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Sage Advice - Part 3

Posted on Tue Jul 18th, 2017 @ 12:33pm by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Ilian Family Home

"Poison? When have you not enjoyed any of my cooking?" Rafan asked as he smirked at her, adjusting his seat a little before he poured himself a glass of wine and then turned his attention back to his meal. "It's a traditional Trill pasta dish that I made with sliced up lida fruit, peppers and the closest Human equivalent is pancetta, over a bed of pasta that has been sauteed and allowed to crisp up in Lida sherry."

"Mmmm...your granpa would be proud," Mirim said as she stirred up her meal and then twirled her spoon a bit to gather up some of the pasta onto it.

"Oh I enjoy it, doesn't make it less poison though." The blonde replied with a slight shrug and pulled up some of the pasta with her fork. "I'm convinced you are trying different types every time until you find one that works."

Torin chuckled and shook his head, filling up his wife's glass of wine and then his own. "Thank you for dinner, Rafan. It smells delicious and your mother is right, your grandfather would be proud."

"Well I did learn from the best, but you are welcome, just thought it might be nice is all." Rafan said as he lifted his glass of wine before taking a sip as he looked over at his friend and the rather... Yara demeanor that she was wearing now. His parents wouldn't notice much difference, but he'd spent two years learning her little quirks and mannerisms, so he knew when she was being more... HER than normal.

"So I've been secretly poisoning you and carefully giving myself the antidote? Is that your theory?" He asked curiously while Mirim gave her husband a knowing glance but didn't say a word and instead merely enjoyed her meal.

"Obviously." Yara said sagely then gave a smirk before she took her bite and savored the flavors. He was right, she had never had cause to complain about the cooking he had done for her. This meal was no different.

"Well, you would know how to do it I suppose." Torin joked harmlessly and took a sip of his wine.

Rafan looked up at his dad and squinted a little at him as if to tell him not to encourage her.

"Well he did learn from the best after all." Mirim replied airily and looked over at her husband. "Why do you think I've tried to get you to stop drinking so much?"

Torin's expression soured at his wife for just a moment before he smirked playfully. "If I thought I'd get in so much trouble for being drunk once I would have been more careful." He leaned over and kissed his wife's cheek gently.

"Too bad you don't have your father's sense of humor." She said and pointed her fork accusingly at Rafan.

"I mean I could lean over and give you a kiss on the cheek and promise to be more careful with my scientific endeavors if you are so worried about me." He answered after swallowing his bite of food and knowing that there would be a squint coming from his friend, even if it was internal....probably even a threat of violence or considered at the very least.

"I will hurt you." Yara replied with a snort and stabbed her food, twirling it around and levelling a glare at Rafan as she did so as if she was pretending that it was his face.

Torin laughed again and shook his head, draping his arm around his wife and looking knowingly at his son. "I see romance still isn't your strong suit."

"Wait? What? No dad it isn't like that, Yara's just my friend." He said, his shocked eyes wide as saucers as he looked at his paternal parental figure and the grin on his father's features.

"Oh do you remember when he was seven and...oh I don't remember the little girl's name, but her family used spend summers in the old villa closer to the mainland," Mirim said and frowned as she tried to remember the name, but then gave up. "It'll come to me later no doubt, but when Rafan was seven he saw the little girl down on the beach and begged me to take him for a walk since he wasn't allowed down there with out one of us."

"Oh please don't." Rafan almost begged as his face had started to turn a deep shade of red.

"Oh? What happened?" Yara asked and tilted her head a bit, trying not to smirk too much at what was obviously an embarrassing story for her friend. She noticed Torin was wearing a smirk as well but apparently he was content to allow his wife to tell this particular gem of a story

"Well I took him down to the beach and when he saw the girl, my little Rafan became very flustered and before I knew what was going on he had run up to her threw a bunch of flowers he had picked along the way and yelled at her that he thought she was very pretty." Mirim said as Rafan groaned in embarrassment and tucked into his food as if it could shield him from all this.

"Why don't you tell her the rest, honey." She said, trying to coax Rafan into participating as he shook his head no, downing the rest of his wine before trying to wave things off. "I yield. I surrender. I promise to be the best son ever."

"Oh but darling, you already are the best son ever." Mirim and reached out to take his hand before she looked back to Yara. "Once he had made his declaration, he ran all the way back up to the villa and hid himself away in his room underneath all his pillows and blankets for the whole day and didn't come out until he was certain that the girl had gone home."

Yara let out a soft chuckle and shook her head. For it moment it occurred to her that there would never be any stories like this about her. While she loathed being embarrassed, it seemed like one of those things that it was kind of just... it was a family thing. Part of her honestly was almost jealous over it. "Well... he does that even now sometimes... him and Khras." Yara finally said with a smirk.

"Oh?" Mirim asked, a motherly interest inflected in her voice as she watched Yara and looking over at her son briefly before turning her full attention back to Yara. "So Khras is very much like my son then? My feathery grandbaby?"

"Uh... I guess?" She replied with a bit of a shrug. Honestly, she had always found it very strange when people humanized pets so much. She loved animals, but referring to them as children or the like was just... weird.

"So when do you two head back?" Torin asked, seeing the way Yara was eyeballing his wife a bit.

"Tomorrow afternoon." Rafan said as he looked over at his mom and then back to his dad. "I was planning on spending some more time with you guys and my sisters if there is time, though I know Jessara is probably busy with her research projects."

"I'm sure she will make some time to come over tomorrow morning to say goodbye at the very least." The older trill said with a kind smile. "Though you will be missed. You need to come home more often and bring more of your friends to see us." Torin seemed to be the only one inclined to believe that Yara and Rafan were not an item of sorts.

[To be continued]


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