USS Valkyrie
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The Big Red Button

Posted on Fri Aug 4th, 2017 @ 3:34am by Commander Charles Kincaid (Deceased)

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: USS Valkyrie, Bridge
Timeline: MD -- 11:16hrs

With Rafan and Yara on Trill, there was plenty of work to go around on the Valkyrie. Their last mission had been thrust upon them before they'd finished their shakedown, so they had to finish that before the ship was really ready. They had been assigned a scientific survey after the work was complete, but their successful work at New Salem had brought them some time at Deep Space 12 to get it all right.

Charlie had been lending a hand to the science department. He had been a science officer before he moved into command so he had been able to offer some useful input. At the moment, they were working with ops to calibrate the sensors. It was a slow process, but worth taking their time over. He was stood next to Ensign Marwa at the ops station, going through the results of various spectral analyses, which fortunately all looked good, when the turbolift doors opened.

While only being aboard the ship a couple of hours, Jaxisa did not give a second thought to reporting in so early. She was eager, and perhaps a bit nervous, to get that part over with and let her new routine become normal. As she stepped off of the turbolift, her immediate reaction was that the bridge was much brighter than the Nova she had spent the last few years aboard. She also felt the hustle and bustle of the crew around her, nothing specific, just a sense of work being done.

She then found the man with the three pips whose face matched the dossier she had received. Taking a short moment to glance at the tactical nook, as she called it, the Betazoid made her way to the Captain at the Ops station. "Sorry to interrupt, Sir, but I am Lieutenant Jaxisa Rai. Your new Chief of Tactical and Security." Her voice was proper and sounded as though she had been rehearsing it more than a few times on the turbolift ride to the Bridge.

"Ah, Lieutenant Two, welcome aboard." Charlie said with a smile, extending his hand to the security officer. Their former security chief, Lieutenant Roussurc had been transferred back off the Valkyrie. The Orion officer had had a lot of potential, despite his troubled background so Charlie was disappointed to see him go. Lieutenant Rai was well qualified for the post though and he was eager to see how she performed. "How was the trip out to Deep Space 12?"

"As good as a runabout trip across the quadrant can be," Jex tried to joke as she shook the Commander's outstretched hand. She could sense something, though she couldn't quite place her finger on it. "I'm happy to be here, much more room."

"I did ten days alone in a Runabout a couple of years back, my ship was rerouted on an emergency." Charlie recalled with a grin. "It definitely felt small by the end of that. I've never been so relieved to see anyone as the Tellarite who ran the shuttlebay. Turned out he's really not a hugger." He paused for a moment. "Anyway, I'm sure you're far more interested in taking a look at tactical, right?"

He turned to the Benzite ops officer briefly. "I'll have to leave you to the analyses for a while Ensign."

"I appreciate the help sir, I'll let you know if anything major come up." She replied. Charlie had been impressed with Marwa so far, in the absence of an ops chief, she had been quietly doing excellent work.

"Shall we?" Charlie asked the security officer, gesturing over towards the tactical station.

"Sure," Jexisa responded as she nodded in thanks to the Benzite at Ops. The half-Betazoid stepped into the cubby hole created by the curve of the Bridge and wrap around tactical console setup. Taking a look at the layout of the controls, she thought aloud, "Its more like the Intrepid than I expected."

"Yeah, we've got a lot of similar equipment to the Intrepid class." Charlie agreed. "The Centaur class's last major refit cycle coincided with the Intrepid production run. The similar sizes meant that Starfleet ended up adapting a lot of the equipment for the Centaurs. We've got similar designs in sickbay and engineering too. Am i right in thinking the Newton is a Nova class?"

"That is correct, Sir. Starfleet always named them for famous Earth scientists," Jex responded with an affirmative nod. Realizing that she had yet to introduce herself to the Tactical Officer already standing there, she apologized, "Forgive me, I got a little too excited about the new spot. Jexasi Rai, the new Chief," she corrected her rudeness.

The Andorian at the controls seemed a little less than amused to have been passed over and almost ran into, though he gave in and decided to forgive this as a one time event. "Ensign Sharn," he introduced himself. "I'll leave you to get to know your station, he added before walking out of the Bridge's side turbolift door.

"Not much of a talker," Jex looked to the Captain, almost horrified that she had done something wrong on her first day on the job.

"He is the quiet type from what I can tell." Charlie confirmed. "But by all accounts he's an excellent shot and his scores on ground based tactics have always been high. There's a good security officer behind the exterior. I'm sure you'll get to know your team soon enough, and work.out everyone's strengths. Is there anything I can do to help the transition?"

"How current are the most recent crew evaluations?" Jex asked, eager to get to know her crew. There had been some kind of disruption in the connection to the Valkyrie's database while the Betazoid traveled on the shuttle, most of which was probably caused by the sheer distanced traveled.

"We're still in a transitional phase." Charlie admitted. The way that their first mission had been sprung upon them had led to a lot of things being put on the back burner, crew evaluations included. "A lot are still on their most recent evaluation from their previous assignment. Your predecessor didn't have a lot of time to carry them out before we were sent to New Salem. Commander Nosske has been carrying out the most urgent of them recently, but there's about a third of the department still to go."

Admittedly, that would put her in a tight spot in putting together the most efficient rosters together for each shift. However, she could live with it temporarily and she guessed that she had something to the tune of fifty crew members in her department, "I'll pick up those evaluations as time allows."

"Excellent, let me know if there's anything else you need from me." Charlie said with a smile. "I'll let you familiarize yourself with tactical." He gestured at the console. "Welcome aboard Lieutenant."

"Thank you, Sir, happy to be aboard," Jex replied. Her eyes were already drifting toward the console's LCARS layout. They could always be custimoized for the users preferences, but she liked to get a feel for her work before she started messing around with things.


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