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Sage Advice - Part 2

Posted on Tue Jul 18th, 2017 @ 12:32pm by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Ilian Family Home

"Oh," Mirim said, seemingly a little surprised by this admission since she had been certain there was something more between them and Rafan had just been too shy to introduce her as his other half. Though that might have brought a whole slue of difficulties all its own and she didn't Yara was the type of woman to mince words over something important to her. "Though you two do seem to get along well, Rafan was always an intellectually driven child and never had many friends his own age growing up...after he was joined I hoped that might change, but he just seemed to become more withdrawn."

Yara gave a bit of a shrug and looked behind her into the kitchen to see Torin walking in to offer his help to Rafan in fixing the meal. That was a sight that had never been in her own house - it had always been Yara's mother or the hired help. Her father and brothers had never raised a hand to help and Yara well... by the time she was old enough to help in the eyes of her parents she was no longer having her meals at home.

"I'd describe it more as he is careful with choosing his friends."

"We didn't really get a chance to talk the other night and I have to admit that I am curious as to how you and my son met." Mirim said with a warm smile before sipping her sparkling water.

"I appreciate the help, Dad," Rafan said and smiled as his father, pulling the strainer pot out of the boiling water and set it on its side so the water could drain off as he continued to hum a bit, moving over to the small wrack and grabbed a bottle of lida sherry he knew his father used for cooking. "Would you grab some plates while I start sauteing the pasta and the rest for dinner?"

"Sure." Torin said with a smile and moved to the cabinet to pull out the utensils they would need for the meal. "Is your friend staying again?" He asked conversationally and looked out to the two women sitting in the living area.

"We met when he was assigned to the USS Gemini. It was a relatively short posting but we reconnected on Earth while we were both working there and now we serve on the Valkyrie together." Yara explained simply.

"Yeah, Yara is going to stay for dinner, but will be going back to her hotel after." He said while using tong to drop some of the pasta down into the pan before adding in some of the veggies, fruit and pancetta-like meat to the first portion of the meal. "I promise we won't demolish off another bottle of finely aged rum like we did last night, dad."

Mirim nodded as she listened attentively to Yara. "I remember he was given a guest professorship at the Academy, were you an instructor at the Academy or assigned elsewhere?"

Torin just chuckled and shook his head. "You've nothing to apologize for. I'm glad someone was able to enjoy it. Your mother wasn't thrilled I even had the first glass." There was a pause as the older Trill considered his son a moment. "Are you... feeling better?" He asked with a bit of concern. He had never exactly been the emotional type and showed his affection and concern in strange ways, but he was wanting to know his son was alright.

"I was a test pilot for the Starfleet's aerospace program testing new fighter designs. I'm not much of a teacher - not a people person if you couldn't tell." The pilot replied with a bit of a smirk.

Rafan hesitated to answer his father, focusing on cooking for a moment to cover the lapse in conversation as made up each dish for the four of them, pouring in a little more sherry as the air filled with the sweet scent of lida's. "I'm feeling alright, dad...just trying to adjust to the peacefulness I'm feeling right now." He finally said, he knew that his father wasn't an emotional individual, he was a bit more like Jessara...just with more social graces.

Mirim smirked and set her glass down. "Oh please don't tell you aren't the social butterfly I thought you were, Yara."

"Though I personally think you would make a very good teacher, even if you are bit taciturn."

"Well, alright... but if you aren't feeling alright, you speak up and we will get it taken care of." He gave his son a smile and then moved out to the table to set it up while Rafan finished the meal.

Yara rolled her shoulders slightly and took a sip of her own drink. "I don't really have a problem teaching, but I also don't like doing so within a set curriculum. Each person learns in their own way and most of the time they are not tailored to the needs of those individuals."

"Which is why you would make an excellent teacher, you would see to it that there wasn't anyone left behind and do it your own way. Which is often the best way." Mirim said as she smiled at her husband and sat up to kissing him before looking back to Yara. "I still remember one of Rafan's primary education teachers, she didn't appreciate that I was teaching him botanical sciences because he asked to learn about my work...that it disrupted her curriculum..."

The Trill woman rolled her eyes and sipped her drink as she sat with Yara "I told her that I was encouraging my son to enjoy the process of discovery and learning, because I loved him and I wanted him to be the brightest in whatever he decided to do..."

She trailed off and sipped her drink as she looked at her son in the kitchen, smiling sadly. "So it breaks my heart seeing him struggling the way he has with...whatever happened after his joining with Kel."

For a long moment Yara was quiet. She didn't really know how to respond to these kinds of... emotional moments of family. They were not something she allowed herself to indulge in anymore because it simply just... well it didn't work for her was what she kept telling herself, not really wanting to personally delve into the reasons why it didn't work. "He will be alright, I'm sure. He just has to... well, he has to stop being stubborn and afraid." Another pause, "This is the most relaxed I've seen him in a while though."

"Who has to stop being stubborn and afraid?" Rafan asked as he swept out to the dining room table and set a plate of food down in front of Yara and his mom, returning quickly with his and his dad's plates while his dad had gone and gotten a bottle of wine. "Only person I could think of being rather stubborn is Khras." He joked and moved to take a seat by Yara.

Khras let out a disgruntled chirp as if he understood perfectly what had just been said about him then scampered out to the living room to engage in his favorite hobby of couch diving while the humanoids ate their food.

"I think little beastie is insulted." Yara used as her reply instead of actually answering Rafan. Looking down at her food, she picked up her fork and began to stir up the pasta dish. "So what are you trying to poison us with today?" She asked without any hinting of a joke in her voice.

[To be continued]


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