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Jex's No Good, Very Bad Day

Posted on Wed Nov 22nd, 2017 @ 11:00pm by Lieutenant Commander Emil Nosske (Command)
Edited on on Wed Nov 22nd, 2017 @ 11:00pm

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: Nosske’s Office
Timeline: Pre-MD03 1230hrs

It was times like these that Emil couldn’t help but question the quality of officer Starfleet had been putting out over the semi-recent years. First it was Blackwater and that snide attitude - something he could tolerate since she seemed to actually somehow manage to do her job - their current SecTac head was another story. It had been quite a while since Nosske had seen such a blatant failure to perform and had to step in himself; it was also something that had apparently rubbed off on some of the other officers in that department as they had been so easily caught off guard by a singular civilian. He sat behind his desk, sipping a cup of coffee as he read over the PADD in his hand - the report of Petty Officer Yamauchi, something rather... clumsily written but it got the point across. He had asked - really ordered - that Rai meet him in his office for debriefing after giving the crew a couple of days to decompress and make their reports, so he sat there waiting for her while a piece by Tchaikovsky played in the background.

The trip to the XO's office felt like the last walk for Jex. She had heard several times over the last few days that she would be ok, that Nosske was just like that. Even the doctor had tried to prepare her for her doom as the arm that she had burned jumping through the plasma fire was being cleaned. As she stood just outside the proximity sensor's range, she stopped. Jex took a moment to calm herself and straighten her uniform. Her hair was pulled back into a regulation bun and her uniform was freshly replicated, the only thing out of standard was the barely noticeable wrap around her burned forearm. As she pressed the door chime, the half-Betazoid could catch glimmers of the anger stewing on the other side of the door.

"Enter." Nosske commanded, his tone anything but inviting.

Jex made her way over to the First Officer's desk. She made her face expressionless and flat, no reason to let him see the fear behind her eyes.

"Sit down, Miss Rai." Nosske said and placed both the PADD and coffee down on his desk as he looked to the young woman across from him. When she complied, he leaned forward and folded his hands in front of him, his grey eyes piercing as he regarded her. "What is your self-evaluation on your performance during our last mission?"

"I could have done a much better job, I took the captain at his word that the first officer was trustworthy. By the time I caught on, it was almost too late." Jex delivered the statement as though she were testifying. She only answered the question, but gave it an honest assessment. She had the feeling that whatever she said would not be enough for a man like this.

"It was too late, Miss Rai. The only reason we haven't been scattered among the stars as debris is because of the sheer dumb luck of a junior NCO who could have been easily killed had she not had the presence of mind to do what she did. The only slightly redeeming point of this entire shit show was in the end you did apprehend the fugitive, though nearly at the cost of your own life. Which is less than ideal, you can imagine." Nosske said coolly. "What do you intend to do to rectify your mistakes and improve not only yourself but your security force as a whole?"

Jex knew better than to get defensive. It wouldn't aid her cause and would only serve to worsen what was going to happen. "We can run extra training simulations, and I'll take any extra training that is available." She considered that for a moment, "I should have taken a bigger team and kept people assigned to key locations, especially given the communications blackout." She shook her head negatively, "This won't happen again."

At least she seemed to have enough sense to have an idea to even marginally improve. It was something, Emil supposed. "You will run extra training simulations and submit detailed reports to me. I will also check them against the holodeck logs." He paused and sat back. "As for this happening again. See to it that it doesn't; I will not be nearly as forgiving a second time. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir," Jex nodded. She could feel the anger and seriousness in the First Officer's voice. She counted herself lucky that she still had a spot aboard the ship. The Betazoid had messed up everything but the outcome, and that was due to blind luck. There was no reason to say more at this point.

"Do you have any other questions or concerns?" He asked calmly, his grey eyes never leaving her.

"No sir," Jex responded. The meeting had been much less painful than she had imagined. She took a mental note to keep brutally honest with the First Officer. Had she sugar coated the experience, she expected that the meeting would have been much different.

Nosske nodded and sat back, picking up the coffee and his PADD once more. He gave Jexasi one more cursory glance that held some measure of distaste before he spoke, "That will be all then, Miss Rai. You're dismissed."

"Yes sir,thank you," Jex offered as she stood. She got the distinct feeling that he did not like her, which was understandable given how badly things went during the investigation. With a simple nod, she turned and made her way back to the doorway. She was ready to get her mind off recent events.


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