USS Valkyrie
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Posted on Wed Aug 9th, 2017 @ 2:52pm by Commander Charles Kincaid (Deceased) & Ira Sorensen & Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel & Lieutenant JG Julienne Keating M.D. & Lieutenant Commander Emil Nosske (Command)

Mission: Naglfari
Location: USS Valkyrie, Bridge
Timeline: MD01 - 1417hrs

It had only been a few short hours since they had received their mission from Deep Space 12, but the Valkyrie was fast approaching the Galloway. The freighter was stuck at warp, but fortunately they were not as fast as the Centaur class starship. Add to that the piloting skill of Lieutenant Blackwater, who had managed to plot an intercept vector that was extremely quick and efficient and they had managed to buy themselves a bit of time.

Charlie had insisted that Lieutenant Commander Nosske get some rest after he had gotten up to speed on the situation and started his initial prep for the away team. The XO would be no good to them if he was exhausted in a situation like this. The rest of the away team were fortunately a lot more well rested than Nosske, but Charlie had told them something similar nonetheless. Most of the senior staff had managed to get an hour or two of rest before the situation started to escalate.

"We'll be within full communications range in a few minutes Commander." Ensign Marwa reported from ops.

"Good, let me know when we are." Charlie replied. "All right everyone, report in. How're we coming with the preparations?"

From her station, Jexasi spoke up first, "I've assembled a security team to go over with me. I've also programmed a few tractor beam modifications that will attempt to nudge the freighter off course." At speeds and distances like this a simple bump could change the path from destroying the station to having it pass on the other side of the system but it was a last resort as the subspace turbulence could wreck havoc on the freighters hull.

Alket had been focusing on ensuring the last of the equipment was prepped, awaiting confirmation from his teams in engineering. "I've got a team assembled captain, I'll lead them over and we'll likely separate into three groups. They're finishing equipment preparations now, but we'll be ready by the time we reach the freighter." Another away mission so soon wasn't exactly at the top of the Cardassians list of things to do but he would certainly lead his team without hesitation.

Rafan had been quietly working on applying the necessary transwarp calculations to ensure that they didn't lose any of the crew that would be beaming over to the ship. He'd spent most of the trip studying Montgomery Scott's formulas and found them to be quite elegantly beautiful despite the direness of the situation. He was down in the transporter room with a few of his staff as he tapped his commbadge to report in. "I've programmed in the transwarp beaming calculations, Commander but we are working with rolling variables since we are both still moving, my team and I are going to have to remain on the Valykrie to manually make the adjustments for transport."

Rafan also didn't add that he had no interest in trying to beam over and tossing his cookies all over the freighter's deck simply because of a rough transport.

Just as with the previous mission, Julienne felt the need to be on the bridge to see what was happening for herself. Realistically, she knew there was nothing she could do from this vantage point except report on things she had already done elsewhere, but still, given the urgency of their assignment and the potential lives in the balance, she felt compelled to know things the moment they happened. "Medical and counseling staff are on standby to attend to any injured," Keating reported somberly.

Yara hadn't really had much to add to any of this, having spent her time quietly sitting on the bridge and simply focusing on the task of getting the Valkyrie to its destination as quickly as possible. Why anyone would hijack a freighter and send it careening toward DS12 was... well actually it wasn't beyond her and she could understand the probable reasoning from a variety of parties, so she boiled it down to just being plain irritating. On the plus side, she at least wasn't going to have to go over on the away team with Nosske - that was a combination that would not possibly end well at any point and it seemed Kincaid was intelligent enough to know that.

"Commander, we're entering communications range with the Galloway." Ensign Marwa reported from ops.

"Thank you Ensign, open a channel." Charlie stood and waited for the characteristic chime to address the freighter. "STC Galloway, this is Commander Charles Kincaid of the USS Valkyrie."

The screen came to life, showing the image of a Human male seated behind a desk. He looked concerned and stressed as he spoke, despite the immaculately tailored suit and professional looking setup. "Ira Sorensen, chief executive of the Sorensen Trading Consortium." He replied. "Thank you for coming our aid Commander. We're running out of ideas over here. I've got my engineering team tearing my ship apart trying to find a way to shut the engines down without causing any kind of explosion, but it's slow going."

"We're going to do everything we can to help Mr Sorensen." Charlie tried to sound reassuring, but the truth was they were running on a tight schedule and they couldn't afford to let the Galloway collide with Deep Space 12. If it came down to it, they would havebto destroy the ship. "I need you to send over your specs, including any modifications you've made, whatever they may be, as well as your most recent diagnostic reports. Once we close in on the Galloway, we're going to beam an away team over and take a closer look at your systems, start any repairs or modifications you need."

Sorensen glanced down at his console for a moment. "Sending the specs over now Commander." He was careful to ensure that the Galloway's modifications weren't illegal, he didn't want to jeopardise any potential Federation contracts, although there were a couple that didn't exactly conform to the spirit of the law. "We'll give you the command codes for our transporter system so you've got complete control when you beam over."

"All right thank you." Charlie said. "We'll be in touch soon. Valkyrie out."

The screen blinked back to black and Charlie settled back into his chair, trying to put together all of the information they had so far. "Time to intercept Lieutenant Blackwater?"

"About thirty minutes at current speed." Yara replied but remained quiet afterward, focusing on the console in front of her as she mulled over some undivulged problem.

"Sir," Jex interjected from Tactical as she skimmed the new data, "the schematics are interesting. While more frowned upon than illegal, I can see some things right away that Engineering may want to be made aware of before they begin their work."

The comment caught Alket's attention. "What've you got Jex?" The sooner he knew, the sooner they could adjust to meet the needs when they beamed over.

"Honestly, I'm not even sure," Jex replied honestly. She tapped a few commands that sent her highlighted overlay to Alket. "I'm seeing some areas that you might want to look over a bit."

The Cardassian immediately quirked an eyebrow, it was obvious the warp core and a number of sub systems had more than minor modifications done. There was always a downfall to untested changes on a ships systems that hadn't been tested on a starship variant for months to years. "This isn't going top be pretty at all Captain.." he muttered.

"What do you see, Mr. Dahe'el?" Nosske ask and stood up from his chair to move over to the Cardassian and look down at what he had in front of him, encroaching on the other man's personal space without a care.

Alket ignored the other man's proximity. "It appears they have made a number of changes to both their intermix and coolant systems for the core. However until I see it in person I won't be able to offer more specific details. In addition their sub systems are so cross connected I can only speculate as to how the ship is still remotely operational. It's like human spaghetti according to this overlay. I can't tell where one system ends and another begins." He let out a sigh in exasperation "I'll need to double the amount of engineering personnel I take over sir."

"Take whoever you need Lieutenant." Charlie agreed. The increased danger of transporting more people over was offset by the increased chance of success. If they couldn't repair the ship, they would have to beam her crew over to the Valkyrie anyway before ĸestroying it. "You've got thirty minutes to learn what you can from those specs and assemble your team. Commander Nosske, Lieutenant Rai, take a look at the crew manifest, see if there's anyone you need to keep an eye on while you're over there. You'll have our full resources at your disposal while you're over there."

"Request permission to leave the bridge Captain. It'll be much more efficient for me to study these overlays and prep my second team in engineering." Alket said.

"Granted Lieutenant." Charlie said. As the team went to work, he opened up the Galloway's specs on his console and began studying them, looking for any little details that could make the difference.


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