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Family Matters - Part 3

Posted on Tue Jul 18th, 2017 @ 11:39am by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Ilian Family Home

"It is a very long winded and science-y explanation, but to put it simply the purple hue of our water comes from the chlorophyll present in our phytoplankton in their photosynthetic process reflect varying degrees of red and blue light instead of green like on Earth." He said, being quite succinct for himself, given his tendency to ramble on and on when it came to a scientific subject. "Light refraction and other such things, etcetera and so on and so forth."

The tall blonde glanced over at him like he had suddenly sprouted two heads but she shrugged it off and squatted down to remove her shoes and socks then roll up her pants to just below her knee. Yara's knowledge of science was what had been enough to get her through the Academy, but afterward it had been something she had let go of quickly and it seemed when she was drunk she either couldn't or just refused to grasp even the simplest of scientific concepts. Grabbing the bottle of rum, she stood again and made her way down toward where the waves were splashing up against the shore.

"It's weird, purple water." Rafan said with a shake of his head while he gathered up her shoes and socks, tucking them away neatly as he smiled and watched her as she approached the tide line. He watched her as she took swigs from the bottle and moved closer to the water until it was washing over her feet, the night sounds of the alien world surrounding them as he took off his own shoes and socks before rolling up the legs of his pants as he approached standing side by side. "I could imagine that a base would be rather noisy given all the training going on."

"Awful place." She reiterated and took another long drink of the rum before she offered him the bottle to share. "Though I suppose I came away from it with my skill in flying. My father started me as soon as I was tall enough to sit at the console in a standard chair."

He accepted the bottle and took a drink as he looked out over the water and considered this, a little confused as to why her father would do such a thing, taking another sip as he considered the dark water that would be a clear, dark purple in the morning and slowly fade into a lovely lilac by the time that the water warmed up. The summer was really his favorite season on Trill because that was when you saw the most variation in the waters, it made him smile as he looked over at Yara. "It helped to develop, or even over develop, your hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness I suspect, though I'd have to have seen medical scans of you at that age to compare to your development now to make a conclusive statement about that."

"Well, I didn't just pop out from my mother knowing how to pilot." Yara shrugged a bit and sighed as the cool water lapped up against her feet and calves. "My father took great pride in being able to instruct even his poor, unintelligent daughter how to be a good pilot. I'll never forget the look on his face when I told him I was enrolling to be an officer in the general fleet and not going to the marines as he had laid out for my life."

"You aren't an unintelligent woman, Yara." Rafan said as he looked over at her, his brow furrowing into a frown as he listened to her, as an anthropologist he understood that daughters were often viewed poorly because they wouldn't progress the paternal line and that sons were considered to be of greater value in societies that valued such things. "Though I suspect that the look on his face was rather priceless given what little I know of the Blackwater progenitor."

"Oh I know I'm not." She said and looked back over to him briefly. "I am more intelligent than my brothers, maybe more so than my father was at this point, I don't know. You'd probably would have found it interesting, I'm sure there were a few new shades of red that evolved."

"If he was an unrepentant asshole, as you so eloquently put it once," He said while taking a drink from the bottle and handing it back to her and looked up at the moon as it shone down on them. "I'm sure that there were more than a few new shades created that day...though if he was also like so many other authoritarian rulers, by declaring your own path destroyed more of who he was than he would have ever let on...sorry, I know you hate the psycho-analyzing...just a bit tipsy."

"Oh I don't care if you psychoanalyze other people, just not me." Yara said with a wave of her hand. "I think he was destroyed when I came out with a distinct lack of dangly bits, but he was one of the top generals of the marines. Too much scrutiny on him to do anything but grin and bear it, but I did get a distinct pleasure from finally cutting the ties from my family when I enrolled in the Academy."

He nodded and took another drink from the bottle, sighing as he tipped his head back as he close his eyes in order to just stand there and listen to the soft lapping of the water on the shore. "Power has always had a way of eliciting the most unsavory of behaviors in those that have it, I suppose it was important for him to have multiple children for a reason, yes?"

"Boys, not just children." The blonde corrected him, her voice more than a little bitter and not quite as clear and biting as it usually was. "My father wanted three sons so that he could train up an elite flight for the Marines made up entirely of his blood. It was going to be his legacy." Pausing, a rueful smile appeared on her face. "I remember when I was eight and I had done something that had upset him, he told me that the only reason why I was even here was because the doctors were wrong about my sex."

This gave Rafan pause.

Abortion procedures were not illegal or marked with the moral stigma of infanticide the way that they had been in Earth's history, but the procedure was very rarely carried out and only in the most extreme of circumstances since there were alternative options should a parent decide that they didn't want a child. He knew of some cultures, specifically highly religious ones whom still held the practice as sacrilegious and almost as terrible as the crime of heresy. Though to so casually mention to an eight year old that her existence was due to merely a medical error turned his stomach.

"What of your mother? Did she do anything to protect you?"

"Honestly I suspect the reason why I am alive is because she lied to my father and told him I was a boy. He never went to any medical appointments for his children nor the births. My mother... wanted a daughter to play with. She had her own issues." Yara sighed out and then polished off the rest of the bottle of rum. She was definitely drunk, she knew she was drunk; she was hot and everything was hazy and she was sad. She was always sad or angry when she was drunk. "I don't think she ever lied to him before that, she didn't have the courage, so he took it at her word."

[To be continued]


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