conversation had petered off. Save for Jessara's pointed barbs at her brother, the evening had been quiet and pleasant for the Trill family and they had tried to do their best to make Yara feel welcome and not feel as if she were an outsider intruding into their lives. That had been met with mixed results given Yara predilection towards antisocial behavior. For his part, Rafan was all smiles and seemed quite happy to be having dinner with his family, practically eating his weight in everything that they had to offer on the table, something that his mother confirmed still hadn't changed and Reeze jealously ribbed him over.

Torin had invited Yara and his son out to the dimly lit patio where he finally poured everyone a glass of Saurian rum, pulling out a cigar for himself as Rafan moved over to one of the lounge seats to relax as he looked up at the stars. "Dinner was excellent as ever...I swear mom and Papa Rix's cooking just keeps getting better." He said and looked over at his father before turning his attention to Yara.

Yara had made it through the dinner more or less unscathed. Her typical one or two word answers in the face of the Trill family's questions had eventually gotten the message through that she was not a talker and didn't really like being here, so they had focused their attentions on Rafan and each other. The meal had been quite good even she had to admit. There hadn't been much Trill cuisine in her life - even on the occasion Rafan made their dinners, he tended to stick to Earth cuisines and she figured that was mostly for her benefit. As Rafan and Torin lounged on the chairs, Yara was up and leaning against the railing around the patio, lightly clutching her drink in her fingertips and sipping the fine rum now and then.

"I must say, I don't think I've ever seen Jessara shut down so handily before." Torin offered to the tall blonde human, tilting his head a bit as he regarded her.

"It's a specialty of mine." Yara replied flatly.

Rafan sat quietly in his seat as his father puffed at his cigar, the tip flaring brightly as he inhaled after receiving her answer.

"Yara tends to be a bit of a direct person, cuts through the bullshit as they say on Earth." He said and smiled as he looking at her standing on the balcony, trying to keep his mind of wandering off into any kind of imagining that it didn't need to wander and linger in. "I've come to greatly value her opinion."

Torin nodded slightly, taking another drag off his cigar and blowing out easily into the crisply cool night air. "Well, I'm glad you've found someone who has some success in grounding you it seems." He said and looked over to his son with a bit of a smile. While Torin had always been disappointed in Rafan's choice of career in not following his footsteps as an architect, he did love his son and simply wanted him to be happy. He had caught the way he had been looking at Yara and turned his head to quirk a brow at Rafan.

"She likes to say that cats would often be easier to herd than I am." The younger Trill said with a slight chuckle as he sipping his drink and relaxed back into his seat, enjoying the night air and forgetting just how nice it could be here. Though he could remember quite clearly why he tended to keep away from his home, at present it wasn't seemingly so pressing that he stay away.

"Well, they are." Yara replied, briefly glancing over her shoulder toward Rafan. She was going to speak again, but a familiar pattering sound got her attention - she had heard that enough on her windows and doors over the past couple years to know exactly what it was. She turned back to the patio door and opened it, Khras chittering in irritation though he immediately scampered out and climbed up Yara's body to perch on her shoulder.

"I believe you... though I am glad you are a friend to my son. As much as it may seem unlikely, he sorely lacks them." Torin said and watched the feather dog settle in on Yara's neck. "Seems his pet likes you well enough too."

"Khras is very fond of Yara," Rafan confirmed to his father as he watched his feathered companion snuggling with his other person. "I tried to convince her to adopt one of his kits, but she told me that Khras was enough for her."

"One Khras is sometimes too much." Yara replied with a snort, prompting the creature to trill slightly as he began to nuzzle her neck and jaw, trying to prove just how cute and irresistible he was. Efforts that Yara more or less ignored the effort and took a sip of her drink.

Torin chuckled slightly and shook his head, putting out his cigar to smoke again later. "Well, I am going to go back inside and help clean up so your mother doesn't kill me. It was good to meet you, Yara, I hope we see you again."

"Nice meeting you too." Yara replied, though obviously it was a simple nicety more than anything.

Rafan stood up and moved over to the railing as he reached up to gently stroke his feathery pet once his father stepped inside and shut the door, turning his attention to the sea beyond as he considered the view. "I honestly had no idea that his was being planned, if I had known all of my living family was going to be here, I wouldn't have subjected you to that."

"It's fine, Rafan. I could tell you had no idea." Yara said and finished off her drink. It was not a look that was common about her, but in that moment Yara looked tired and drawn again, much more so than anyone of her age should have reason to look. "You're lucky to have them, you know."

"I know...I just haven't felt connected to them after Hysio started acting up." He said honestly and turned his attention to look through the window at his parents as they worked in the kitchen before turning to look back out over the water as he glanced briefly over at Yara. "I have something that a lot of other people don't have..."

"You can't let Hysio ruin your life, Rafan." Yara said softly and looked out to the water. "I know he did a number on you, but you're going to have to be willing to work on it."

"That's why we came here so I can take a dip in the pool and at least acknowledge him." He said, paraphrasing something that the blonde had said to him on the trip over from DS12. "I'm willing to work on it cause I know something's got to change or I'm just replaying a terrible bout of insanity that I should have myself committed to deal with."

"You say that like you shouldn't have yourself committed anyways." Yara replied with a tired smirk and moved to refill her glass of rum. Now that she was being left alone and in the relative quiet, she wasn't in an entire rush to leave the peace of the seaside home.

[To be continued]


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