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Sage Advice - Part 1

Posted on Tue Jul 18th, 2017 @ 12:32pm by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Ilian Family Home

The ride back from the Symbiosis Commission had been rather quiet. Yara hadn't pressed Rafan since it was obvious he was deep in thought with whatever had happened. She had at least gotten it out of him that whatever had happened there had been good, so in the end she supposed she was content with that knowledge. She had decided she would see him back home first then return to her hotel, wanting to make sure he was alright. They'd leave the following afternoon so there would be time for any unforeseen side effects to be addressed hopefully and Rafan would have the afternoon, evening, and following morning with his family which he really seemed to need. The craft landed and Yara got out, looking up to the house then out to the sea. She still felt like she had sand in her hair but she knew she didn't, that didn't stop the feeling though.

She walked ahead and looked over to Rafan as the Trill joined her and the taxi took off. "You alright?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." He said with a smile, quite a few less words that he would have normally used with her but it felt normal to do that, turning away from the taxi before looking up at his familial villa, the home that his father had built for his mother because she loved the sea. "Why don't you stay for dinner? I'll make something nice...I'm sure that my family won't mind me spending some time with my friend."

Suddenly they were interrupted by Khras' insistent chittering and chirping as they heard Rafan's mother indistinctly speaking to him. "See they are alright you impatient little beast, just as bad as my son when it comes to waiting and the same amount of energy too."

Yara smirked slightly upon hearing Khras chittering in irritation. The feather dog definitely didn't enjoy being left out. "I don't know if I can do the whole family thing again, Rafan. That was a bit too much." It hadn't been as bad as she had thought, no, but she still knew she didn't have the patience to do it all again.

"I mean I could check and find out if the whole clan is here or if they are going to be back, if you'll wait a second." He said, looking up at his mom, who was doing her best to calm Khras as he jumped from her to the railing and then back to her upon seeing Rafan and Yara had returned from wherever it was that they had left the feather dog behind.

"Sure, why not." Yara said with a shrug. Truthfully the food had been good enough that she was not entirely opposed to staying for dinner again... though she could go without sleeping on the beach again. At least as long as there wasn't a contingent of prying Trill on the other side of the door.

Rafan smiled as he turned headed up to the house, hugging his mother before picking up his disgruntled pet who was intent on sniffing his owner to death before scampering up to his shoulder and looking questioningly at Yara and turned to paw at his owner as if the Trill could convince his other person to come closer. He smiled and turned to walk down the short walkway and Khras jumped over to her as soon as he was able.

"So it's only my parents who are going to be home tonight, they wanted me to let you know that they made up a bed if you want to stay over, my sisters are both at their respective jobs...apparently Reeze is wining and dining some Federation muckety-mucks so she can land a building contract for a colony expansion near the Romulan Neutral Zone...former Neutral Zone...not sure what the correct title is now." He mused, sounding much more like the Rafan she knew, but still rather subdued.

Yara eyed him for a moment, thrown off by his lack of general... exuberance. "I won't stay for the night, but I suppose I will stay for dinner if it isn't too much of an imposition." She shifted Khras up to her shoulder and rubbed the blue creature on the head lightly. Rafan did seem calmer, but it was almost unsettling - it was like he wasn't himself.

He caught her eyeing him and smiled "It wouldn't be any imposition, mom likes you and she is always happy to know that I have someone that I can talk too..."

He trailed off and waited a moment before he looked at her, seeming to consider what he was about to say, speaking again as he looked into her eyes. "I just wanted to say thanks for coming with me, I know that you will just say that you are here to keep me out of trouble, but I really appreciate you being here with me." He said and then turned to look at his mom.

"So what do you say we get inside so I can get started on dinner, do you feel like pasta?" Rafan asked as he tilted his head to Yara questioningly.

Yara eyed him a moment but moved to follow him into the house. She wasn't entirely sure how to feel about his thanking her for being here... she wasn't sure why he seemed to really be making any sort of deal about it. They were friends, it seemed like the thing friends would do. As she walked into the door, Khras began screeching happily and running loops around her shoulders, squeaking and chittering since it seemed both his people were coming to stay for a while.

Rafan smiled as he watched his feathery companion running laps across Yara's shoulder before turning off to disappear into the kitchen as his dad brought Yara a glass of something stiff and alcoholic. He began to move around the still quite familiar space, humming to himself as he began to fill a pot with water, grabbed a box of straight pasta before gathering up from the fridge what looked for all the world like pancetta as he began to slice it up along with some lida fruit and over veggies.

He continued to hum quietly to himself while Mirim smiled upon seeing her son seeming so relaxed without that manic energy around him. He poured herself a sparkling water and moved over to where Yara was and then smirked. "I should thank you and Rafan for getting rid of that damnable bottle for my husband, he'd been holding onto that thing for years and always saying he promised to drink a glass with his son." She said and looked over at the Human woman.

"That's nothing you need to thank me for." Yara said, watching as Khras scurried down her body and scampered into the kitchen in hopes of getting some sort of treat from Rafan or at least being able to grab anything that might have spilled. Yara herself took a moment to watch Rafan and the ease he seemed to be moving with now. She was glad for it, maybe even happy to see him looking more at ease than he had since they had been on Earth. "Hopefully he is feeling better..."

Mirim was quiet for a moment as her attention turned to her son as she watched him slice up some of the veggies and fruit, placing them into a bowl as he set it aside for Khras to nibble on, then leaned in to kiss his head. He smiled at both women before he turned his attention back to dinner as Mirim let a smile of her own from on her features. "How long have you two been together?"

"Huh? Oh we aren't together in uh... well we work together but we aren't together together in any sort of way." Yara moved to sit down and rubbed the back of her head a bit. "We've worked together for about two years though." And really when she thought about it, he seemed to keep having difficulties sporadically. She couldn't help but wonder if it was something about being around her or if it was coincidence.

[To be continued]


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