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Sage Advice - Part 4

Posted on Tue Jul 18th, 2017 @ 12:34pm by Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Ilian Family Home

"I will do my best to make more frequent trips when I have the time, my new assignment's home base is closer than Earth was," He said, trying to reassure his father that he would be home more often. "And I will make a habit of calling home more often when I am able too."

Torin nodded and smiled before tucking back into his food, seeming to be assured by Rafan's words that his son would indeed start to come home more often. While he was curious to know more about the human woman with him, Torin could tell that she was a more private person. However she was though, he was glad his son had a friend.

"This was good, Rafan." Yara finally spoke up again and gestured to her empty bowl and then finished the rest of her wine.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, it was my granpa's signature dish that he'd only make for special guests and clients by request," Rafan said as he looked over at her and finished off what was in his bowl as he leaned back in his seat to enjoy the rest of his wine. "It never made his menu, he taught it to me because I love the science behind cooking."

"Why didn't he just put it on the menu?" Yara asked and her expression scrunched slightly. If it was good and popular, why would he not just put it on the menu and serve it all the time?

"According to my granpa Rix, he kept it as a special request item because he wanted to have something unique for the people that he considered his friends who came to dine in his restaurant, a little something that they couldn't get anywhere else so that they knew he appreciated them." Rafan said, repeating the story that he had been told by his grandfather, though he wondered if there had been another, more significant reason for it cause Rix had only ever taught him the recipe.

As far as he knew.

The rest of their conversation was mostly idle chitchat before his parents excused themselves to leave Rafan and Yara alone downstairs, though Mirim let Yara know that she was more than welcome to stay the night since they had the extra space. Rafan for his part was cleaning up the kitchen while Khras was nibbling away happily on some slices of Lida fruit. Despite his embarrassment earlier, he was mostly calm still and humming to himself again, a tune that Yara wouldn't have been familiar with from him as he cleaned.

"You should have let me do that." Yara said as she leaned over the counter and watched Rafan clean up his mess. It was quiet for the most part and she could hear the sea off in the distance, a soothing sound still that actually made her relax rather easily. Of course like most things there were twinges of painful memories that went along with it, but otherwise she still enjoyed it.

"Now that your parents are gone, how are you feeling?"

"Nonsense, you are a guest in my parents home, It would have been rude to expect you to do help clean up." He said and set the still wet dishes off to the side, looking at her as he nodded to them. "If are wanting to help though, I'll wash and you could dry if you want."

He didn't immediately answer her question since he was really trying to figure out how he felt.

Kel seemed at peace and he hadn't felt Hysio's memories stirring, he turned his attention back to the sink and continued washing. "I'm alright...I feel weird, kind of feel the urge to listen to some Trenka Bron-Ken and look out at the stars while I think."

"I have no idea who that is." Yara replied flatly and moved into the kitchen to dry the dishes as Rafan washed them. Since she had no idea where they went, she simply stacked them neatly on the counter until they could be put in their proper place. "But if that's what you want to do, don't let me stop you."

"I think its Hysio...I've never been able to stand Bron-Ken...he's supposed to be one of the 24th Century's violin greats, I always considered him to be rather mediocre at best." He replied and finished up the dishes as Khras chirps softly and then turned his attention to Yara and held out his arms as he if wanted to hug her.

"Just trying to take this is baby steps right now."

The tall blonde paused briefly in what she was doing to scoop up the feather dog and place him up on her shoulder. She took the momentary distraction to consider Rafan's situation and spoke slowly as she dried off another plate. "Well... maybe you should try it again and keep an open mind? Seems to me like you and Hysio are almost having some sort of lover's quarrel... sometimes you just need to put your feelings of dislike on something like that aside and indulge the other party. Often their enjoyment makes the entire thing better anyways and if you focus on that you'll probably find yourself less inclined to be so against whatever it was in the first place."

"I enjoy it when I get the little nuggets of wisdom that you so carefully hide away, Yara." Rafan said as he looked over at his friend as their feathery companion settled down on her shoulder, yawning before he laid his head down to get comfortable. "I might give him another try...did you want to stay for a drink and relax on the patio before you head back to your hotel room?"

"Well I am a vast wellspring of useless knowledge, I guess now and then I lucky with one thing or another." She replied to his first statement and reached up to adjust Khras a bit on her shoulder. "I suppose I can stay for a drink or two yes but there won't be any beach shenanigans tonight."

"Well of course not...I was actually just thinking of sitting on the patio and relaxing a bit...besides, I do not need you as salty as you were earlier today about all of the sand being everywhere." He said and smirked at her before disappearing off into one of the side room and coming out with something that was a very dark red color. He set the two cups he was carrying down on the counter and opened the stopper to sniff what was in the glass bottle.

"I think it is Halian rum..."

Yara reached out and took the bottle from him, taking a whiff of the alcohol herself before she shook her head. "Ktarian rose whiskey." She said simply then poured both of them a few fingers. "Still good though."

"I will trust the expert," He said and raised his glass to her before taking a sip as he waited for her to finished up drying so he could put everything away, though he also began to ponder whether there was something more going on with his dad if his mom was doing so much to keep him from drinking.

"Wellspring, remember?" She said and finished up with the last pot before she grabbed her drink and began to walk out to the patio.

Rafan was quick in his task of tidying up before he followed Yara out to the patio and found himself wondering what she might look like in something that had a bit more flow to it or even a looser top and pants. Relaxing in a home like this. He sipped his drink and found the PaDD that controlled the audio system for outside and looked up some Bron-Ken, one of his starlight symphony pieces. A moment later the violin music began to play softly, the notes were long and gentle as the piece continued to play and Rafan relaxed back into one of the seats and let his eyes shut.

"You are a wellspring and I will never take it back."

[To be continued]


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