USS Valkyrie
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Hitting a Bullet With A Smaller Bullet

Posted on Thu Aug 24th, 2017 @ 3:22am by Commander Charles Kincaid (Deceased) & Lieutenant Commander Yara Blackwater & Lieutenant Rafan Kel & Lieutenant Commander Emil Nosske (Command) & Petty Officer 2nd Class Yamauchi Ritsuko (Blackwater)

Mission: Naglfari
Location: Bridge/Transporter Room, USS Valkyrie
Timeline: MD01 - 1441hrs

The Valkyrie had almost caught up to the Galloway, Charlie watched the overlay on the main viewscreen with interest, the distance and the time to interception ticking down as they closed the gap. He knew better than to demand updates from Blackwater, she would tell him if there was anything he needed to know. Instead, he tapped the internal comms system. "Bridge to transporter room 1, five minutes to intercept."

-Transporter Room 1-

"Awknowledged Commander." Nosske replied. He had instructed the away team to assemble here for the mission, ready for transport as soon as that window opened. Time, afterall, was of the essence. He glanced over at the transporter operator, a rotund Bolian Petty Officer named Bronn. He was studying the control console intently, but didn't seem nervous, a good sign. Bronn was the most experienced operator on board, and one who consistently received good performance reviews. The man had apparently found his niche and was content in his role. Emil couldn't relate to that lack of ambition, but he was glad to have Bronn's talents available today.

The next group to arrive were Jexasi and her chosen team member, Ensign Tezi, an Andorian who looked as though she was born with a phaser in hand. She had received top marks in her last evaluation for marksmanship and threat identification.

Jex looked toward the First Officer and smiled, "Security reporting." She then looked at the available spots on the transporter pad and checked off in her head; one XO, two engineers and two security. It checked out for a full team of five. "Engineers on their way?"

"Yes. We'll have additional engineers with us, Lieutenant Dahe'el believes we will need the extra hands." The XO glanced at Jexasi briefly. The new security chief was an attractive woman, but Betazoids had gotten the wrong impression of him in the past, they tended to interpret his admiration for something unsavoury. He had never understood why they singled him out over the attentions of all those other beings whose attentions they must attract, but nonetheless he had learned to keep his interactions with them strictly professional where possible. "A larger team means two groups being transported over, doubling the risk. Let's hope it's worth it."

"Excellent, my other team will join the other engineers as they depart," Jex replied. While not inheriting much of the empathic abilities of her mother's side, she began to feel a bit uncomfortable. "Are we expecting resistance?" she asked, misinterpreting Emil's aversion to Betazoids with nervousness.

"Not active resistance, no." The XO replied. "But the fact that the ship is headed for Deep Space 12 is enough to concern us. The station is an important strategic asset. It's proximity to Breen space alone makes it important, but they've also had attention from a group of Romulan dissidents recently. We can't discount the possibility of sabotage, and we can't take it lightly either."

The doors slid open and the first to enter was Alket. He wore a thick suit similar to one of the standard environmental suits, but it was treated with additional chemicals and had a few light layers of reflective materials. The color theme was also different. The suit was mostly a dark grey with accents of gold throughout, and a device on the right side of his chest to detect radiation levels. In hand was a much larger PADD that held the current schematics of the freighter as well as all alternative schematics they'd' received from the third party libraries he'd reached out to. Three more engineers came in behind him with similar suits, and advanced engineering tool kits. The only item not seen was their helmets which were stored in the miniaturized transporter buffers on their hips. The quad made their way to the far side of the room to make space for the next group.

Next came Carson, his suit was a silver and white theme, with an interwoven series of conductive materials meant to shunt away any risk of electrocution to the wearer and shunt it to an internal ground in the suit. He carried his own larger PADD and was followed by three individuals in similar suits and standard tool kits, but two of them carrying a container holding additional equipment.

"Engineering reporting for transfer over" Alket stated. "We've got eight so however you want to do this is fine. Just let main engineering know just before you send the first group over, my folks can do a temporary attenuation change on the beam to help more tightly focus it which will make it safer to send us all over. They can keep it set for about two minutes tops. After that they'll have to replace a few filters in the secondary power relays."

"All right, I want you and whoever you need to do the initial setup to beam over with myself and Lieutenant Rai." Emil told the Cardassian engineer. "This operation is delicate and our transporter window could close without much notice."

"Carson, take your next senior person on the team. I'll take mine" Alket said, next turning to Nosske. "We'll need an absolute minimum of four of us if we're going to come close to pulling this fix off."

"And we are sure they are friendly?" Jex asked, not liking the prospect of limiting the security personnel that she would be able to bring with her due to the constraints of the transporter. If things went bad, there would not be much on the side of protection for the team.

Alket flashed the woman a grin "Don't worry, if it comes down to it we engineers can fight and the first thing I'm going to do on board is install a micro fusion explosive on their warp core. If they try anything or we are going to fail, I'll blow the ship up before it hits the station." He was dead serious.

"You will do nothing of the sort Lieutenant." Emil replied sharply. "That is not your call to make. Our mission is to find a way to stop this ship and that is what I intend to do. I'm sure I don't need to remind you how dangerous beaming over at warp is and how difficult it would be to evacuate ourselves and the Galloway's crew. Let that be incentive for you to find a solution to this problem that doesn't involve explosives. In the future, I expect you to present any such options to me before you decide to take any actions. Is that understood?"

"I was told to find possible solutions by the Captain, Commander. If we can't stop that ship the only option will be to blow it up or let it hit the station. We always do our best to minimize casualties. If it comes down to it, I will blow up the ship whether against orders or not, as I will likely have to be on the ship in order to do so. Now instead of grandstanding here while we waste precious time and further threaten our transporter window, I recommend we begin transporting over. The more engineers I have the better chance we'll have of stopping the freighter. Otherwise one way or another it'll end up scattered half way across the quadrant." The Cardassian walked over and stood on the pad, Carson following him as well as two more engineers. "Ready when you are."

It was about this time that the doors slid open and Ritsuko came walking in carrying a case that was probably half her size and heavy, though she seemed to not be having as much trouble with it. She wore one of the thick grey and gold suits that some of the other engineers were wearing and as she set the case down she tugged at it uncomfortably a bit. "Here's the last of the supplies you requested, boss. Sorry it took so long but I couldn't find a grav unit to carry it." Pausing, Rii looked to Alket a moment and saw the screwed up expression on his face then looked to Nosske, seeing a similar expression there. "Ah... sorry?"

The Cardassian wanted to sigh in disappointment. Ritsuko had been on the initial roster to go over but was later removed. It was obvious her team chief had failed to notify her, a situation he would remedy upon his return. The woman however was already here and ready to go, so Alket decided to make the last minute change back. "Jenkins, report to your section chief, Ritsuko is going to take your place." Stepping off the pad he grabbed the case and set it in the center of the transporter pad. "You're up kid" he said to her, motioning to her spot on the. "With your permission Commander, I'd like to start tearing into the guts of that freighter."

"Make the most of it Lieutenant. It's the last time you'll see the outside of your quarters for a while. You're confined as soon as we get back." The XO replied coldly. The arrival.of the young woman from engineering had given him time to consider his reaction to Dahe'el. The chief engineer would be punished in due course, but they needed him on this mission. He turned to the transporter operator. "Are we ready Mister Bronn?"

"Ah, we still need the go ahead from the bridge sir." The Bolian replied a little sheepishly. As nuch as he wanted to get this particular away team off to their destination, he certainly didn't want to risk them not arriving at all.


Charlie tried to suppress any nervous ticks as he waited for the ship to close into transporter range of the Galloway. The hardest part of command was that sometimes he didn't have anything to do, and just had to wait for a situation to develop while his crew worked. He was beginning to understand why some Captains fell into the trap of micromanaging their people. "Lieutenant Kel, how are the calculations coming for transwarp beaming?"

=^= The calculations are finished, but as I said my team and I are going to have to remain here in the transporter room to keep up with manually adjusting the constant variables since the computer is too busy trying to currently shadow the Galloway. =^= Rafan replied back to Charlie from his post in the transporter room with some of his other staff, holding a stylus in his mouth as he moved over to the transporter station to make sure that there wasn't any latency in the communications between his people's calculations and the transporter.

"Lieutenant Blackwater, let me know when we're in stable holding pattern with the Galloway. Take as long as you need." Charlie knew that absolute precision was needed on Yara's part. He had no doubt in her abilities, but it was still a delicate operation.

"Aye, sir." Yara replied automatically, much more focused on her console. "The Galloway's speed keeps fluctuating, the computer is trying to discern a pattern to it so we can get the team actually onto the ship and not just into space."

"That would be preferable, we won't get a second chance at this." Charlie replied. "Ops, let the transporter room know the situation, we'll have the team away imminently with any luck."

The pilot ignored her captain's comment, continuing to focus on her work as she eased the Valkyrie over the Galloway to give the transporters the shortest possible distance to move the team to the cargo vessel. Slow down, speed up, again and again. She had the restraint to hold her tongue but in her mind she was cursing the Galloway quite loudly and in a few languages. This was too random to just... be random; something wasn't right here but for the moment she just had to figure out how to keep them on course and with speed fluctuations the same as the Galloway for a minute. They could get over in a minute. While she hated to rely on the computer, she had no choice but to do so right now and surrendered control for faster computing, resigning herself to making sure that there were no fluctuations in the engines that would inhibit the calculations on the speed fluctuations. It took a few more moments, but eventually the computer chimed pleasantly as it, for the moment at least, matched the pattern of shifting speeds of the Galloway.

"Captain, I've matched the Galloway for the time being but the team needs to go now." Yara said, keeping her eye on the readouts in front of her. "I don't know how long it will stay like this."

"Bridge to transporter room, we're in a stable flight pattern with the Galloway." Charlie said. "Begin transport when ready."

-Transporter Room 1-

"Aye sir." Bronn replied, and got the work immediately. He glanced over towards Rafan, awaiting confirmation from the science officer as Nosske and the away team room their places on the transporter pad.

A simple nod from the science officer confirmed that the calculations had been done, the systems calibrated and aligned and they were ready to transport. Or at least as ready as they ever would be.

"Energizing now." The chief replied, doing his best to appear calm and professional while he wondered if the old Bolian God's would protect the team from materialising inside a wall.


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