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Family Matters - Part 2

Posted on Tue Jul 18th, 2017 @ 11:37am by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel
Edited on on Tue Jul 18th, 2017 @ 12:43pm

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Ilian Family Home

He couldn't help but chuckle a little as he watched her refilling her glass as Khras carefully moved down her arm and began to sniff curiously at the drink in her had, chirping before turning his head to look at Yara and then at Rafan as if asking permission. "I think you are a little young for that, mister."

"He's five years old." Yara replied and looked down to Khras. "I don't think you're going to like it though." She dipped her fingertip into the glass and offered it up to Khras' beak. "Here."

Khras sniffed at Yara's alcohol covered fingertip and then gently started to nibble at it before he pulled back and started to rub his beak against her arm and then scampered back up her arm and peaked out around her neck and chittered softly at the glass in her hand. "She did warn you, young man."

"Yes, yes I did." Yara said, unable to help but chuckle at the animal as he vocally told her exactly what he thought of his little sampling. Sighing softly, she moved back over to the railing and leaned on it. "You know why I knew what that rabbit was on the ship?"

"I've done my research since we've been back, but I can only speculate as to your own personal familiarity with it." He said, turning his attention to her as he sipped his drink, taking in her expression as her features and hair were frost softly by the pale moonlight from Trill's bright, full moon.

Yara took a deep breath and rolled her glass around in her hand, looking out to the water again for a long moment. "I used to have one like it when I was little for all of six hours. I won it at school and when I brought it home, my father was less than impressed."

Rafan frowned as he listened to her sharing a small fragment of her past with him, not something she had ever done or seemed inclined towards doing but from the way she spoke, it wasn't a pleasant memory. "You did well in school though, it was a reward for that..." He began, he wasn't daft, no matter what some people might have thought of him. It bothered him thinking of someone being mean to her, even to a little Yara when he could conceivable do nothing about it, he didn't like the thought of someone treating Yara less than the remarkable individual that she was.

"Though I suspect by your tone that there was more to his being less than impressed by your accomplishment."

"I thought he would be proud of me because I won it over the other kids in my class - we had to learn a song for the day and I did so the quickest and best out of everyone. He said learning a song wasn't something to be rewarded so he took the rabbit and ripped it in two right in front of me." Yara said and downed the rest of her rum before giving a long sigh.

"But that is, you showed that you were the best in your class." Rafan replied, frowning as he thought about this and found that he had gained a small insight into his friend, especially since that kind of negative reinforcement at such a formative point in her childhood would help to inform the rest of her world view. He moved over to where the bottle was sitting and brought it over to Yara to refill her glass, making Khras chitter some. "I'm sorry that he did that, Yara."

"Eh, he was an unapologetic asshole that deserved so much more than what he got in the end." She replied with a slight shrug and ran a finger around the rim of her glass.

"Sounds like he would have been right at home with some of the people that Hysio argued against." He said and set the bottle down on the ground as he lean on the railing and looked down at the sea. "So that was why you wanted me to keep it?"

"I figured it was more important to you than to me, honestly, considering what you did with it." She said and turned, pushing herself up to sit on the railing and look down at Rafan. "Never take your family for granted, even if your sister is irritating beyond belief."

Rafan was quiet as she stood there with her, not meeting the blonde woman's gaze since he was rather guilty of doing just that with his extended absences from them and what could be considered avoidance of interacting with them when it wasn't on his schedule. "Jessara is Jessara. She's a hyper-rational overachiever, probably one of the brightest minds that Trill has to offer...I'm honestly proud of what she has achieved." He said, sipping his drink again.

"Yeah well... maybe you should tell her that once in awhile?" Yara offered and downed her freshly poured drink in one long motion, sucking in a breath of air as it burned all the way down.

"I'm pretty certain that she would find it illogical that a scientific rival would be proud of her accomplishments." He replied, looking down into his own glass before downing it as he coughed a little and stood up, feeling the burning heat left behind by the course of the alcohol. "Maybe I'll tell her after I've dealt with what I need to deal with here."

"I think you might be surprised. There was a day where I would have given anything to hear my older brothers give me a compliment like that." She said and reached out to get the bottle, grumbling a bit as she had to slide down to the patio floor again to actually get it.

"I could have gotten that for you, unless it was all part of the plan to take a seat...if that was the case, we have chairs you could sit in." He said with a smirk, trying very hard not to chuckle.

"Don't make me hurt you." She snorted, looking at the bottle a moment before abandoning her glass and just taking it with her. She hopped the short fence of the patio and began to walk down toward the water, following the path down from the villa.

Rafan jumped up and moved to follow his friend as she made her way down towards the nearby beach and dark, shimmering plane of water as he wondered if she was going to try and go swimming or if she was going to just flop down on the beach and sleep there. It wasn't an entirely bad place to nod off, he and his sisters had done it on more than one occasion growing up, but Yara had never struck him as the beach kind of girl, though he also hadn't ever seen her near the sea while she was drunk either, so there was that.

"Y'know, you're lucky you lived by the beach. I lived on a marine base. It was awful." Yara remarked as they walked along the well kept pathway. "Lots of yelling." She took another drink out of the rum bottle and just continued to walk even when the ground under her shifted to the soft whitish sand of the shoreline. "Why is your water purple? It's weird."

[To be continued]


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