USS Valkyrie
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Family Matters - Part 4

Posted on Tue Jul 18th, 2017 @ 11:40am by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Ilian Family Home

He frowned again, he could hear her words slurring as she spoke as she stood there, her skin was flushed.

Yara was drunk, he hadn't ever seen her like this before and he wondered why now or if she was just tired and seeming him with his family had dredged up her own demons to the surface. "I can't imagine that her lie sat well with him,"

"Never found out from all I can tell." Yara said with a shrug. "Hell I can't even prove it but I also know that something like that it is extremely rare for it to be wrong... I'm not that unique so she must have just lied. She lost interest when my father forbade me from wearing... girly things." She said, unable to grab the words dress or skirt right in that moment.

Rafan nodded as he felt himself swaying with the motion of the water against his legs as he stood there listening, lulling him the way that he remembered during his initiate training, the meditation pools. He let out a deep sigh as he brought himself back to the moment and leaned his head back slowly "I'm sorry that you had an asshat for a father and a mother than just wanted you for her own reasons."

"It's okay." She replied then stifled a hiccup. Taking a few steps backward, she unceremoniously plunked herself down in the sand just out of the way of the waves. "That was really tasty rum."

"Well it should be...was like ten years old when my dad got it on Earth...aged another twenty something years after that..." He said and moved to follow Yara as he sat down on the beach and then laid back. "My first bottle of Saurian was good."

"Uh huh." She breathed out softly then looked around. "We lost Khras at some point... hope he just went back to the house."

"It seems we did." Rafan said as he pushed himself up with a groan and started looking around for his feathery companion, though without much luck since it didn't seem like the little beast had followed them down to the shore. "I don't think he would have wandered away from the house..."

Yara let out a mirrored groan but unlike Rafan, she just collapsed back in the sand, uncaring that it was just going to get everywhere. "Khraaaass!" She called out loudly, her voice carrying surprisingly well considering they were next to the sea. "I am way, way too drunk to go looking for him."

Rafan sighed and tried to push himself up, but only managed to stay on his knees as he looked around before they were able to hear a familiar chirping and chittering before a familiar sinewy form came running down the beach towards them. The feather dog came running up to Rafan and scampered all over him, sniffing and inspecting him before looking over at Yara and screeched as he all but pounced on her and started sniffing at her face, his hand-like paws pattering against her skin.

"What? What? Stoppit." Yara grumbled and turned her head away from his paws and reached up to pick him up and hold him above her in the air. "You're the one that ran off. I don't want to hear it."

Khras squirmed and tried to get free before his tail wrapped around her arm and he held onto her hand as Rafan let out a deep sigh before lying down on the ground next to the both of them and reaching up for Khras and pulled him down to his chest and started to gently stroke him. "You did wander off, mister..."

Khras alternated between trilling contently and chittering in irritation at Rafan, but he had kept his tail tightly wound around Yara's arm. Too tired and inebriated to really muster up the will to fight him, Yara just let her arm be dragged over, lying over top of Rafan's arm and partially on his chest. "So when are you going to the Commission?" She finally asked.

"Tomorrow afternoon...ish." He replied while alternating gently between scratching and stroking the feather dog's head as he seemed to be quite content for the present with the attention that he was getting. "If you come along, you get to see me in the meditation gown."

"Might be worth seeing you in a pretty dress." Yara said with a smirk and rubbed at Khras' lower back with her fingers. "Are outsiders even welcome though?"

"Not in the pools or cave, no." He confirmed, his words slurring a bit but he was far, far too comfortable to want to even bother moving as he continued gently stroke Khras' head, who was quite content and was even starting to settle down to sleep. "But the complex built around the caves, you can be there without anyone being bothered by it."

"I s'pose if you want me there I can come." She shifted a bit and tried to move her arm only to feel Khras tighten his tail around her. He was an awfully strange creature; he suited his owner.

"I'd like you to be there." Rafan replied, his hands just resting over Khras now and not moving as he felt the feather dog settling down on his chest as he held tightly to Yara's arm, keeping her close to his owner.

"Mmm... okay." The drowsiness was starting to creep into her voice and she let out another sigh, closing her eyes slowly to the view of Trill's night sky. "S'gonna be alright."

"'ll be okay, I trust that..." He said, drifting off as he started to doze off and fall asleep on the beach beside her beneath the night sky of his home.


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