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Social Networking

Posted on Sun Nov 26th, 2017 @ 4:44am by Tiraa Shai (Blackwater) & Commander Charles Kincaid (Deceased) & Ensign Matthew Templar
Edited on on Mon Nov 27th, 2017 @ 3:06am

Mission: Deep Space 12
Location: The Prism, Deep Space 12
Timeline: Pre-MD03 2230hrs

Ensign Marwa saw the operations department as a link throughout the ship. They worked with everyone else in some capacity, large or small. The young Benzite firmly believed that they should foster good working relationships with everyone. To that end, she had suggested, fairly insistently, to the new chief of operations that they organise a social event with some of the other departments. To his credit, Ensign Templar hadn't resisted the idea. She had issued invitations to The Prism, Deep Space 12's premier night spot and was hopeful that this event would prove successful. She had neglected to invite Lieutenant Blackwater though, the flight control officer didn't seem the type to enjoy this sort of thing.

The bar was beginning to get busier, the station's day shift personnel had finished their tours of duty and some had stopped by for a drink. There were representatives from a number of different alien ships too, some of which Marwa didn't even recognise. The atmosphere was good though, positive, everyone was here to enjoy themselves tonight.

Matt made his way inside The Prism, looking around at all the ornate decorations and conversations being had by Starfleet officers and aliens alike. He spotted Marwa and casually made his way over to her, clasping his hands behind his back. "Hey Marwa, how goes the party so far?" He had made a few suggestions as to some of the appetizers and drinks to be served, Rigellian rainbow punch being one of them. He'd tried it on leave once and found it to be quite the conversation starter. He honestly looked forward to meeting the other senior staff and getting to know them better. Hopefully this party would give him a leg up...

"There's a couple of engineers at the bar, they seemed keen to be here." She gestured over towards them. "And a group of what I think were medical were going to get some food at the Tellarite diner before coming here. So you're one of the first, but that's OK. They do really great cocktails here. Someone told me that their pina colada's are really great, but I don't know if you know this, but Benzites can't have coconut. It acts as a mild neurotoxin, so that would be bad."

Matt raised his eyebrows in mild surprise at her small revelation. He didn't know much about Benzites, except that they required the gas rebreathers. "Oh, really? I never knew that. Well, maybe you should stick to the rum and cokes, eh?" He offered her a knowing grin. "Well, I'm looking forward to the others arriving."

Astrid strode into the Prism and immediately squinted as her senses adjusted to the pulsing multicoloured lights and loud music of the club. She was of course no stranger to social activities such as these, her Risian upbringing had afforded her plenty of opportunities to refine her social graces and inner party animal. She scanned the room looked for some familiar faces and finding none, made her way over to the bar. This was her off duty time, time to relax and unwind from the stresses of running a starship's medical team. She had straightened her long blonde hair and came adorned in a simple, but elegant dress. Not too flashy or revealing and in keeping with her position.

"Risan Mai-Tai please. Don't skimp on the rum." The bartender began to mix up the cocktail, showing off his mixing technique and shaking action. He smiled and offered the doctor a wink. She smiled politely and gave the look she'd honed so well that said, 'no thanks'.

Matt arched one eyebrow over a widened eye as he observed the nicely dressed blonde woman saunter into the club and sit down at the bar. Her swagger gave him the impression that she thought of herself as important, and most likely a Starfleet officer. That wasn't exactly detective-level deduction, considering the location, but still... Since he had just arrived and hadn't found a poison yet, he turned back to Marwa and excused himself before walking over to the bar, leaning on it casually. He waited patiently until the blonde woman received her drink from the bartender before nodding at him. "Saurian brandy, on the rocks, please." He made eye contact with Astrid and nodded with a polite smile, one that bordered on casual. "Hello."

Astrid took note of the newcomer. Tall, good physique, nice hair, green eyes. ‘Now there’s a face I could sit on’ she thought.

“You look familiar, in a sort of, I've seen you on my list of those who haven’t partaken in their annual physical kinda way...” She swirled the cocktail stick in her glass as she waited for his response.

Matt looked down at his glass after taking a big, slow sip, trying to hide a crooked smile as he arched an eyebrow. He ran his tongue across his upper front teeth and said, "Do I? What makes you think that?..." He turned to look at her, learning her facial features one by one, noting in particular those catchy blue eyes. "But while we're on the subject, I've been looking for a talented doctor. Know where I can find one?"

“That sounds serious, do you need looked at? Or perhaps it’s your pick up lines that require some emergency treatment.” She gave him the smallest hint of a grin, indicating she was merely toying with him. She offered a hand, “Dr Pavone, Chief Medical Officer and you are?”

He smiled genuinely at her as he grasped her hand, shook it gently. "The guy who's gonna keep your office running, Doctor Pavone." He leaned against the bar. "Matt Templar, chief of operations."

Jex was late to the party, a long day of trying to make up for the biggest mistake of your career would do that. All she wanted right now was a good drink, without the synthohol. As she entered the Prism, her eyes tried to avoid contact with anyone until she reached the bar. "Anything that takes away feelings," she requested at the bar. The bar was buzzing with emotion, once again reminding her why she was happy to only be half-Betazoid.

"Well, Ensign Templar. It's my job to keep you running so be sure to report in at the earliest opportunity for your physical. You wouldn't want to keep me waiting." She looked him up and down and raised an eyebrow seductively, like a feline ready to pounce and devour its prey. She was about to continue when Lieutenant Rai, the Valkyrie's tactical officer caught Astrid's attention.

"Lieutenant Rai, how are you?"

"It has been a day," Jex responded. Sensing the other woman's heightened senses, Jex apologize, "I didn't mean to interrupt..."

Matt downed the rest of his drink and pointed to the empty glass for the bartender to order a second. When it arrived, he grasped it and turned towards Astrid, leaning close to her ear and whispered softly so that only she could hear, tinged with mischief, "And just who keeps you running, Doctor Pavone?" He straightened, and turned to walk away, nodding to Rai. "Oh, you weren't interrupting, lieutenant. Excuse me..."

Astrid chuckled at the departing operations ensign whilst sneaking a glance at his ass, before turning her attention to Jexasi. “I heard what happened on the freighter. Don’t go beating yourself up over it, you did as well as could be expected given the circumstances.”

"Would you mind telling that to Nosske?" Jex asked, holding her drink up. Bringing herself a little out of her mood, she added with a forced smile, "I appreciate it though. Thanks for patching up those burns, it hurts alot less now." The last sentence as said as she indicated her arm.

"What's the XO's issue? I don't believe I've spoken more than a handful of words to the man since my assignment began." Pavone sipped at her Raisan Mai-Tai, it wasn't half bad. She was beginning to take a liking to this little corner of Starbase they called the Prism.

"I did mess up," Jex acknowledged, nit going further into what happened. "I haven't been here long enough to figure the rest out." The half-Betazoid took a sip of her drink. It was strong, she hoped it'd take the edge off of her meeting.

It was about this time that Ritsuko came practically bounding through the entrance of the Prism, muttering something under her breath about being late as she scurried toward where the group had gathered. The only one she actually recognized was Jexasi and that was in passing. She had started to head for the Betazoid when she ran face first into someone who had excused himself from the two women chatting. Rii stumbled back a bit and rubbed at her nose. “Hey!” She grumbled at Templar, “I know I’m short but come on.”

Matt was just then thinking about the doctor and what future encounters would be like, bringing a smirk to his face just as Rii's head collided with his chest, so startling him that if not for his artificial hand, he most definitely would've dropped the glass from his hand, though it did slosh, spilling a good portion onto his outfit. His smile had now all but disappeared, replaced by a disconcerted, slightly irritated look as he heard the woman all but blame him solely for this blunder. "Maybe if you gave us tall people a little room..." Despite the potential for this to escalate into anger, he offered the faintest smile to let her know that he was joking.

Rii looked up at him when he made his comment and saw his smile which she returned with a bright grin. “I suppose you’re right. Sorry about your drink and shirt... least it probably won’t stain. Do you want me to get you another drink? I’m Ritsuko by the way.”

He looked down at himself, noting the spilled drink, and then back to her. He smiled and offered a shrug. "Why the hell not?" He gestured to the bar and when they both started that direction, he said, "Ritsuko? You mean you don't go by Small Stuff? I'm Matt. Fantastic meeting you."

"I go by Rii, mostly." She said and hopped up onto one of the bar stools and flashed a bright smile to her newfound companion. "So what do you do? I assume you're new to the Valkyrie?"

Matt smiled politely at her. "Rii, huh? I'll have to keep that in mind." He pointed to himself and raised his eyebrows. "Me? Oh I just work ops. You know, intensely repairing ODN relays before it causes the ship to explode, that sort of thrilling work." He got the bartender's attention and held up two fingers to let him know they wanted drinks.

"Always fun." Rii said with a chuckle, pausing a moment so they could order their drinks. "So, do you have a girlfriend?"

Once their drinks had arrived, Matt slid Rii her drink and took a sip of his own, stifling a chuckle. "Since my arrival here, I've managed to fend off several women with a trusty stick." He smiled faintly before continuing, "See, that's the key, Rii. You have to make an example of one or two and the rest will fall into line." He hoped that the dodgy response would leave it vague yet answer the question.

"Um... sure..." She replied slowly and rubbed the back of her head before looking to her drink like it was the most interesting thing in the world.

Marwa looked around the bar and smiled. She recognised a lot of the Valkyrie crew here, people from just about every department coming together. Part of the operations department's remit was to bridge the gap between the other teams, a decision for that to work, communication was key. She felt like an occasion like this would help that communication and bring a sense of community to the ship. In a sense, this was part of their job. Marwa felt a sense of satisfaction seeing her colleagues enjoying each other's company, pleased that she'd achieved what she had set out to. She finally got her drink and headed towards the bar, looking for someone along the way to do shots with.

Tiraa watched the gathering from the second floor with an almost fond smile. It made her happy to see such social events going on in her establishment (and it also helped her bottom line, that didn't hurt one bit either.) Running her fingers through her currently electric blue hair, she motioned one of her waiters to treat the group of young Starfleet officers to a round on the house. It never hurt to make a crowd want to come back for more and free drinks was one of the quickest ways to do that in most instances.

Besides, one of them might be useful to her in other ways someday, a prospect she wanted to nurture however she could.


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