USS Valkyrie
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What's Up Doc?

Posted on Tue Sep 5th, 2017 @ 4:47pm by Commander Charles Kincaid (Deceased)
Edited on on Thu Sep 7th, 2017 @ 12:53am

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Sickbay, USS Valkyrie
Timeline: 4 days after "For a Swarm of Bees"

The Valkyrie had arrived back at Deep Space 12 from New Salem four days ago. That mission had been a huge test of the ships resources and crew, but they had risen to the challenge despite being lacking in both. Charlie had been relived to hear of the arrival of their new Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Astrid Pavone. He had taken time out from reports and paperwork to head down to visit their latest crewmember in sickbay rather than insisting she report to him in his ready room. The doors hissed open as he arrived, and he stepped in, immediately spotting the Risan blonde.

It had taken her weeks of travel from Earth to reach Deep Space 12 with numerous stops and vessel changes along the way, but she had finally arrived just in time to see her new home, the Valkyrie, glide into station. There was something particularly majestic about seeing ships slowly move in the confines of port and it was easy to forget just how large and powerful the vessels of Starfleet really were. She hadn't spent all that much time out in space, with the majority of her Starfleet career being in the comfortable surroundings of laboratories and offices, but she found she had begun to grow accustomed to the thrum of warp engines on her journey.

The Valkyrie had apparently been through a rough time in their last mission judging by the stories she had been told from her newly acquired medical staff. Despite this, the crew had performed their duties admirably and it further cemented Astrid's belief that this was the right assignment. The CMO had been sure to spend as much time as she could getting to know her medical team and what their capabilities were. Unlike her last assignment, she was now a department head and would be called upon to lead the multidisciplinary medical team in times of emergency. She was up for the challenge.

Spotting the captain and recognising him from the crew manifest, Astrid stood from behind her desk in the modestly sized CMO's office and made her way over to him. He was tall with a slim frame and appeared to be of a similar age to herself. "Captain." She put on a pleasant grin and extended her hand in greeting. "It's nice to finally meet you, I would have came up sooner but it's been all go down here following your latest mission."

"Good to meet you too Doctor." Charlie replied, shaking her hand. "Don't worry, I realise how busy you must be at the moment. It's great to have you here with us. The medical team did a fantastic job on our last mission, so I can safely say you've got a good group of people here. How are you settling in so far?"

"It's bit of an adjustment, but I feel like it's all coming together and we'll be ready for any challenge."

A medical crewman handed her a padd for signature, which she took and quickly scanned. "Make sure we get those updated nanobots sent over", she said before handing it back.

"Captain, whilst I've got you here. I noticed that your regular physical is overdue. How about we get that taken care of." Her professional demeanour took over as she gestured to the nearest biobed and It wasn't a question that warranted any other answer than a simple, 'yes doctor.'

"Yes ma'am." Charlie replied, taking a seat on the biobed. "I like to lead by example and it's not like these things take long. A couple of the crew can be a little bit stubborn, but in have full confidence in your ability to wrangle them. How are the supplies by the way? I know they were running short of a few things before we got back to the station."

"Oh we'll have everything onboard by the time we depart." Astrid removed a medical tricorder from her hip and detached the handheld scanner. "How have you been feeling, any concerns?"

It was a well practiced doctor-patient conversation material, all medical professionals were trained it. A series of questions that were designed to assist with their examination. Astrid began to move the scanner around the captain's body, studying the results as they came in.

"As far as I can tell, I'm healing up fine from the stab wound." Charlie replied. "Part of me is still a little wary of injuring myself again, but I'm not getting any pain or discomfort. Everything looking okay?"

"Yes, doctor Huval filled me in." She stopped scanning and slotted the handheld back into the cubby in the medical tricorder, before placing both hands in her long medical coat's pockets.

"Physically you're fine. As the ship's primary physician it's my duty to recommend you avoid confrontations that include the possibility of you getting stabbed, captain. That's why we have security." There was a hint of mirth in her voice, but overriding that was her professionalism.

"Avoid getting stabbed?" The captain raised an eyebrow. "Sounds a little radical but I'll give it a go."

The sickbay doors slid open and a pair of enlisted crew entered with an anti grav sled. Charlie recognised them from the ops department, so presumably they were delivering medical supplies. The Tellarite holding the PADD with the shipment data was named Graff, and his Bajoran colleague was Petty Officer Telles, who was new to the ship. As Graff handed the padd to one of the medical staff, Telles lifted a canister off the sled. As she set it down, there was a hiss of escaping gas and a red warning light flashed up on the display panel. Faulty canisters were a reality of the job, but Graff's reaction was far from routine. "Oh no!" He exclaimed, backing away from the canister, stumbling into a biobed. "I'm allergic to Sarium Crellide!" He was panicking, clutching at his throat as his body began to react with the normally benign substance. Charlie stood quickly, moving to help Telles secure the canister.

Astrid smiled at the captain's comment. They were distracted by the commotion being caused by two new arrivals and their anti grav sled. The CMO sprung into action and strode over to the obviously distressed Tellarite. Withdrawing her tricorder once again, she scanned the crewman.

"What's your name crewman?"

The Tellarite clutched at this throat seemingly going into panic, "Gr-Graff! I'm going to die!"

"Not on my watch you're not. You're experiencing a mild allergic reaction accompanied by a panic attack."

Astrid gestured for a nurse to pass her a hypospray before pressing it firmly into the crewman's neck, releasing its contents. "I've given you an antihistamine and mild sedative. Breathe crewman, you're going to be fine."

The effects of the drugs were instantaneous as Graff's breathing and distress began to return to normal. Astrid turned to the captain, "I think a review of these storage canisters might be in order."

"I agree." Charlie looked up at the doctor from the canister. "It looks like a failure in the secondary molecular seal. Take the whole batch out of service and check them all individually." He told Telles. "It could be a design fault and I don't want to store anything that could cause any harm in them until we can be sure they're all secure."

The captain stood and addressed his new medical officer. "Good work Doctor, he's fortunate he was in the right place when that happened. Is there anything else I can do to help you settle in?"

"Not at the moment, but I'll be sure to let you know if that changes."

Graf finally regained some sense of composure as a nurse guided him towards a seat where he could continue to recover.

"If you'll excuse me I had best see to mr Graff here. Thank you for your help, captain."

With that, Astrid made her way over to the Tellarite crewman to see to the rest of his treatment and investigate his rare allergy.

Charlie smiled as he left sickbay. The new doctor had proven calm in a crisis and her record indicated a very competent physician. Doctor Pavone seemed like exactly what the Valkyrie needed.


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