USS Valkyrie
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Posted on Wed Sep 6th, 2017 @ 8:59pm by Lieutenant Commander Emil Nosske (Command) & Petty Officer 2nd Class Yamauchi Ritsuko (Blackwater) & Russell Pound & Ira Sorensen
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Mission: Naglfari
Location: STC Galloway
Timeline: MD01 - 1505hrs

Ira watched the shimmering figures materialise on the transporter pad gradually gaining cohesion and appearing. It seemed to take much longer than usual, maybe because of the transwarp beaming, maybe just because she was concentrating so hard on it, the observer effect. Once the whine of the transporter had subsided, and the away team were aboard, he stepped forward. “Welcome aboard the Galloway, I'm Ira Sorensen, the owner and captain. Thank you for coming to help us.”

The transporter room was clean and brightly lit, designed as an area to meet potential clients, it hard the air of an office reception to it. There were plants, a replicator and even a small sofa. Most of the decor was white with shades of green to match the foliage. In other circumstances, it would be a very pleasant area to arrive in. The Bajoran transporter operator was an extremely presentable young man dressed in a suit, although it wasn't as well tailored as Ira's.

Emil shook the Ira's extended hand briefly and introduced his officers. “Mister Sorensen, this is Lieutenant Rai, our security chief and Lieutenant Dahe’el, chief engineer.”

Alket nodded to the captain, not able to help but feel if the man had decided to keep engineering in as good of shape as the front part of the craft they wouldn't be locked in an imminent collision course.

At times like these, Jex wished that she were able to get the full spectrum of emotion. Something in the air definitely made her feel uneasy. However, she simply gave a polite nod to the cargo ship's captain. She made it a practice to never smile on the job, it gave people the wrong idea. Her first thoughts were that there were about a hundred and fifty ways this could go badly.


The transporter room doors slid open almost silently. The corridor they walked out into was just as clean and well lit as the previous room. Large windows looked out into warp space, and there were more plants dotted around alongside pictures and other mementos. The whole thing reinforced the image of the Galloway being the head office of a successful company.

Shortly, they came to a large set of double doors. Ira tapped the control panel, and they opened up into the cargo area. This part of the ship was not as plush or aesthetically pleasing as the forward section of the ship, it was far more functional. The bay was huge and cavernous, taking up the equivalent of four decks in the forward section. The team stepped out onto a gantry at the top of the bay, looking down on the activity below.

There were a number of cargo modules lining both sides of the bay. They were detachable and could be swapped out in order to accommodate different items and shipments. The central area was wide enough to hold smaller containers and pallets. There was a large mobile crane parked a little way down the bay along with a number of other lifting devices. A Pakled lumbered into view pushing an antigrav sled. He looked up and nodded towards Ira. “That's Gronk, our deck crew chief.” He explained. “It’s amazing how much four Pakled can get done if you pay them enough to adequately motivate them.”

At the end of the gantry, a rail system held a suspended car from the ceiling. The track led straight through the cargo bay towards the rear of the ship and the engineering section. Ira gestured towards the car. “This is the quickest way to engineering.” He explained as the away team stepped aboard.

"When our second team arrives would you please ensure htey meet us down this way also? I need the rest of my engineers on board and to work right away." Alket said. "What class warp core do you have powering the vessel Captain?"

"It's a modified class four warp system." Ira broke easily into his sales spiel usually reserved for new customers. "Our modifications have improved the efficiency of our propulsion systems, making is more cost effective as well as faster than the majority of our competitors. And with a better safety record until now too."

Jex kept her mouth closed as the team made their way to through Engineering. It wasn't important to her to learn the technical details of the warp core, only to assess the threat level of the area and to ensure her team made it home. She gave a look to her Andorian teammate on the other side of the group that said, keep your eyes peeled.

"Mmhmmm" Alket responded. He doubted very much the claim of the safety record, a situation like this was likely some sort of maintenance overlooked or forged on an official document. Someone paid to look the other way... there were several possibilities but the Cardassian didn't care about the past history of the core. He cared only about it's current state. "Are all of these modifications published somewhere that I could get a look at them?" He hoped they'd documented everything.

"Anything that wasn't on the specs we sent over will be documented by Mister Pound down in engineering." Ira replied a little apologetically. "I'm afraid the technical stuff goes over my head."

"Have you had any unusual passengers or cargo recently?" Nosske asked Ira as the carriage made it's way through the belly of the ship, passing the cargo below them, and the Pakled workers going about their business.

"No, nothing." The trader replied quickly. "I don't carry anything that could pose a risk to my ship.or crew." He declined to mention risk to his investment being as high a priority.

"Any new crew members?"

"Our new helm officer came aboard a couple of months ago, but she came with impeccable references from people I trust." As the carriage came to a halt at the rear of the cargo bay, Ira stepped off. "If you'll follow me, engineering isn't far now. I'm sure Mister Pound will be able to shed further light on our predicament."


The engine room looked like disaster had already befallen it. Wires, cables and conduits were strewn around seemingly at random. Hatches lay open and tools were seemingly abandoned half way through tasks. It was a large space, not quite as tall as the cargo bay, but room enough for a warp core almost the size of Valkyrie's.

"I apologise, it's not usually quite so... disorganised." Ira said to the team. He raised his voice a little and called out to his chief engineer. "Russ! Where are you?"

"Trying to fix the core Ira." Came the reply from somewhere near the core. "Where the hell else would I be?"

A man emerged from the clutter around the core, his grey overalls covered in grease and assorted other stains. He grinned when he saw the away team. "Oh hey, Starfleet are here to help, awesome."

"Russell Pound, my chief engineer, this is Lieutenant Commander Nosske of the Valkyrie." Ira began the introductions.

"Hey man, thanks for coming." Russ offered a crooked smile to the XO, who didn't return it.

"Lieutenant Dahe'el, their chief engineer."

"Ah, my man!." Russ wiped his hand off on his jumpsuit and offered it to the Cardassian. "Y'know I was going to be a Starfleet engineer, got into the Academy and everything, but we kinda didn't see eye to eye on a few things, y'know?"

Alket had heard that story too many times too count. The old I was gonna but... He gave the man a nod and returned the hand shake, ignoring the man's previous statement. "Alket." He quickly glanced around the room "If I may ask, what happened? I mean, this is.... a bit eccentric. I mean I'm all for redecorating but I think you guys went a bit too far."

Carson wanted to roll his eyes, never quite appreciating the man's dry sense of humor. He did however enter the conversation "Chief Carson. Actually I'm here to trace all of these lines and see what goes where so we can check and see what systems may be cross connecting and causing things to lock up."

"You're welcome to do that, but I'm sure that's not the cause." Russ replied. "I know it looks like a mess, but there's a method to the madness. It all fits together, just in, like, a non-traditional way."

"And Lieutenant Rai, security chief."

"Wow, hey." Russ said with undisguised admiration. "I wouldn't usually do this, but I may have one or two illicit substances in my cabin that you're welcome to come by and confiscate later if you like."

Jex had to fight the urge to roll her eyes. "I'm not with the police," the Betazoid informed him, "but I'm sure those illicit substances aren't why you want me to check your cabin." Casting her eyes on Russ, she resisted letting him know that she could tip off customs at the station.

Russ let out a chuckle. "You got me ma'am. I guess that's why you're the security officer, huh?" He turned his attention back to Alket. "So what kind of equipment did you and what I assume is someone's, like, daughter bring with you?" He asked, glancing towards Ritsuko.

The Cardassian turned to the container that a pair of the junior enlisted were carrying "Just about any tool you'd need to crack open that core of yours, re align the plasma flows, dilithium crystals, take your pick. Also in the event this places begins to flood with radiation, my team that will be in here assisting you, including myself, have the necessary survival suits and can go EVA if necessary in the event a section loses life support. Otherwise we've got standard issue tool kits. Carson and his team have equipment necessary for wire tracing and systems mapping, and their suits will protect them from electrocution as well as plasma burns and other nasty threats you typically fine in various conduits."

Ritsuko had been too wrapped up in looking around the absolutely trashed room and carrying the large container to really notice the comment that had been thrown in her direction at first, but when she glanced toward Russ and saw him eyeballing her in that dubious way, she knew more or less the reason for it. She looked young and being short and petite did not help that image at all. "Actually I'm a petty officer of Starfleet. My name is Ritsuko and I'm here to assist in the engineering repairs."

"Well ok then petty officer Ritsuko." Russ grinned. "I guess there's times when being small is useful. I think there's compartments on this ship that are designed for people about half my size."

Alket shot a glance at Ritsuko "You're assigned to Chief Carson while we're on the freighter."

"All right." Nosske began. "Lieutenant Alket, I want you to stay here and start working out what the hell is wrong with this engine and how to fix it. Rai, you, mister Sorensen and I are going to start looking through the crew manifest. If this is sabotage I want to know who's behind it. Understood?"

Alket turned and gave the acknowledgment for his entire team "Aye aye Sir. I'll have Carson' team start here and work their way out through the rest of the ship as needed. My team will however remain here." In the back of his mind he doubted he'd even be leaving the room alive. The place was trashed, which meant they'd probably never find the answer in time. At least in his own mind.

"Um... where did you want me to go again?" Ristuko asked and tilted her head a bit. She had deduced that for some reason she wasn't actually supposed to have been here at all by the looks the rest of the team was giving her, but what she couldn't figure out was why her chief had chosen to attempt to humiliate her like that. It was disconcerting to say the least but she was going to make sure she did her best here.

"You are with Chief Carson, Petty Officer Yamauchi. Be sure you pay more attention.." Nosske replied. "Lieutenant Dahe'el will give out engineering assignments once you've decifered... this." He gestured around the chaotic engineering space. "Report in once you have something for me." He told Alket. "Mister Sorensen, Lieutenant Rai, let's go."


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